Call to Pottery Rd. rail crossing for lights but no barriers

Peel Police alert on convict with a probability to re-offend

Peel Region Police have issued an alert on the release of Madilyn Harks (formerly Matthew Harks), age 36, from prison. The subject (at left) will be living in the Main St and Queen St area of Brampton. Harks has been convicted three times of sexual assault against young women under the age of eight. Harks’ victims have included neighbours and a fellow member of a church congregation. At centre, Toronto Police have identified Nashwan Yonan, 32, of Toronto, as the man fatally shot as he filled his tank on March 8 at the PetroCan at Avenue Rd. and Eglinton. He died in hospital Thursday. They found a handgun in his vehicle. Police say Yonan had driven northbound on Avenue Rd. from Davenport Rd. before entering the station. At right is Shin Wook Lim, 45, of Woodbridge, now facing additional charges of sexual assault in Toronto. These charges relate to alleged offenses between 2013 and 2015 when he coached a teen girl in Taekwondo.

Expelled for notoriety, teen has 14,000 Instagram followers

Marcella Zoia, accused of throwing chairs and other objects off a condo tower balcony in February. has lost friends and her place in a dental hygiene program since the incident her lawyer said at a court appearance Friday. Ms Zoia, 19, is seeking to avoid a trial and keeping low, he said. Nonetheless, she has gathered more than 14,000 followers on Instagram. The accused was remanded pending a decision on a criminal trial.

Driver who hit Humboldt Broncos bus gets 8 years in prison

The truck driver who caused the deadly Humboldt Broncos crash has been sentenced to eight years in prison. Jaskirat Singh Sidhu of Calgary had pleaded guilty earlier this year to 29 counts of dangerous driving. He stood quietly and looked ahead at the judge as he was sentenced Friday. Judge Inez Cardinal told court in Melfort, Sask., that she approached the sentence knowing “nothing can turn back the clock.”

Baby comforts mom, goodbye Louis and Caitlin pampered

South Bayview Thursday is enchanted by the shot of baby comforting mom (upper left) at Country Dental at 1680 Bayview. Then at upper right, this happy Leaside Wildcats (Bantam B) puckster and her teammates will be present when the Toronto Marlies mark Women’s Hockey Day at 5 p.m. Sunday at the Coca Cola Coliseum. At centre right, a sad farewell after 48 years to Louis Meat Market and Souvlaki at 449 Danforth at Arundel Ave. The bailiff has closed in on some $30,000 in rent. Centre left, We Will Change the World is one of many inspiring messages ringing around Room 115 at Davisville Public. Little Artist below is also at Room 115. Finally at lower right, Caitlin A. Melvin has tweeted her approval of work done at the newly-opened Blo Blow Dry Bar at 1693B Bayview.

Stop the train immediately! This man hasn’t washed in days

We can all sympathize but police are asking anyone jammed into a subway with an unwashed commuter to refrain from pushing the alarm. This after a passenger was so revolted by the odour of a fellow “better way” rider that the system-stopping emergency button seemed like the only remedy. As reported by Global News, PC David Hopkinson said this occurred on the train at Queen subway station Thursday around 7:40 p.m. He said the details of the call were shared on Twitter in the hope of raising public awareness about the misuse of the alarm system. “It’s a teaching point now. ‘Hey, I know you’re uncomfortable. You have absolutely every right to complain, but using the passenger assistance alarm is not for that,’” Hopkinson said. “The alarm is for emergency use and this type of incident is not considered an emergency … With passenger assistance alarms, we assume that it’s an emergency — somebody is having a medical episode, their life is in danger, they’re being attacked, there’s some kind of accident in the station.” It’s not recorded if the offending passenger was wearing Rotting Carcass Cologne in order to obtain a seat or protect his space.


Friday summary of speeding, fire and gang gunplay cases

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt has tweeted information on the arrest and suspension of two drivers in recent hours for speeds that would scare most people silly. One young man, 19, in Mississauga was going 254 km/h in his (or dad’s) BMW when stopped. Another man of 20 was recorded going 227 on Highway 401 at Whitby. Below, CityNews video (left) on an apartment fire in Parkdale where 25 people are temporarily homeless. At right, Toronto Police have released surveillance video of a man firing from the sunroof of a VW on March 2 at Firvalley Court and Cataraqui Crescent. They would like to catch him. Other releases Friday are here.

Murdoch author at Sleuth recalls 1936 Toronto heat wave

Maureen Jennings will visit the Sleuth of Baker Street book store Saturday from 3 to 5:30 p.m. to launch her newest novel, Heat Wave. Many know Jennings from her Victorian character William Murdoch (Murdoch Mysteries) but the new book features his son, Jack, a Toronto detective in 1936 and his friend, a PI named Charlotte Frayne. Inevitably the notorious North American heat wave of 1936 forms the background. Sleuth of Baker Street is at 907 Millwood Rd. at Sutherland.

Secret live-stream of 800 couples from Korean motel rooms

A jaw-dropping criminal money-maker has just been busted in Seoul. It live-streamed unsuspecting couples having sex in their motel rooms to an audience of some 4,000 subscribers. Then, British Columbia has launched an immunization blitz to combat recurring measles outbreaks fuelled by thousands of unvaccinated kids. Below that, an entertaining Global News review of high-paid athletes. And finally, a seasonal lift from CityNews worthy Audra Brown at the Cottage Life Show at the International Centre.

5 yrs to Tyler Neilsen in drunk-driving death of Stuart Ellis

A 21-year-old man has been sentenced to five years in prison in connection with a 2017 impaired driving crash in East Gwillimbury that left a 28-year-old father dead. The sentence, which also includes an eight-year driving ban, was handed down to Tyler Neilsen in a Newmarket courtroom on Thursday. He previously pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle that fatally struck Stuart Ellis on Nov. 13, 2017 while having alcohol and four other drugs in his system.


“I can’t imagine the pain and suffering I have brought into your lives,” he said in court to Ellis wife Justine. “I’m so sorry. The worst part of this whole accident is that I took a father away from his children. I will never be able to forget that. I am ready to accept the court’s punishment.”  Widowed mom counts cost as impaired driver makes bail