Ask the Dentist

We are extremely excited to announce our brand new dental office in the heart of Leaside, at Bayview and Broadway. We love this neighbourhood dearly, after all, this where my family and I chose to live!

Speaking of family, I have 5 kids 6 years and under. Yes, that is not a typo. Last year we were five kids under 5! This has imbued me with more patience than humanly imaginable and made me aware that brushing young kids teeth can be a frustrating battle, filled with tantrum and tears.

With this in mind, below are some tips and strategies to win this tug of war and make your kids look forward to brushing their teeth!

#1 – Start early! Even before those shiny pearls erupt in your baby’s mouth make sure you gently wipe the gums with a moistened soft cloth or a finger toothbrush, without toothpaste, at least once a day. This way, mom and dad`s poking around the mouth will seem less invasive and uncomfortable, and will also help little ones get used to the tooth brushing routine.

# 2 – Let your toddler have some control! Toddlers are known for wanting to be independent and to have control. Meet this need by letting them pick a special toothbrush with their favourite cartoon character on it. But keep in mind that offering many choices can be overwhelming, so offer toddlers two options to pick from and pre-schoolers, three.

#3 – Make a fun calendar! Place a star or a sticker each time your child brushes. Set a goal and offer a cool reward after completing 14 stickers in one week. After this new pattern of oral hygiene has been well established, stretch the rewards until they are no longer needed and become a healthy habit.

#4 – Brush to the beat! Little kids love dancing around so engage and encourage them to brush the 2 full recommended minutes by downloading some great apps such as Brush DJ, Star Teeth or the Disney Magic Timer App.

If everything else fails, here at Country Dental we love teaching kids how exciting dental care can be and how awesome it is to visit the dentist!

We take pride in helping parents incorporate healthy dental habits into their child`s daily routine. We also specialise in assisting nervous patients (young and young at heart) that don`t want to see a dentist with sedation, tailored to their needs. We are equipped with a full surgical suite supervised by a medical anesthesiologist working side by side with our dentists to deliver sleep dentistry, or just “laughing gas” that can magically, make cold water feel warm and you will leave the chair actually asking “when can I come back?”.

If you live in the neighbourhood, drop by. We are open seven days a week with evening and weekend appointments. We offer direct insurance billing and have plenty of free parking. Our staff and I will love to meet you!

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