RCMP tips CBC to plan for arrest of Canadians in CRA scam

In what seems like an unheard-of decision, the RCMP have told CBC reporter David Common of “imminent” plans to arrest Canadian perpetrators in the infamous CRA tax scam racket. The enormous fraud, which has cost gullible taxpayers millions of dollars, is operated out of boiler rooms in India. Many of those have been busted already but the scheme apparently requires Canadian accomplices to help launder the money. Thursday’s unusual release to Mr. Common raises suspicion that the Mounties are trying to spook suspects here.

“A bit of a toke, couple of oysters, a pint and cinnamon roll”

Leslieville residents are commenting at length on the apparent soon-to-be cannabis store at 1303 Queen St. East. Comments vary from those who get sick at the smell of burning weed to a man who reckons “Lil bit of a toke, couple oysters, a pint and a cinnamon roll (and) that’s a nice Sunday afternoon right there.” This picture is fully conjured up by the presence of nearby bars, restaurants and the Sweet Bliss Bakery across the street. Read comments here.

75% of seized handguns enter from US says task force boss

Tracey Tong, of CTV, has interviewed the head of the Toronto Gun and Gang Task Force, Inspector Joe Matthews. Here are some of the specifics.

  • 75 percent of 450 illegal guns seized so far this year in Toronto came across the border with the US.
  • As many as 100 gangs stalk the streets of the City. They range in size from a few people to several and can readily morph
  • Crime occurs in known neighborhoods. Some have a lot but downtown shootings are usually traceable back to a place of origin
  • Guns are being increasingly altered to become semi-automatic
  • Town Halls are planned for the Fall

Pedestrians badly hurt as vehicles collide at College and Bay

Police have now released a full report on the collision at Bay and College Sts. Thursday. Four adults, all women, and an infant were hurt in the accident which was caused when a driver went through a red light. Release

Sears gets a year in jail for publishing hate, court decides

Canadian Press says that the editor of the East-York based Your Ward News has been sentenced to a year in jail for publishing hate. James Sears seems likely to serve about six months of that sentence before release. Sears, 55, had argued that his lawyer had purposely thrown the case but the judge disagreed. The paper’s publisher, LeRoy St. Germaine, will be sentenced next week.

Hey Michelle, Audra just fine and a Motown gown is found

It’s Video Wheel time starting with the story of Michelle Liu, 12. She’s the youngest golfer ever to tee off at the Canadian Women’s Open in Aurora starting Thursday. Go, Michelle. Next, a brutal reminder that while cannabis may be legal in US states like Washington, federal law still prohibits the entry of stuff like CBD oil. Below that, City News reporter Audra Brown explores the yet-to-be approved cell phone selfie health-check app. Fascinating. And lastly, Supremes founder Mary Wilson catches up with a long-lost gown from the days when the group changed the image of black women forever.

Truck in fatal collision found, seek car that hit victim again

Police have found the transport truck and driver which left the scene of a fatal accident Wednesday. The truck hit and killed a woman, 76, as it turned left from Sheppard Ave onto Midland Ave. And they have released a picture of a second vehicle, a white sedan which hit the woman as she lay on the pavement. Witnesses say a young, tall, brown man pulled over, exited the car and then got back in and fled. Listen to the witness (below) describe how the victim shouted at the trucker as he hit her. She was crossing on a green light.

Police continue to pursue pizza delivery bank-card racket

Toronto Police continue to press the case of pizza delivery men who are switching bank cards on customers when they are paid at the door. In the process, the perpetrators get the PIN and the card. Following that, they promptly clean out the victim’s bank account. Police hunt pizza-delivery fiddlers in bank card switcheroo

Fire at “environmental business” in Missy smokey spectacle

The fire on Tonelli Rd. in Mississauga has been extinguished and there are no injuries. The smokey blaze erupted Wednesday afternoon. Remarkably, reporting is absent on just what burned and who owned the place. Tentative posts ranged from an environmental business to a candle warehouse.

Artun’s lemonade, 1636 Bayview and new weed on Danforth

Artun Arat, seen at upper left with mom Dr. Emel Arat, is serving cooling lemonade outside the family practice at 1600 Bayview Ave. That’s the Leaside Orthodontic Centre. This is the second summer that Artun has raised money for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Thanks Artun.  Upper right is the former location of Cumbrae’s at 1636 Bayview where neighbors are buzzing because the for lease sign has been taken down. Stay tuned. At centre right, TNO (the Neighborhood Organization) has posted a great picture of peer leaders from local schools getting ready to welcome newcomer students. At lower left, 740 Danforth near Pape Ave. (Greek Village Restaurant) has been announced as one of 13 new locations for legal weed stores in Toronto. South Bayview still seems to be weed-store free, at least for now. Finally at lower right is a sweet shot from Cabbagetown Matt on Instagram of this youngster (who he knows) peeking through the hole in the wall at Donlands Station to see the busses.

Fury, smirks as garbage trucks allowed to turn into Leaside

There is sound, fury and a smirk or two Wednesday on Leaside Community Facebook where an indignant post wants to know why the police would stop illegal turns at the north Leaside entry points off Bayview (Glenvale, Broadway, Craig) but permit garbage trucks to make the same turn.