General Motors next to seek free parking for share cars?

The parade of car-sharing companies seeking free street parking from City Council may well include General Motors. They’re touting a new app called Maven that lets millennials (and anybody else we suppose) start a share car from a phone. What a Golden Age we live in. City Council is rightly nervous about issuing “permits” because, after all, tax-paying people who actually own cars might like to park there and the moral high-ground of car-sharing may turn out to be populated with mere money-grubbing


Reuters says that Remington Arms, the foremost gunmaker in the world, has reached a deal to reduce its $950 million debt load, seeking to write off about $700 million. The company will continue to operate as usual as the case proceeds in Delaware federal court, Remington executives are quoted as saying. Here is how this happened. The firearm industry was riding high during the run-up to the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton was favored to win, and an array of gun rights advocates warned of a looming Second Amendment crackdown. One Las Vegas gun store advertised a “pre-Hillary” sale. “Don’t wait!” it cautioned. “Prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in.” But with its great friend Donald Trump having won the election, Remington finds that people are yawning at the idea of buying a new weapon.

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