Brilliant Saturday warmed South Bayview

A brilliant Saturday brought out the shoppers along South Bayview, and no doubt provided ideal conditions for many other activities.  Although temperatures barely broke above zero, the sunshine made many people warm indeed.  Sunday is forecast to be similar with the high predicted at minus one. Next week temps are expected to creep above freezing during the day. 

Two weeks in the life of 48 Donlea Drive

Pictures taken January 5, 2012 (left) and January 20, 2012 (right) show how the generally nice weather is driving construction in our area.

“Help! I’ve been mugged in England”

A current scam is the email from someone you actually know, asking desperately for the loan of money because they’ve been left penniless by a mugger in England.  But of course it’s not from you’re friend. This is the work of thieves who have gained your address by hacking your friend’s mail account. Police say the mail usually originates not in the UK but in Nigeria, or perhaps Russia. Here is an example that came through our mail recently.   
This message may be coming to you as a surprise but I need your help.Few days back my family and I made an unannounced vacation trip to West Midlands.UK. Everything was going fine until last night when we were mugged on our way back to the hotel.They Stole all our cash,credit cards and cellphone but thank God we still have our lives and passports safe. The hotel manager has been unhelpful to us for reasons i don’t know.I’m writing you from a local library. I’ve reported to the police and after writing down some statements that’s the last i had from them.i contacted the consulate and all i keep hearing is they will get back to me. Our return flight leaves soon…I need you to help me out with a fast loan to settle our bills here so we can get back home . I’ll refund the money I’ve reported to the police and after writing down some statements that’s the last i had from them.i contacted the consulate and all i keep hearing is they will get back to me. Our return flight leaves soon…I need you to help me out with a fast loan to settle our bills here so we can get back home . I’ll refund the money as soon as we get back. All i need is ($1,650)..Let me know what you can do so I can tell you how to get the money to me.”

New fence in classical style along Moore Ave.

Residents of Bennington Heights and Moore Park have no doubt noticed that there is a fine new fence going in along the souith perimeter of Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Work began at the west end and is about a third of the way down to the other, which is the line between the cemetery and the IntegraCare offices at Bayview. Builders on the scene boasted that their construction is fully welded (not clamped) and that while galvanized steel looks like wrought iron, it will never rust. The fence is in a standardized classical style and replaces (right) the badly aged chain link fence.   

Last minute nail biting about arena funding

Peter Kuitenbrouwer in the National Post says there was last minute biting of nails among those supporting the expansion of Leaside Arena.  He explains.

New selection at Homefront’s mat sale

The sale on coloured occasional mats continues at Homfront with a new selection now on display. These useful and decorative mats range in size from 24 by 36 inches to 24 by 84 inches. There are two styles, natural and polypropylene. All mats are reduced by 20 percent. Also,  matching runners measuring 24 by 84 inches are marked down by  30 percent. The great mat sale carries on over the weekend at both stores, 371 Eglinton Ave. West and 1579 Bayview Ave. 

Story reviews the two sides of Paul Hindle

Writer Adrian Morrow in the Globe and Mail pulls together information about Paul Hindle, the local man accused of killing his girlfriend, Lisa Lebitke. An interesting opinion offered by one of subjects is that Ms Libetke knew of her boyfriend’s weaknesses with money but that she felt, possibly, that she could change him. Story

The narcotic effect of government spending

It was Winston Churchill who said that democracy is the worst form of government possible — except for all the rest. The feckless performance of many City councilors in the budget vote on Tuesday reveals the timeless truth of Churchill’s bitter observation. Like almost all of the chest-thumping anti-cutback crowd, the 23 person majority which killed several sensible economies demanded only that there be no cuts whatsoever. They didn’t voice a care about over-spending and debt. The offered no alternative solutions to the debt. Thet just wanted their candy. This approach is no less than a crisis for democracy. As Marcus Gee comments in the Globe and Mail, the narcotic effect of spending is worldwide. In places like Greece they correctly fear for the future of  democratic government because of it.  Marcus Gee.

Scotiabank considers selling Scotia Plaza

The Bank of Nova Scotia is considering a sale of its Scotia Plaza office tower, one of the largest skyscrapers in Toronto’s financial district. “In the current low-interest rate environment, it’s potentially a good time to sell and we have chosen to explore the sale of Scotia Plaza,” Scotiabank spokeswoman Ann DeRabbie said today in an e-mailed statement. The Toronto-based bank is at “a very early stage in the process,” DeRabbie said. The building could sell for C$1 billion ($992.5 million), according to a report in the Globe and Mail newspaper today.

Donors come through for Leaside Arena

The following mail has been sent by Brook Biscoe, Arena Board Chair. He notes that local contributions have met the #2.5 million target to obtain City support:

Last night Toronto City Council approved the Leaside Arena Expansion Project as part of the 2012 city budget. The $12.5 million project includes a $7.5 million loan from the city and a $1.5 million loan from the province against future operating revenues, $1 million from the city in accelerated capital improvements, and $2.5 million raised by the local community.
As you know we undertook to have met this local fundraising target by the time city council voted on the budget. And I am pleased to say that we succeeded! Yesterday Expansion Committee Chair Paul Mercer and Fundraising Committee Chair Charlene Kalia confirmed that the $2.5 million cash-in-hand local fundraising target “to get a shovel in the ground” was achieved on Monday and that this information was formally passed on to city officials. Full letter here.

Stacey’s dad visits Northern with a warning

Ned Levitt came to Northern Secondary School on Mt. Pleasant Rd. a few days ago. His visit took place some 17 years after his daughter Stacey, a Northern student,  had been killed while jogging. Stacey was wearing headphones as she ran and tragically she was unable to hear oncoming vehicles. After many years of mourning Mr Levitt has found a way to give some meaning to his loss. He speaks to high school kids about the hazards of headphones. Students at Northern Secondary School heard him recall: “Stacy stepped off the curb at the intersection of Ledbury and Lawrence, and she was gone.”  Mr. Levitt was speaking on behalf of, a national charity dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. 

Council defeats cutbacks in 23-21 vote

Tight votes at City Hall last night saw many of the cuts proposed by the Ford administration narrowly defeated. The Sun story here recounts the reactions. It is not clear  what this forebodes for the City’s finances, although many voices including the mayor’s said there had nonetheless been substantial savings. Of particular note was the majority’s wish to use the surplus from the land transfer tax as a kind of slush fund to avoid cuts. The budget committee had recommended using this money as a rainy day reserve for the TTC.  Using money of a one-time nature in this way leaves Toronto, as usual, still operating beyond its current means.