Convenience stores sue City over plastic bags ban

The plastic bag ban is going to be tested in court as an association of Ontario Convenience stores and the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition take legal action against it. The Ontario Convenience Stores Association began action yesterday. It  complains that the ban was approved without consultation — which is surely true. City council must still approve the ban, which is to take effect on Jan. 1, 2013, after the city’s public works and infrastructure committee adopted the proposed bylaw on Wednesday. Association spokesman Dave Bryans calls the proposed bylaw “invalid” and says it was rushed forward with essentially no consultation with the businesses it will harm members. Bryans says the ability to provide consumers with reliable, strong and cost-effective bags to carry their purchases home is a vital part of convenience stores’ ability to meet consumer demand. The Taxpayers Coalition is also preparing action.

U.S. is crumbling as power grids, bridges fail

The stress of Hurricane Sandy has brought into stark relief the crumbling nature of the physical structure of the U.S. Bridges and electrical grids are collapsing. Here’s a breakdown of the cost, and a startling grand total. (November 15, 2012) Very well done “Decoder” Reuters video

Sunnybrook jogger gives finger in K-Wing incident

The police have been consulted about an incident in which a man was photographed near Sunnybrook Hospital’s Veterans K-Wing. Witnesses say he is a jogger and that among other things, he ran through small flags decorating the lawn as part of the Remembrance Day events. Did he? A small incident but galling it seems to some. A picture was taken by Gerry Samson, who was present with his wife and was offended by the jogger’s behaviour. When a woman asked the jogger to stop kicking the flags, he is said to have given her the finger and replied: “Stop me if you can.”  Toronto Sun

Leaside lawyer disbarred by Ontario Law Society

Lawyer Michael Ingram,  69, of Leaside, has been disbarred by the Law society of Upper Canada. The governing body of lawyers in Toronto called Mr. Ingram’s conduct in taking $3 million of clients’ money, most of it bound for charity, egregious. The Law Society says it revoked the licence for professional misconduct after finding that Mr. Ingram misappropriated money from client trust funds, including taking $101,000 from a client and giving it to his own brother to buy real estate. That real estate purchase was also funded with $182,000 that Ingram took from a charity he helped oversee, the law society said. The discipline panel found that Ingram had been siphoning money from trust accounts and doling it out to other people, including his brother and his wife, then shifting money around between various other accounts to try to replace the funds. It began in October 2005 and ended in May 2008, amounting to $3.1 million in unauthorized transfers, the law society said in its decision late last month. The Canadian Press   Previous post.

British paper cooks up story about new $20

The Mailonline has produced a story which says “Canadians have been left confused” by the image of the Vimy Memorial on the new $20 Canadian bills. Evidently there were some odd reactions to it during focus groups done before the bill was released. Some people were unaware of the memorial, which was built and dedicated in 1936 to honour a victorious assault by Canadians against German lines in 1917. One focus group member used the term “possibly pornographic” in reference to the mythical female figures representing justice and peace. The story does highlight a frequent complaint about Canada during the 60s, 70s and 80s during which Canada essentially forgot about large parts of its history as part of a new type of national culture. As a result, many people are unfamiliar with this unique Canadian memorial..  Mailonline

Hostess in U.S. seeks bankruptcy protection

Hostess Brands in the U.S. says it will seek bankruptcy protection with permission to liquidate if striking workers do not return to work by the end of today. The crisis once again places the future of such iconic brands as Wonder Bread and Twinkies in jeopardy n the U.S. It’s believed that the names are held separately in Canada.  The baking company says it is shutting down plants in Seattle, St. Louis and Cincinnati at the cost of 627 jobs due to the strike. 

Discount pop-up at former Liv location

A discount retailer called Brands 4 Less has taken the large space at 418 Eglinton Ave West recently vacated by Liv. It will be a pop up location until the owner finds a more permanent tenant. The store is filling up now with women’s clothing, children’s clothes and toys, DVDs and a variety of other goods. This building has long been a challenge for retailers who have leased it because of its size. No 418 is located a few doors west of the Eglinton Grand Event Centre.  

Lights for Valley Park Green Cricket Field

A worthy cause is revealed in a letter to the South Bayview Bulldog from Lisa Grogan Green. co-chair of the  Valley Park Green Cricket Field. She is asking for help from all area residents to raise money for lighting at the field.  Here is what she wrote: “We would so appreciate it if you would ask your networks to support us. We are trying to win outdoor sports lighting for the Valley Park Go Green Cricket Field Project from the Aviva Community Fund, (Avivia Insurance — Ed). Please help kids stay active in Thorncliffe Park and the Priority Neighbourhood of Flemingdon Park. Register today through our website and then vote for us every day from November 12-26 to help us win $100,000 to $150,000 from the Aviva Community Fund. It’s one vote and one email per person for 15 days, and you cannot vote by proxy for another person. This means that we have to set up a strong chain of votes. Please vote for us and ask your family and friends to do so also. Go to and hit the “Vote Now” button. It will link you to our special page at Aviva. In the top right-hand corner of our page is a spot where you must register once and set up a private password. Do that the first time, and then you can easily vote for us every day through our website. Construction on Phase One of our project starts this month, and the field will be ready for play next summer 2013.”    This seems like a very good cause.

Victorian touch at Laird Dr. and Broadway Ave.

This is an update on an earlier post in this spot about the rather special home going up at the the corner of Laird Drive and Broadway Ave.  Our update shot here shows the stonework going onto the Victorian corner bay window which will give the residents of the home a 180 plus degree view of the corner. The belt line of limestone and full stone tower is a throwback to the romantic construction of the 19th century. The builder was there when we went by and spoke with pride about his creation. He says it will be a landmark in the neighborhood and we believe him. 

Glass falls from Trump Tower at Bay and Adelaide

Police have blocked off the intersection of Bay and Adelaide in downtown Toronto after glass fell from a high rise building Wednesday afternoon. Authorities say the glass originated from the 18th floor of the Trump Tower just after 4 p.m. and no one has been injured. Toronto Fire Services said construction workers were installing glass when it slipped and then crashed into the side of the building. Several cars were damaged as a result of the debris.

Pepsi Special said to “block fat” — in Japan

In Japan, Pepsico will release Pepsi Special a soft drink that contains dextrin, an indigestible fibre known to block fat absorption in the body. According to ABC news, the product is marketed to those who wish to maintain a slender body while having a Pepsi or any kind of fatty food. Although fat-blocking Pepsi is legal in Japan it is not coming to shelves in the U.S. or Canada any time soon. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) makes it illegal to fortify soda and candy with nutrients. Dextrin is considered a nutrient by FDA standards. A similar prohibition applies in Canada. For now, it seems  our obsession with obtaining a svelte body without any of the work will have to wait while the Japanese get a chance to try fat-blocking Pepsi.

Lorrie Goldstein laid off at the Toronto Sun

Well known editorial writer and Toronto gadfly Lorrie Goldstein is among the most prominent of the 500 or so people laid off yesterday by Sun Media. Together, the layoffs hit papers in Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg and printing facilities in Kingston and Ottawa. Associate Editor Goldstein was a 34 year stalwart at the Sun and in his heyday was a must-read for anyone inclined to challenge a lot of what passes for wisdom in our town. Toronto Sun Blog