City Hall tribute to Jack Layton

The lineup to go by Jack Layton’s casket stretched around the block. Chalked messages were throughout Nathan Phillips Square and a crowd surrounded this makeshift memorial. jack Layton will be remembered a state funeral. Some of Layton’s ashes will be planted along with a memorial tree at the cemetery affiliated with Wyman United Church in Hudson, Que., where Layton was raised. Some ashes will also be scattered on the Toronto Islands, where Layton married his wife MP Olivia Chow in 1988. Picture courtesy Yonge and Roxborough News

428 Manor Road comes down

This run down bungalow at 428 Manor Road is under the wrecker’s hammer. Centre, the lot is a nice size but very overgrown. When these bushes are gone it will be great. Right, sign on door describes variance required to make the home somewhat bigger. This is just west of Bayview on the north side.

“Orange Pekoe” Teaopia sign goes up

Handsome sign for Teaopia Cafe goes up at 1592 South Bayview this afternoon. Orange in the name Orange Pekoe apparently derives from the size and shape of the Pekoe tea leaf when it is harvested.

Pharma needles Shoppers over cosmetics

The chat around the shops is that Pharma Plus is running television ads which give Shoppers Drug Mart the needle about cosmetic merchandising. The gist of the PP spots is that if you want a drugstore that cares more about your health than your appearance come to the Rexall Pharma Plus. The grumbling among many customers has been that Shoppers manipulates them into the cosmetic department. But, it must be said it’s handy to grab a jar of salsa or a frozen meal at Shoppers.

Scenic on Eglinton at street level

On the east side of the Scenic on Eglinton construction site, work has reached street level. Picture on the left was taken today and the one on the right taken from the same vantage point on Aerodrome Crescent in February.

Boys face weapons charges in 53 Division

There is as police report today that two 17-year-old boys have been charged with no fewer than 39 charges related to firearms and drugs. It’s of interest to the South Bayview area because the arrests were made in 53 Division, which is the police district in which we live. No. 53 a big division, of course, and we have yet to learn the full details. But there is much information

this pdf from the TPS website.

Lightning striking CN tower last night

In this digital age, You Tube knows all and this is a very good brief edit of lightning hitting the CN tower. There are other videos but this is the best. Hope you survived that thunder crasher okay. There do not appear to be any reports of serious damage around South Bayview land.

15 funniest ads to come out of Jobs Apple

With the retirement of Steve Jobs, many are recalling the great ads produced by his firm over the years. Someone has listed “the funniest 15” ads during Jobs tenure. See them all.

CMHC says house prices will remain stable

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has predicted that house prices will remain stable this year. The CMHC says there will not be a correction in price this year, and that prices will continue to rise. Canadian Real Estate.

Steve Jobs retiring immediately from Apple

The legendary powerhouse who created and sold the Apple computer and all the dazzling array of subsequent products is resigning immediately from the presidency of the firm. Story at Rehak/Stuebing: Mostly Media

Architect Peter Hamilton dead

Peter Hamilton, an award winning architect and resident of the Yonge and Roxborough neighborhood, has died of cancer. His friends in the Ramsden Park Dog Owners’ Association are hoping to have a bench in the park named in his memory. Hamilton could often be seen in Ramsden Park with his aging white terrier, Spike. When Spike died earlier this year, he occasionally still came to the park, but this time with his daughter’s dog.Hamilton worked in Finland and France for three years following graduation from the University of Toronto. He took a post graduate degree at Harvard University in architectural design, concentrating on low cost low income housing.

Weather Channel tornado watch for Toronto

The Tornado Watch reads: A line of thunderstorms is expected to develop over Lake Huron then track rapidly eastward across Southern Ontario late this afternoon and this evening. The threat for storms will begin in areas near Lake Huron between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM then move eastward to reach a line from Eastern Lake Erie through the Golden Horseshoe to the upper Ottawa Valley by 8:00 PM. Some of these storms will have the potential to be severe with large hail, damaging winds, and torrential downpours. There will also be the potential for isolated tornadoes. This is an alert to the potential development of severe thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes. Monitor weather conditions and listen for updated bulletins. Here.