Posted, the South Bayview bulletin board for Sat. January 13

Left, Josh Matlow (Ward 22) will hold a meeting January 22 at Greenwood College School to discuss how to save the Regent Theatre now that its owners have put it up for sale. Reputed price is $9 million. The place was built in 1927 as the Belsize Theatre. That’s why there is a great carved stone “B” on its front wall. Any plan to honour its heritage should surely see it take back the orignal name. At upper right, late-Steampunk drama is all the rage and the Frankie Drake Mysteries sees Leaside as fertile ground. The CBC series has produced an episode in which “Frankie and Trudy visit Leaside airfield.” Welcome to Thorncliffe Park ladies. Below that, a reminder of the Leaside United Church Trivia night set for January 20. Lower left, don’t forget the St. Cuthbert’s Potluck Dinner, also January 20. Bottom centre, Susan Puff of the Danforth BIA tells of an old post-Christmas scam that has hit stores there. Someone is trying to “return” shoplifted items purchased for a sister, mom, aunt etc. It has been seen on Bayview Ave too. Finally, Creeds as yet unopened shop at 1595 Bayview is looking for a barista.

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