Jamaican food tycoon kills self on eve of Toronto expansion

Barely a year after the US Jamaican food giant Golden Krust held a Toronto franchise fair, its CEO Lowell Hawthorne has killed himself at the company offices in the Bronx. Then to the right, a City News story about a woman who lives in a tent because she reputedly suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  She is about to be evicted from her tent and the story is doubly sad because MCS is a disputed complaint both medically and scientifically. Few professionals believe it exists. Below that,  the Hong Kong democracy demonstrators were out in force over the weekend. Canadian voters seldom ponder why it is that the nearly 1.4 billion people of China would not know an election if it appeared in their soup. Then finally, the demolition fail of the year at the non-implosion of the Silverdome Stadium in Detroit.  Commentators for a local station are left somewhat at a loss for words. It appears that authorities have no idea how to bring the weakened stadium down safely.

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