New tenant over Hasty Mart at Bayview/Moore

There’s a new tenant about to occupy the upstairs space over the Hasty Mart store at Bayview and Moore Aves. The street address is 1213 Bayview. The first clue was the removal of the tired old Martin & Meredith sign that has been up there since the real estate firm moved out early in 2011. Chitter-chatter in the shop below says a “baby school” of some type is going in at 1213, but the story is vague. Just keep your eye on the empty light boxes up where the M&M signs used to hang. 

Approving but windy review of L’Avenue Bistro

There’s an approving if somewhat long-winded review of L’Avenue Bistro at 1568 Bayview Ave. by Gina Mallett in the National Post. You have to get through a 1,000-word maunder on how odd it is to find French food on South Bayview to learn she liked it. Guess she’s never heard of Rahier and Patisserie de Cigogne. Gina Mallett

Post writer on Leaside as a place to raise kids

The National Post has published a forum of opinion on the Deputy Mayor’s remarks about raising kids downtown. Matt Gurney, of the Post, comments on Leaisde. Other writers are of interest too. Full Comment here and Mr. Gurney’s remarks follow:
“But Leaside, for those who don’t know Toronto, is close to downtown, without being ALL the way downtown. You’re still a few minutes north of the start of the high-rise condos and office towers. It might be about as close as you can get to downtown before you’re in downtown. And one of the reasons it’s proven a popular area (again, Marni can speak to this better than I due to more recent experience) is that it is this weird little suburban-esque oasis near the core of the city. Best of the suburbs, close to downtown. You pay a hell of a premium to live that way, but for many families, it’s worth it”.

1938 Oldsmobile on Laird Drive in 2012

If you spotted the 1938 Oldsmobile coupe sitting outside the Auto Service Centre on Laird leave a comment. For it’s age, the Olds coupe is in pretty good shape. Even inside, though original, it was clean and good-looking. We had to post the campy 1938 ad at the right for fun. You will note that the 38 Oldsmobile came with Rhythmic Ride. Click on pic to see. Rhythmic Ride sounds great. As good as satellite radio. 

Toronto to require car heat warnings

Toronto Council  has voted 31-2 to require shopping malls to post signs that say “Heat kills children and pets in hot vehicles.”

Visa, MC in U.S. settle price fixing action

Visa Inc, MasterCard Inc and banks that issue their credit cards have agreed to a $7.25 billion settlement with U.S. retailers in a lawsuit over the fixing of credit and debit card fees in what could be the largest antitrust settlement in U.S. history. Reuters

Bayview parking to go from $2/hr to $2.25/hr

In a last final goodbye for the summer, City Council has voted to increase hourly rates for street parking. The vote was lope-sided to do it (25-7) and Mayor Ford said that although he regretted it the increase seemed fair after five years with no increases.  Toronto Sun

Ginkgo tree home a Moore Park showplace

The splendid Moore Park renovation we have called the Ginkgo House is nearing completion. Today there were no fewer than ten men working at different tasks. The two mature Ginkgo trees (left) will now be surrounded by grass and shrubs as the homeowner opts to take the walkway up to his front door beside the new driveway. The carefully detailed work has been going on for a year. Among other things, the magnificent window lintels were reproduced in new synthetic materials because the old concrete ones were not able to withstand the renovation  The Ginkgo trees incidentally are about 25 or 30 years ago. according to an arborologist on the scene. As many will know, the Ginkgo does well if it can survive Canada’s harsh winters. It is an ancient species native to  China. 

No more left turns at Lea Avenue

There will be no more left turns from Lea Avenue onto Laird Drive. All this development comes with a price. The city has built a concrete median planter along Laird at this point because there is a main entrance to the new Leaside Village opposite Lea.. Northbound  traffic will be able to right turn into LV and right turn going out (also to the north). For those wishing to turn left into Lea either to go home or visit OldeYorke Fish and Chips, forget it. And you can also forget turning out of Lea to the north. A case of no pain, no gain perhaps. Markham Ave (Gyro Mazda) is still a left turn intersection at Laird.  

Loblaws robo-call message to boost tax free day

At Moore and Bayview
Local Loblaws have posted signs announcing their Customer Appreciation Sale Saturday July 14, 2012, when the whole group of Loblaws related stores will offer an HST holiday,  Many things do not attract HST but for all the rest, plus heavy items like barbecues, the deal applies. There’s a footnote that there are other rules. The Appreciation Day is being held at Loblaws and Valu-mart, as well as Zehrs and other stores. Loblaws has also unleashed some robo-calls in connection with this sale. The calls are going to those who carry the President’s Choice Mastercard. Hope they don’t do that too often. Are grocery stores exempt from the Do Not Call list? Maybe robo-calls aren’t considered a call. Anyway, keep in mind that tax free really means that Loblaws has reduced their prices and both you and Loblaws still have to pay the tax on the reduced price items, whatever that works out to. 

Melted polymer money? Some claim so

 It seems improbable but a woman from Cambridge claims that new Canadian polymer bills melted when they were left in a  metal container beside a baseboard heater in her home. Mona Billard insists that her son simply left the tin box more or less where he leaves his toys. Next day they came out as shown in her photos (inset). Put that together with an even more improbable story from a teller in a credit union in Kelowna that she has seen polymer bills that have been melted by the sun. The central bank says no way but read the story see what you think. And please don’t try melting money at home. National Post

Photo display marks Stones 50th year

Back in 1962, Mick Jagger is said to have cracked that the Rolling Stones would have a life span of maybe two years. Now, 50 years later, the venerable and tough old rockers are still playing together. And they are still phenomenally popular. To celebrate, a free display of photos at the Somerset House in London will open tomorrow (Friday, July 14, 2012). The retrospective photo exhibit (and accompanying book) charts the R&B, blues and soul-inspired rock band’s five decades in music, from the group’s first official photo shoot to myriad performances at tiny venues to recent massive arena tours.