Curious Kubota salter drops in on icy South Bayview Ave.

Ice pellets were rattling off the curious-looking Kubota thingamajig used by salters at Bayview Ave. and Belsize Drive Friday as temperatures plunged to a predicted daytime high of minus 9C. Kubotas are made in Osaka where it’s sunny and 7C today. To the right, mayhem at the corner of Moore Ave. and Pottery Rd. as shoppers trying to enter Loblaws and/or the TD Plaza at 325 Moore had to manoeuvre around equipment dealing with a sinkhole Friday morning. Drivers pounding off the extension were forced to slow down abruptly. South Leaside knows about the scary state of mind of such motorists eager to speed east on Southvale. Below that, Michael Garron Hospital has announced that EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare will oversee construction of its new patient care tower. Across the bottom, East York Open House is Sunday, January 14. At the centre is a reminder from Rev. Debra Schneider of Manor Road United Church about an opportunity for kids to sing in the Community Children’s Choir. And lastly, meet Sienna the braided bow-bow seen looking good outside Starbucks on Bayview.

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