Patrick Brown says accuser “housemate” of CTV employee

Patrick Brown has made allegations of his own about his sexual assault accusers in a story published by the CBC and others. The former Progressive Conservative leader says that the first accuser is or was a “housemate” of a CTV reporter. CTV broke the story that led to Brown’s resignation. He said the woman’s description of his residence where the alleged assault occurred bears no resemblance to his home at that time. Brown said that at the time specified he lived in an open concept, ground-floor apartment that did not have an upstairs bedroom nor a door as described by the woman. In a Facebook statement Brown says “Interestingly, I understand from the first accuser’s Facebook and from people we both know that she was housemates with a CTV reporter,” Brown adds.


Regarding the second allegation, Brown says the woman tried to kiss him, not the other way around, and asserts he acted appropriately during the incident. “I stopped her immediately and offered to drive her home, which I did. There are at least three witnesses, one of whom even spoke to CTV, that refute the details of her allegations. CTV left that out of the story,” he says. Matthew Garrow, spokesperson for Bell Media, responded to Brown’s Facebook post on Sunday in an email to CBC Toronto. He said CTV stands by its story. Brown notes that one of his accusers continued to act as a supporter after the alleged incident. He says she attended his events, asking him to introduce her to colleagues to help her write articles, liked many of his Facebook posts and helped out on his leadership campaign. According to Brown, she also sat a table of supporters when he spoke to the Economic Club of Canada in November 2016.


The response revealed Sunday is more material than any provided so far. If Brown were facing criminal charges, which he is not, they might resonate as to witness credibility. Jian Ghomeshi was found not guilty in part because his accuser, in one instance, continued to seek his company and associated with him after incidents which gave rise to his arrest.

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