Davisville School Parents see “second update” of new school

Davisvile Public School Parents @DPSParents are showing what’s called a second update on the layout and space allocation of a new school. It is by the well-known institutional architectural firm of Snyder. The school will sit to the south of the present school on Davisville rather than on Millwood.

Video wheel live look at Council debating one-stop subway

Toronto City Council is in full voice accompanied by head-scratching questions about just what it will cost to build the one-stop subway to the Scarborough Town Centre. And there are many other queries of the TTC Chief, Ciy Manager and Chief Planner. It’s live. On Wall Street, the Fearless Girl statue will stay where it is, looking at the big bull, for another year. Below that, CBC assays the unknowns awaiting the legalization of marijuana. And the British pound coin is now a 12-sided quid showing the English Rose, Scottish Thistle, Welsh Leek and the Northern Irish Shamrock.

Water main break blocks 4 lanes on Queen’s Park Crescent

South Leaside Monday Group “Everything Kids” Sale

The South Leaside Monday Group is organizing its annual Everything Kids Sale and is hoping local moms can contribute gently-used, children’s items to the cause. The money will go to support the Trace Manes Playground Rejuvenation (Georgia Walsh) cause and the South Leaside Monday Group. It notes two dates, one for drop off, one for the sale. Also see Leaside Chit Chat post from Kristin Leishman Ballard

  • Drop off may be made Monday, April 3, 20-17 at Trace Manes Park. There may be other dates for drop set later.
  • Sale date is Saturday, June 3, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Leaside United Church.

Lorne Grabher wins support, will sue Nova Scotia if needed

A Nova Scotia man who has been denied use of his family name on a personalized licence plate he has owned for decades says he will sue the Nova Scotia government in order to be able to use it again. Lorne Grabher, whose family name is of common German extraction, says he has been contacted by a lawyer at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms in Calgary who is interested in pursuing the case. Grabher told the CBC he is hoping the government will change its mind but says if not, “I’m going all the way. I’m not stopping now. If I have to take this province to court, I will, because I want justice. Not just for myself but for other people.” The NS decision was based on one complaint. The license office said it concluded that the plate was indeed offensive. Grabher said he has been deluged with support, including mail from the mayor of the Austrian town of Lutenau where the name is common.

Jon Burnside will support motion to defund Pride Parade

Jon Burnside (Ward 26) will support a motion by Councillor John Campbell (Ward 4) to de-fund the Pride Parade over the decision to exclude a police float from the annual LGBTQ event. Mr. Burnside told the CBC Monday that it’s Pride’s business if it wishes to exclude police but “part of my job is to decide on funding and I think that [the ban on police] not only sends the wrong message, it’s counter-productive.” In speaking about the proposed motion, Councillor Campbell said he concluded that Pride has been “bullied” by Black Lives Matter and thus has given up its claim on the usual $260,000 of free taxpayer money for the parade. Campbell said he’s had verbal expressions of support for his motion from Councillors: Mark Grimes, Justin Di Ciano, Glenn De Baeremaeker and Stephen Holyday as well as Mr. Burnside.

Woman, 65, badly hurt crossing at Warden and McNicholl

Police are asking for anyone who saw or has dash cam video of a pedestrian accident at the signalized corner of McNicholl Ave. and Warden Ave Tuesday morning to come forward. A woman, 65, is in critical condition after she was hit by a car at about 6 a.m. Police say they do not have a fix on whether she had the right of way.

Good morning, how about a 180-gram egg for breakfast?

Hobby farmer Dennis Goslow has found a huge egg laid by one of his chickens. Goslow, of Sault Ste. Marie, weighed the egg at 180 grams. That’s heavier than a major league baseball and the size of a large apple.

De Baeremaeker’s anti-Toronto bait booed at transit panel

An overflow crowd of deeply-divided residents met at the Scarborough Village Recreation Centre for a Transit Panel discussion Monday night  They applauded boisterously for the panelists and frequently heckled Councilor Glenn De Baeremaeker as he delivered a sometimes melodramatic address about why Scarborough hasn’t been treated fairly by Toronto and the TTC over the decades. “You’ve all heard the badmouthing about Scarborough on the Internet. It’s a Stubway, it’s a subway to nowhere, it’s out to Scarberia, nobody lives there, if I go there I might get mugged. You’ve heard all of that stuff all over the place.” The bait pleased some but many were infuriated by it.


His remarks were booed down with one man shouting “We’re talking about moving people here.” Mr. De Baeremaeker said he wanted to see a fair transit system and lamented the Scarborough Rapid Transit (Line 3) had not led to the kind of development that occurred along Yonge Street in North York. He seemed to consider the outcome to be Toronto’s fault. Three other panelists made the case for the Light Rapid Transit plan with seven stops rather than the one-stop subway. Councillor Paul Ainslie talked about his concerns related to overestimated passenger loads and the cost of building a system that won’t stop at places like Centennial College and the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. He said the LRT scheme would run along its own right of way without infringing on roads or requiring tunneling. Another panelist, Tricia Wood, a writer and contributor to Torontoist, called the case in favor of the subway like choosing a nickel over a dime because the nickel is bigger. She told of group sessions where residents talked not of  going downtown but of moving between locations in Scarborough. City Council votes Tuesday on the Scarborough subway for the ninth and apparently final time.

Cases total 64 as mumps now spreading in public at large

Toronto Public Health has confirmed a new total in mumps cases of 64. These most recent cases are among young adults some of whom have contracted the disease from unknown sources in public. Cases of the mumps diagnosed at five local schools (including Ryerson) appear to have been acquired from a specific and known contact from earlier cases the medical officer says.

Scarborough meeting Monday will oppose 1-stop subway

Opponents of the one-stop Scarborough subway will meet tonight at the Scarborough Village Recreation Centre, 3600 Kingston Rd., to try once again to stop the project. Previous

As many as 50 cars broken into in East York parking garage

As many as 50 cars have had their windows smashed in the underground parking garage of 75 Eastdale Ave in East York overnight. It is one of the largest mass car break-ins seen in recent years in the City. The garage belongs to an apartment at that address, a location between Dawes Rd. and Main Street.