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Ski fun near home as CGS kids “take classes” at Earl Bales

Those looking for a quick and easy local ski option could well follow the path of students at Children’s Garden School as they whoop it up “in class” at the Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard Centre at 4169 Bathurst St. (just south of Sheppard Ave). It’s part of the broadly-based education these lucky Grades 1 to 3 kids get. CGS makes an excursion a couple of times each winter as part of the Outdoor Education curriculum. The Earl Bales instructors are excellent. They are there to help new comers learn the ropes as well as challenge experienced skiers.

CGS preschoolers master math with TouchMath counters

Looking for a bit more from your local Preschool? The preschoolers over at CGS (Children’s Garden School on Eglinton) are loving their TouchMath program. They were recently introduced to counters during circle time. Working as a team, they are beginning to put number sentences together. They are using several hands-on materials to reinforce the concepts of one-to-one correspondence, counting and recalling numbers. For more information about the programs at CGS, contact Kelly, Director of Admission, at or 416 423 5017 x 43. Spaces available for Preschool 2018/19. Full and half days available. For more fun stories about CGS, visit their blog

Bulletin board contains CGS Alumni Open House Thursday

The updated South Bayview bulletin board tells of the CGS Alumni Open House on Thursday, January 18.  It runs from 4 to 5.30 p.m. and you can attend by sending  an rsvp to Kelly Scott at or 416 423 5017 x 43 To the right, Grilltime’s Andy Elder will be live on Instagram Wednesday at 7 p.m. with the sensual chef Emanuela Fernandes. He hopes you can join them. @emanuela_food_pleasure. #grillicious. Down below, the St. Cuthbert’s Potluck Dinner is coming this Saturday, January 20. So is the Leaside United Church Trivia night. Finally, Ward 22 Councillor Josh Matlow invites you to his meeting January 22 to discuss the future of the Regent (Belsize) Theatre.

CGS Outreach takes winter clothes to Native women’s centre

Marie Bates, Principal of CGS, and her staff were pleased to travel to The Native Women’s Resource Centre on Wednesday to deliver the donations of winter clothing collected at their Holiday Outreach event earlier this month. The CGS community focussed on collecting clothing for women and children. Students in Grades 1-3 did a great job of sorting and packing up the clothes for delivery. The visit to the centre was an extremely moving experience and Marie looks forward to finding more ways to support the centre in the coming months.

CGS kids probe the science of polar bears, solar pizza ovens

CGS students celebrated their love of science at the 2017 Annual CGS Science Fair on November 30. Participation in the fair is mandatory for Grades 1 to 3 students and optional for Senior Kindergarten students. Kudos to the SK’s that joined in this year. Project topics included how polar bears tolerate cold, how to make a solar pizza oven, why things float better in salt water and how sound travels through different materials to name a few. All participants had to present their projects to a judge. Parents may have been there to assist with the production of the displays but it was entirely up to students to clearly and convincingly present their findings to a judge. Parents and fellow students were also invited to browse the fair and talk to the young scientists about their work. It was such a fun afternoon for everyone. Does your child love science too? For more information about CGS, contact Kelly Scott, Director of Admission at  416 423 5017 x 43 or

How Bossy E Syllables help CGS kids learn about words

Seven-year-olds learn best when they are on the move and Jordan Morneau, Grade 2 teacher over at Children’s Garden School on Eglinton Ave at Hanna Rd. is having a great time creating active learning games for her students. The children have been learning about Open, Closed, and Bossy E syllables. Understanding syllables helps children understand how the order of letters affect vowel sounds. This understanding aids greatly in a child’s ability to decode words when reading and spelling when writing. To better understand Bossy E Syllables, the students were given syllable cards and asked to keep them a secret and then spread out around the room. They then tried to ask different students what their syllable was and match up to make one of their phonics words. Once the students found their match, they came to the carpet to present the full word to the class. Each student took turns explaining and identifying their syllable. The Grade 2s beamed with excitement as they found their partner and explained their syllables like pros. Well done Grade 2s. For more information about CGS programming contact Kelly Scott, Director of Admission, at or 416 423 5017 x 43. Check out the CGS blog here.

CGS gives a child a solid academic foundation at the start

The community is fortunate to have an exceptional private school, CGS, right around the corner on Eglinton Ave. E. at Hanna Rd. Parents concerned about a solid academic foundation in the early years may wish to consider this option for their child. It can have a lasting effect on a child’s confidence and attitude towards learning. Despite the best efforts of teachers everywhere, larger classes and heavy workload can increase the chance of children falling through the cracks.


If you are a concerned parent, and can entertain the financial option of attending a private school, you may wish to give CGS a call to find out what it can offer your child. Strong, consistent academics right through Preschool to Grade 3, performance arts and outdoor education all distinguish CGS programming. For more information, contact Kelly Scott, Director of Admission at or 416 423 5017 x 43. Preschool & JK registration for the 2018/19 school year opens November 16.

CGS Gr. 2s find way to reading with personal light lasers

Grade 2 students at Children’s Garden School on Eglinton Ave. E. in Leaside are using personal reading Flash Light Lasers to help concentrate and get in touch with their reading material. They choose a good spot (one says under the teacher’s desk is perfect) and use the light to keep their eyes on the page the whole time. If they are interrupted, the lights help them find their place quickly and easily. Overhead lights are off to minimize distraction and keep kids calm. The process helps strengthen their reading stamina. The Grade 2s were given personal lights to enhance one-to-one correspondence and to focus in on the words.


This reading self exercise is one of the school’s Daily 5 activities. Students choose from five centres: Read-to-Self, Read-to-Someone, Listen-to-Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing. Students are empowered by having choices and each centre strengthens their literacy skills in different ways. CGS students have been building their reading stamina for Read-to-Self since Grade 1. Independent and Shared Reading is modelled and slowly introduced so students know what it looks like and how to do it effectively to become better readers. Their graduation to personal flash lights has generated enthusiastic feedback on the new reading tool. Here’s some.

“Having the lights off calm me down. The flashlight is bright and it helps me read. The laser part helps me focus on each word!”

“It helps me see better”

“I think Daily 5 is a lot better with these because you can see the words more clearly in dark cozy reading spots.”

“The light helps me focus because whenever I stop I know where my place is. They’re awesome!”

“They’re very useful because they help you read books very well.’

“They’re awesome. I feel more focused on reading the words!”

“My favourite spot in Daily 5 is under the teacher’s desk. Because nobody is around me. I’m blocked with the desk. The flashlight helps me a lot because my sneaky desk spot is dark. I like them a lot and Daily 5!”

“I knew about the laser first! My teacher showed me in the morning and had to keep it a secret. I kept them a good secret. It’s a great tool!”

Bespeckled cuties and the 33rd MRUC Community Fall Fair

Upper left, these two bespeckled cuties were celebrating Terry Fox Day at CGS on Eglinton Ave. and we knew you would like to say hello. To the right, a bright poster to remind everyone of the 33rd Manor Road United Church Community Fall Fair. It is always fun and as usual The Bulldog will be sniffing around the bake table. It’s Saturday October 21 starting at 10 a.m. Centre left, a glance over to Balliol St. where the winds brought down this tree. Toronto Hydro is still dealing with pockets of stricken wires of which there are many as seen in the outage map here. Finally, Barbara Gosse of Leaside will be at St. Cuthbert’s Wednesday evening to discuss the Facts and Effects of Human Trafficking in Canada and in our own backyards. Interesting and important. Click the poster.

CGS celebrates Terry Fox at their 19th Annual Walk

Children’s Garden School couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate Terry Fox. The community came out in full strength last Friday. This was the 19th consecutive Terry Fox Walk for CGS. This small but mighty Leaside school is a top fundraiser in Ontario for schools of 300 students or less. The spirit of perseverance, hope and love that Terry Fox embodied is a guiding principal for staff and students all year long.

Students have fun with phonics at Children’s Garden School

The Children’s Garden School year is off to a great start. The JKs are already well into their phonics program, learning their letter sounds and the differences between vowels and consonants. Students add letters as they build their ‘train’, one sound at a time. Vowel ‘cars’ in the train are always coloured red to remind the children that they play a special role in every word. CGS students are working well beyond public school expectations at this grade level. Working with their teachers in small groups allows for focused instruction. Boys, often thought not to enjoy language arts at this stage, thrive in this structured atmosphere.

JK classes for the 2017/18 school year are full but there is space available for the 2018/19 school year. Registration is just around the corner on November 16. Book your tour today to see what CGS can offer your child. Is your child still not adjusting to their SK classroom? Spaces available now. New SK students will start at the beginning of the phonics program and will get the full benefit that JK students receive. Find out more at or call Director of Admission, Kelly Scott at 416 423 5017 x 43.

Nine more sleeps and the kids head back to class at CGS

Nine more sleeps! It is almost back to school for the students at Children’s Garden School on Eglinton. CGS Staff is busy getting the school ready to welcome everyone on Thursday, September 7. You may have noticed their playground under construction as you drive along Eglinton, just east Bayview. The playground is looking great and Don Bates, head of operations at the school, is looking forward to putting the finishing touches on the space this week. Interactive fence panels and the pieces for an outdoor learning space are arriving soon.


This is the 31st year in Leaside for CGS. Leaside residents are very fortunate to have such an exceptional private school option right in the neighbourhood. If you are looking at options for your Preschool-Grade 3 child, give them a call today. Spaces still available in select programs. Contact Kelly Scott, Director of Admission, at 416 423 5017 x 43.