Villamarka hits the mark at the CNE

We might have shown you deranged people eating deep fried butter or caramel Krispy Kreme cheese burgers. Instead we will steer you to a different place. This is an uplifting taste of the CNE in the form of an Ecuadorian group named Villamarka playing the International Stage this year.

Cadillac unveils a long, luxury boat

It’s called the Ciel. GM’s Cadillac Division has been given permission to go right back to the roots of the luxury marque — making a long, heavy boat. USA Today.

MTY Foods swallows Mr. Submarine

Entrepreneur Stanley Ma (inset) founder of Montreal’s MTY Foods Group Inc., is back on the takeover trail with his biggest-ever bite: he is swallowing Toronto-based Mr. Submarine Ltd. for $23 million cash. The deal will expand his national fast food restaurant network to 2,070 units, including several smaller deals he has recently made. MTY is a franchisor and operator. The privately held Mr. Submarine sandwich maker, 43 years old and one of Canada’s best known fast food chains, has annual sales of more than $100 million. Montreal Gazette link off the headline above.

China upset with its fractious team

The New York Times says that China is quite concerned and displeased with its players after a melee that occurred during a “goodwill” basketball game with an American college team. It appears the Chinese took the initiative in the combat. Some have found it sinister that all the U.S. players on the court at the time of the fight were black. Here.

Councillor Matlow responds to Wednesday post

Councillor Josh Matlow wrote by way of comment to post of yesterday: Thanks for your good questions. You, and any of your readers, are very welcome to contact me to discuss this or any issue at PS- We live near South Bayview and I’d appreciate hearing your views about how to improve our remarkable main street. Thanks Councillor, it’s a deal — Ed.

Teaopia chain to open at 1592 Bayview

The location at 1592 South Bayview will be occupied by the tea giant Teaopia. A window poster went up today saying the opening will be soon. Teaopia is a national chain of loose leaf tea shops with outlets in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. It advertises more than 100 types of loose tea. Teaopia also carries what it calls a wide selection of teaware “to make the loose leaf tea experience fun, easy and beautiful”.

Toronto a magnet for illegal refugees

Ottawa is hiring 95 armed border agents to crackdown on the more than 9,200 failed refugee claimants who go underground yearly, most in the Toronto area. About 350 enforcement officers of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) are now trying to remove the more than 9,000 failed refugees yearly but there’s still a huge backlog of deportees to find and remove in the GTA, agency officials said. Toronto Sun

Help! What the heck is AVPN?

From NOW online: “Launched in June, Viva Napoli (679 Mt. Pleasant, 647-344-8482, rating: NN) serves what the would-be Libretto of Leaside calls “autentica pizza Napoletana.” Translation: no AVPN, though we get the requisite DOP canned tomatoes, mozzarell’ and wood-burning oven. Shame the pies that come out of it are so worrisome.” Silly us. Not in the game. Maybe you know what AVPN and DOP are. Ed’s note: Be sure to read the erudite comment written by someone who knows.

Cadillac confirms “ELR” electric car

Informational piece in the Wall Street Journal car section on Cadillac’s strategy with the ELR.

Threatening notices on rear of Yonge building

Our sister blog Yonge and Roxborough News is reporting (with pictures) that signs have been taped onto the rear of a low rise on the west side of Yonge Street in the alley between Roxborough and MacPherson. It’s clear that someone is very upset with someone. The notes carry what some people might consider to be a threat. The notice is shown in part above but the rest of it reads as follows:
Please be informed that in the case that you initiate behaviour of this character again in future you will suffer consequences including but not limited to chopping your (deleted) off, laminating that (deleted) and sticking it through that ignorant sack of grey matter you call your brain. XOXO

Facebook rioters get four years each

Two Facebook users who encouraged rioters to destroy their local towns on the social networking site were jailed for four years yesterday as the courts handed out their toughest sentences yet. Telegraph