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CGS Principal’s Club teaches the power of philanthropy

cgs giving

Learning about philanthropy at Children’s Garden School

The Principal’s Club at Children’s Garden School (on Eglinton near Bayview) is busy preparing for its next fundraising event, the Family Pancake Breakfast on February 11. This is the third fundraiser of the year for the children. The club has already raised $1100 for their chosen charity, Children of Hope Uganda. The inspiration to create The Principal’s Club (open to Grades 1-3 students) came from Principal Marie Bates and her own desire to reach out to the global community. Marie wanted to share this desire with CGS students and reveal to them, through direct experience, the power they hold to make a difference in the world.


The Principal’s Club partnered with CanWES (The Canadian World Education Society). Based in British Columbia, CanWES built and now maintains The Mount Everest English School in Nepal, in response to an incredible need in the country for free, quality education for both boys and girls in remote areas. Over the course of the year $2,000 was raised by The Principal’s Club – an amazing accomplishment for children so young.


The Principal’s Club partnered with Children of Hope UgandaThis partnership was so successful that it continues to this day. The mission at COHU is to use education as a primary tool to promote the recovery and reintegration of war-affected children in Northern Uganda. The Club has raised $10,193 for COHU to date.


Funds have supported the building of a playground for the Barlonyo Early Childhood Development Centre (accommodating up to 300 children from age 2 to 7), stocked the classrooms with books and learning materials, as well as provide enough money to pay for four teachers salaries. Goals for 2016 include buying several goats for families in the school community. (The children read Beatrice’s Goat and learned what a difference one goat can make to the lives of people in African villages.) The club also has plans to purchase a merry-go-round and additional swings for the playground. COHU Director, Lorna Pitcher, makes regular visits to share photos and stories from the school in Barlonyo, making this first experience in philanthropy a very powerful one for CGS students. Learn More.

Bully and the Beanstalk funny, thoughtful for CGS children


CGS students get the joke at performance of Bully and the Beanstalk

CGS students had a special treat this week when the school’s Parent Association engaged Michael McMurtry of Merry Tale Theatre to present his one man show Bully and the Beanstalk to the whole school. This creative children’s theatre featured Jack of the original Beanstalk fable in a stage presentation that was funny, thoughtful and inspiring. (picture above shows some of the funny part). Jack learned how to be brave and stand up to the bully Brandon with a little help from a great cast of characters. Two CGS students and one staff member were part of the action. Well done Grade 4 students, Isabella and Elie and Grade 1 teacher, Jordan.


The CGS Parent Association sponsors a special event/workshop for the children every term. This one counts among the best events to date. The children learned about why bullies may behave as they do and strategies to use if you are being bullied, all while being incredibly entertained. Michael’s story empowers children on both sides of the issue to ask questions and show empathy. If you have a chance to see this show or invite Micheal to your school, take it.


Michael McMurty of Merry Tale Theatre



Instructive moment from Bully and the Beanstalk


CGS teacher Jordan (right) helps tell Beanstalk fable

REWARDS: Kids feel the sun on South Bayview Thursday

cody kids Maurice Cody kids assembled outside Starbucks on Bayview Ave. Thursday morning for a reward after giving the second last morning concert of carols to coffee drinkers this Christmas season. The reward appears to have been a beverage of choice and a Madeleine cookie. These students, teachers and parents were among the lucky South Bayviewites who caught the sun as it moved in and out at mid-morning.
Shoppers at Loblaws, where the carts accumulated in the soft sunshine, said they hadn’t felt the sun on their faces in days. We are at midnight on the daylight clock. This day will be less than nine hours long (7.46 a.m. to 4.41 p.m.) December 21, 2015, will see the pattern reverse. By January 1, 2016, it will be easy to see the days getting longer.
cgs christmas

At Childrens Garden School on Eglinton Ave.E. in Leaside there were enough smiles to brighten any day as the staff held their annual Christmas Party. That’s principal Marie Bates in the centre.

CGS Kids with CP24’s Stephen LeDrew talk “giving back”


Students from Children’s Garden School had a very exciting day yesterday. They presented their toy donations to the CP 24 CHUM Christmas Wish live on camera with Stephen LeDrew, host of Live at Noon. The visit to the set has become a pre-Christmas CGS tradition. This is their fourth year running. Marie Bates, Principal of the school, took a few moments to explain to Stephen how the toys are collected. Every year CGS staff hosts The Holiday Outreach ‘Night Out’ for parents. Parents bring an unwrapped toy and drop off their children at school for a fun Friday night with their friends and teachers. CGS staff is very happy to give back at this time of year and share the spirit of giving with their students. The children were very proud to donate the toys they collected.

Kids and parents crowd Cody School for Winter Fair

santa and emily

Emily is one of many kids having a word with Santa today.

Maurice Cody School Winter Fair is seeing hundreds of parents and Cody pupils filling the school basement today (Saturday, November 28, 2015) where there are many imaginative activities ranging from a money machine to a “kids cans” game of chance to the Home Depot “Build-It” Room where kids are hammering away with their moms and dads at small construction projects. The Cody basement is a labyrinth but it is spacious and welcoming with many signs and children’s art.  Cody school was built in 1928. The place is a hive of parent and teacher volunteers including Principal Andrew Howard, who was handing out stuff to kids. Altogether, this year’s Winter Fair seems like an enormous accomplishment and a great credit to the organizers.

Grade 2 CGS class uses brains, teamwork to make math fun

cgs math 1- text

Students apply a number of disciplines to learning math

Math anxiety is on the rise for boys and girls and is often a source of frustration for children and parents. But math can be fun, as these children in the Grade 2 math class at CGS on Eglinton Ave. E. in Leaside are learning. The challenge was the figure out how many towers they could build with 20 blocks. Kids worked in groups and successfully uncovered numerical relationships using their brains, detective glasses and team work. (We love the detective glasses angle). The students recorded and graphed their answers in order to present to their classmates.


Making time for presentation is a critical part of the process at CGS as it gives students a chance to explain their work (deepening their understanding) and a chance to share their ideas. Hearing what others have done offers students a variety of strategies from which to choose. Most importantly, it makes learning math socially and academically engaging. Want to learn more about CGS programming?

cgs math 2

CGS Sr. Kindergarten make Christmas postal excursion

santa cgs 550

CGS Senior Kindergarten children on postal excursion

The holiday spirit is heating up over at Children’s Garden School on Eglinton Ave. E. The SKs ventured out to deliver their letters to Santa yesterday. They had a great time on their walk through the neighbourhood. The Santa headbands (left) and Christmas carols along the way made for a very festive crew time. The JKs will deliver their letters next week.

CGS Open House this Thursday from 9.30 to 10.30 a.m.

cgs open house-w text

Looking for a Preschool or JK placement? Not sure about public school and considering private options? Did you know you have an excellent neighbourhood choice right under your nose? Find out why Children’s Garden School on Eglinton Ave. E. at Hanna Rd. may be a great fit for your child at their Open House this Thursday. RSVP Visit to learn more.

CGS elects student council on General Election Day

cgs election 1

Ready to cast ballot

Monday was a day to celebrate — across the country and at CGS in Leaside. This was the day we exercised our democratic right to vote. At the school, Grades 1-4 candidates running for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Class Councillor presented their speeches in the morning. One of the candidates for Mayor was even away sick and still presented her speech via video. After the speeches, the children cast their ballots for their 2015/16 CGS Student Government. Congratulations to the newly elected CGS Student Government. They have good work ahead to represent their fellow students to the best of their ability.

Go Jays Go — CGS kids rooting for home team today


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CGS at Our Kids fair Oct. 17 with CGS open house Nov. 5

Parents looking for a great school right nearby should mark these two dates on their calendar. CGS on Eglinton Ave. E. just east of Bayview is a renowned school specializing in the early years of your child’s education. Childrens’ Garden School is co-ed and offers programming from Preschool to Grade Three.  On Saturday, October 17, 2015 CGS staff will be at Roy Thomson Hall for the Our Kids Private School Fair. They would love you to drop in. If you can’t make it please join them for their Preschool & JK Open House  Thursday, November 5th, from 9:30-10:30. RSVP to For a private tour, arranged at your convenience, please contact Kelly Scott, Director of

CGS kids give lift to booster seat event at Sunnybrook


Six children from Leaside’s Children’s Garden School (CGS) helped out at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre last week at the 10th Anniversary of booster seat legislation in Canada. The CGS students were invited to the media event at McLaughlin Lecture Hall to help demonstrate the correct use of a booster seat. They were weighed and then strapped into a booster seat correctly. Following the demonstration, the crowd watched a police simulation of what happens when you are wearing your set belt in an accident and what happens when you aren’t. The difference was beyond sobering. There are still many people not using booster seats at all or installing or using them correctly, however. Click here to refresh your memory on booster seat guidelines from Transport Canada.


There was also discussion about the deadly effects of distracted driving at the event.

Distracted Drivers  ~ 3 X more likely to crash.

Distracted Drivers who reach for an object  ~ 9 X more likely to crash.

Drivers who text ~ 23 X more likely to crash.

There are several Apps out there that can help manage the temptation to text and drive? Please take a few minutes now to choose the one that is right for you. CGS children were invited to the event Joanne Banfield, Manager Sunnybrook RBC Office for Injury Prevention. Judging by the pictures, the children were excellent CGS Ambassadors.