Suspect and mother come to police station

Accompanied by his mother,  a 20-year-old man has turned himself in to police in connection with the home invasion and sexual assaults of two women at a home in the Avenue Road and Lawrence Avenue West.. The man was pictured in the TTC camera photo (post below) which was released by police on Tuesday. According to police, he surrendered at 12 division. early this morning.

Owner of Metro, Mac’s reports profit growth

Eglinton and Bayview
The company that owns the big Metro grocery store at Bayview Ave. and Eglinton East is announcing strong revenue and profit growth in the third quarter. Net income was up 75.9 per cent compared with the year-ago period, rising to $145.1 million or $1.46 per share from $84.4 million or 83 cents per share. Part of that increase was due to its investment in the Alimentation Couche-Tard convenience store group (they own the Mac’s right across the street). Many will recall when Metro — then called Metro Richelieu — bought the Eglinton and Bayview store from Loblaws and the change of name which happened about ten years ago. The location was famous for being the busiest grocery store in Toronto and may well still hold the title, although it now has much more competition.

A Green Sign of Christmas on Bayview

1531-1533 Bayview Avenue

They were putting up the Dollarama sign at the soon-to-be-opened store at 1531-1533 Bayview Tuesday  The big green and gold letters certainly herald an early opening for the discount emporium. And from what we hear there will be clear sidewalks on South Bayview this December as Environment Canada says there will be very little snow anywhere this year. They say it’s an occurrence not seen on such a national scale since Environment Canada began measuring snowfall levels 56 years ago. “It’s not going to feel and look like Christmas,” the EC forecaster said. “People are going to have to work hard to create the mood that sometimes weather creates.”   

TTC pic is clear lead in Lawrence area sex assault

This picture was released by Toronto Police late Tuesday as they worked to make an arrest in the a brazen home entry and sexual assault that occurred in the Lawrence Ave W. and Avenue Road area. A man who said he was soliciting newspaper subscriptions was knocking on doors on an residential street. Two women opened the door to a home. The man pushed his way into the home and sexually assaulted the two women. This picture was taken on a TTC bus and it was earlier reported that the man made his escape on a bus. The clarity of these pictures should result in an identification.   

Getting things closed in at Annesley and Roxville

Over at the corner of Annesley and Roxville Avenues in North Leaside they’re working hard to get the rebuild there all closed in before the snow flies. This montage shows an agile carpenter at work this afternoon with the house itself inset. 

Police hunt suspects in violent sexual assaults

Police are working on two strange sexual assault cases. Yesterday morning a man who appeared to be soliciting newspaper subscriptions knocked on the door of a home in the Lawrence Ave/Avenue Rd area. He pushed his way into the home when the door was opened and assaulted two women. In another case, a 16 year girl was walking on Broadview Ave about 9 pm last night when a scruffy man asked her if she had a light so he could search for something on the ground. As she approached him, he pulled her into a laneway and assaulted the girl.  Police hunt suspects in violent sexual assaults

Leaside High back to an 8.40 a.m. to 3 p.m. day

Students at Leaside High School will have to forgo the flexible hours known as delayed/late start. The change is required because of work action taken by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, according to Principal Jeanette Plonka in a letter to parents. Until further notice the school will follow a uniform day beginning at 8.40 am. and ending at 3 pm. Other schools are making similar adjustments as the OSSTF begins what it has called “strike actions” at 20 boards across Ontario including Toronto. For her part, Education Minister Laurel Broten is threatening to prevent  teachers from dropping out of many of their duties. One in particular, the taking of attendance, is seen as an important safety measure. A bargaining bulletin on the OSSTF website says that among other actions, teachers will not attend staff meetings, communicate with parents outside school hours or fill in for absent colleagues The teachers are defending sick day retirement payouts, which the Legislature has voted to eliminate,  by arguing the Ontario government offers a more generous goodbye to government employees. The OSSTF has highlighted the government severance packages in its battle to save “retirement gratuities” which allow most teachers and many education support staff workers to cash out up to 200 unused sick days at retirement. The government says the plan, which pays out a maximum of $47,000 to a retiring teacher, must be scaled back because the cost is too high with $1.7 billion in accumulated sick days now on the taxpayers’ tab.

Millwood Rd closed at Bayview Ave. for cable work

Millwood Road east of Bayview Ave is closed for repairs to the cable system this afternoon. Be warned to avoid this normally well-used street, specially as  at we head towards rush hour.

Arctic Falcon seen at Eglinton and Pharmacy

A rare occurrence in nature may be seen at the Golden Mile Shopping Centre near Eglinton Ave. E and Pharmacy Ave following the appearance there in recent weeks of an Arctic falcon or Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus).  The story in published in the Star today. Inset is a stock photo of the species from the Alberta Department of the Environment. This elegant creature has been circling the parking lot of the centre no doubt looking for its favorite food, pigeons. It is a big bird, some two feet in length with a wingspan wider than that. The Star reports that a member of the Ontario Field Ornithologists has confirmed that the bird is indeed a white gyrfalcon. The story is accompanied by a good picture of the falcon taken by Toronto freelance photographer Manny Rodrigues. It is said that some people reported first seeing the bird a month ago. The Star notes that Mark De Abreu, who works in the Golden Mile area, has been a birder for 40 years and considers the sighting like winning the lottery

Gerard Kennedy to contest Liberal leadership

Gerard Kennedy is living proof that in politics it’s really never over. The former Ontario cabinet minister will try to succeed Dalton McGuinty as party leader and premier. Kennedy lost out to McGuinty when the job was last open. This time, the left of centre Kennedy says he will be different from the current Liberal administration at Queen’s Park, a statement seen as a desire to separate himself from the messy and rather shocking cancellation of two power plants in mid-election campaign.  Kennedy previously stepped down from the Ontario cabinet to take a run at the federal liberal party leadership.

Leon’s to buy The Brick for $700 million

Leon’s Furniture Limited will buy the The Brick for some $700 million dollars, it was announced Sunday night. The Brick has a mattress store on South Bayview. Both companies are speaking positively about the sale and Leon’s is saying that both names will survive and that there will be no  layoffs.

Spy-like intrigue shrouds resignation of CIA boss

Anyone might wonder where the David Patraeus scandal will end. There are now two women involved in the intrigue that apparently led to to his bombshell resignation last Friday. Actually there are  three women if you count Patraeus’s wife Holly. In fact, it has now been confirmed that one of Mrs Patraeus’s friends, Jill Kelley, identified as a State Department liaison, was receiving what are being called threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the woman who is said to have had an affair with the CIA Director.  Ms Kelley issued a statement late today saying she and her husband Scott are friends of both Patraeus and his wife, and that she has never had an affair with the former five-star general. What prompted the scary mail from Ms Broadwell is a mystery. It is clear however that Patraeus did fall sexually under the spell of Ms Broadwell, an accomplished author who wrote the Patraeus biography, All In. As noted, there is a kind of wildfire nature to this information that causes one to say “What next?” The answer may be big trouble for Barak Obama and many others in his elite. How could the FBI, alerted to trouble by a frightened Ms Kelley, not take the matter to the Attorney General and thence to the President. CIA Director is an enormously  sensitive position, to say the least. It would seem the FBI and all those in the government who knew what was going on, were duty bound to tell Mr. Obama. L to r: Paula Broadwell, David Patraeus, Jill Kelley, Holly Patraeus. Stay tuned.
U.S. Attorney General knew for months