Gardens sends condolences to family of Avery Kernaghan,13

A heartbreaking story is coming out Monday night about the death of Avery Kernaghan, 13, of Mt. Brydges near London. Friends at Leaside Memorial Community Gardens have sent condolences to Avery’s family. She was part of the synchronized skating family. Avery died in a car accident Sunday during a break in the Provincial Skating Championships in nearby Komoka. Her dad was seriously hurt. We may wish to say a prayer on Shrove Tuesday as families gather at area churches. There are dinners at Leaside United, St.Cuthbert’s, Northlea United and many others. To the right, the Winterfolk Blues and Roots Festival at the Black Swan Tavern on the Danforth. Lower left, a new business will open downstairs at 1560 Bayview. That’s at the corner of Belsize Drive. And right, an invitation to Family Day Skating on February 19.

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