Five lanes need names to help direct police and fire service

Lorna Krawchuk writes about the ongoing lane-naming program which helps keep police, fire and public oriented in an emergency. It is also a nice way to honour people who have made a contribution to the community. Many will recall the decision in September to name the Ward 22 lane beside the Bayview Car Wash after the Badali family. It was a much-deserved honour. The Bulldog’s puckish suggestion back in March to name it Turtle Wax Lane was taken for what it was worth. Now Ms. Krawchuk has heard from Ward 26 Councillor Jon Burnside that five lanes in Leaside need names. They are:

  • “Artists Alley” running west to east from Sutherland Dr. to Laird Drive north of Eglinton.
  • Parallel to Bayview Ave. starting on Donegall and turning south to meet Millwood Rd. where Pat’s Barber Shop (Formerly Joe’s) has sat for so many decades.
  • Between Randolph Ave. and Sutherland Dr. north from Lea Ave. ending at the fire hall.
  • Between Sutherland and Airdrie Drive from Lea to McRae Dr.
  • Lastly, the lane with a wiggle (as Lorna calls it) laid out possibly by Howard Talbot when he built the apartments on Bayview Ave. It runs east from Bayview, then turns north, lining up with the backyards on Heather Rd. and ending just south of SAHIL (Stay At Home In Leaside) on McRae (1387 Bayview).


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