J. Crew raises Canadian prices by about 15%

The move is said by the Globe and Mail’s Marina Strauss to be causing a push back among the store’s shoppers. as they look at much lower tags in the U.S.

The Amazing Vanishing Sidewalk Workers

Many have been wondering what happened to The Amazing Vanishing Sidewalk Construction. The workers were here in a passion a week and a half ago, and construction was to begin immediately. Then, nothing. The South Bayview Bulldog has been in touch and learns that there are some adjustments being made to fit new trees into the sidewalk when the concrete boxes are gone. We’re not laying money on it, but work is supposed to begin by next week. What does this do to the schedule which had the work finished by somewhere near the middle of September? We’re not sure.

Canada drops out of Expo 2012

In a stark sign of the times, Canada has said it will not participate in Expo 2012 in South Korea. There’s just not enough money to spend on a World’s Fair extravaganza. Officials at the Korean embassy in Ottawa confirm they received a letter last month from Heritage Minister James Moore sending his regrets that Canada will not participate in the event.

Our area feels quake centred in Virginia

Some local residents say they felt swaying from the earthquake that hit the State of Virginia and Washington D.C. this afternoon. Quakes are not unknown to Toronto which is said to sit close to a seldom disturbed fault under Lake Ontario. On June 10 of this year residents reported a very clear tremor on the Cat’s Eye pedestrian bridge in the Moore Park area. Last year, there was a fairly noticeable quake in Toronto. In none of these cases was there any damage. CP24.

Tornado damage in the Town of Goderich

You may well have seen this video on television. The opportunity to review it again really underlines the force of the tornado and high winds that struck Goderich. Many will recall this pretty town on Lake Huron for its unusual “spoke wheel” layout, with streets radiating out from a central square. On the shore, century homes built by Americans who summered there in the 19th century overlook the lake. Many of these were seriously damaged.

Where are the CCTV cameras?

The police dispatch in the post below should just scream at all citizens that we need surveillance cameras to apprehend, or at the very least, intimidate young muggers who feel free to attack both men and women in broad daylight. The South Bayview Bulldog has written before and lamented the wrong-headed state of mind among some. This is not about personal privacy. Under our law, based on British common law, there is no privacy when you are out on the street. And thank heavens. Who would wish to claim that street crimes which are observed personally by bystanders are somehow private. It’s a foolish notion which we should put behind in us in the interest of the safety of our kids, and everyone else.


Girl, 18, in noon mugging at Bayview-Eglinton

Toronto Police Service report: An 18 year old female reports that on August 17, 2011, at approximately 1240 hours, she was walking in the area of Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East, when two male suspects approached her from behind. One suspect knocked the victim to the ground while the other suspect grabbed her purse containing a camera and keys. Both suspects then fled the scene travelling north on Bayview Avenue. The victim did not sustain any injuries. Police are requesting the assistance of the public in identifying the following described persons in connection with this offence. Description of Suspect #1: Male, black, 6’3”, heavy build. Description of Suspect #2: Male, black, 6’ to 6’2”, muscular build.

Now the cleanup begins

Few streets in Leaside are not marked with fallen trees and branches this morning. Hydro and City crews are busy. The clean up will stretch into several days. A large broad-leafed tree fell at the corner of Sutherland and Bessborough Dr. crushing a car( above). Another huge Maple branch blocks Cameron Crescent. The Maple stretched right across Fleming Crescent we showed in the post below is still there. So far, no one has had a chance to do more at any of these sites except string yellow emergency tape.

Opposition Leader Jack Layton dead at 61

Long municipal and federal career ends with his death at home. National Post.

High water warning issued for Toronto

Toronto and Region Conservation has issued a high water safety bulletin after Sunday’s heavy rain. For Monday, Environment Canada is forecasting a sunny day in Toronto with a high of 22 C. Water levels and flow rates within rivers and streams are high because of the rainfall. The conditions will worsen if there is additional rainfall. In these conditions, drivers should avoid driving through water on roadways and they should exercise extreme caution, the agency warned.People should be cautious near streams and rivers. Children should be supervised near bodies of waterhe high water safety bulletin will be in effect until Tuesday. Weather Channel

Maples fall across South Bayview

Maples trees were falling all across South Bayview this afternoon as torrential rain and high winds ripped through the neighborhood. Fire officials told residents that the heavily treed Davisville Village and Leaside areas were hardest hit. On Davisville Ave near Forman Ave a large tree which was apparently rotten at the centre, crashed down down wrecking a car and damaging three houses. Upper left, the overall view. Upper right, a man holding what certainly looks to be rotten wood. Lower left, the owner of the trashed car prepares to take some pictures. Lower right, the amazing scene at the corner of Donegall and Fleming Crescent. We’re looking east in this shot and traffic is cut off to the north, south and east. Cars which ventured into Fleming had to make a U turn to get out. There are reported closures caused by fallen trees all through Leaside. There was a tree fall on Moore Avenue beside the cemetery that narrowed the street to one lane but it seemed to be quickly cleared away.

Rain and wind sweep South Bayview

Pounding sheets of rain swept across South Bayview and many parts of Toronto Sunday afternoon. Traffic slowed to a crawl (left) and awnings strained under the stress of water and wind. It was a somewhat unsettled weekend across Ontario but there was some nice weather in between the rain. Many basements will have seen some flooding. This would not have been a good day to have your drainpipes disconnected from the sewers, as per the current City campaign.