Meet Neil, East York garden spot and three chirpy elves

Upper left, say hello to Neil, born November 14 to Reverend Emily and her partner Nikhil. Hearty congratulations to the parents and to all those at Leaside United Church who share this happy event. Upper right, in but a few months this casual appearance on Bayview Ave by Mayor Tory will be called “mainstreeting.” That’s when we seek votes. But nothing like that happened Saturday at the Bayview Leaside BIA Celebrate Christmas Event. Below that, the busy home of Davenport Garden Centre at the corner of Bayview and Davisville Ave. The trees are in. And genial owner Carla Rose Shapiro has news of a third Davenport location at Pape and Sammon Ave. Centre left, they were grousing on Twitter on Sunday morning about missing buses and slow trains at Davisville Line One station. To centre right, a reminder of the anticipated (Dec 9) repeat of the annual Maurice Cody Winter Fair. Be there. And finally at the bottom, the shining visages of three chirpy elves seen Saturday after face and hand painting.

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