No winning ticket for Friday’s $60 million Lotto Max draw

There was no winning ticket for the $60 million jackpot in Friday night’s Lotto Max draw. There were also 46 Maxmillions prizes of $1 million each up for grabs, and 19 of them were won by ticket holders across the country. The jackpot for the next Lotto Max draw on Dec. 21 will remain at approximately $60 million, but the number of Maxmillions prizes offered will increase to 50.

Taverner asks delay so his nod to OPP boss can be reviewed

CTV says Saturday that Toronto Police Superintendent Ron Taverner has asked for and been granted a delay in his appointment as OPP Commissioner so that the Ontario integrity commissioner can review the decision. The NDP asked that the integrity Commissioner examine the role, if any, of Premier Ford in the hiring. Taverner sent email to Community Safety Minister Sylvia Jones asking for a delay. “While the government has full confidence in Mr. Taverner, we will respect his request for a delay in his appointment, until such time as the Integrity Commissioner has conducted a review of the selection process,” Jones wrote in a statement.

Santa on Bayvew and majorettes on fire prevention day 1955

The Bayview Leaside BIA Christmas Celebration Saturday was fun. At upper left is a happy family meeting Santa at Millwood Rd and Bayview Ave. More great pictures at the BIA Instagram account. The good times continue next Saturday too and include a Pooch Parade (photo bottom right) outside Big-Stretch Yoga at Bayview and Belsize Dr. Upper right, hey, is that Aunt Nell and her pals dressed up as majorettes on Leaside Fire Prevention Day in 1955? Write if you know. Other pictures can be found at the Sidewalk Old Streets page. Below that are two new “bars” on Bayview but don’t try to order a drink at either. GlamBar is at 1538 Bayview and Blo-Dri-Bar is at 1693B up at Hillsdale Ave. Welcome folks. And that friends, is your South Bayview summary.

Santa Speedo Run Silliness Saturday afternoon to help HSC

The annual Santa Speedo Run in aid of the Hospital for Sick Children will take place in Yorkville starting at 1.30 Saturday. Properly dressed runners should be at Hemingway’s restaurant at 142 Cumberland St. by then.

Who shot friendly young story editor from TSN and why?

The investigation into the death Wednesday of Jonathan Gayle-West, an employee of TSN and other Bell Media sports properties, has many unanswered questions. Mr. Gayle-West, 29, was found at the wheel of a car that had run off the road into a tree at Islington Ave .and St. Andrews Blvd around 6 p.m. He had been shot. Where, when and how this occurred is unknown. It even seems possible Gayle-West may have fallen victim to random killers. Such callous activity has been known to happen here. CP24, also a Bell Media organization, has spoken with the family. Gayle-West is described as a well-liked, friendly and promising employee.

Fit-for-duty fight gives Sgt. a bloody nose as PC suspended

Cruel and unusual to hit thieves with fee for cost of a crime?

The Supreme Court Friday stuck down parts of the Criminal Code which require a “surcharge” or fee against petty thieves and criminals as recompense to society for the burden of dealing with them. The decision was seven to two. The majority decision was written by Justice Sandra J Martin and the minority dissent by Justice Suzanne Cote. Justice Malcolm Rowe agreed with her. The surcharge has been in effect since the 1980s and its end comes about because Justice Martin and her six colleagues have redefined the meaning of cruel and unusual punishment. Judges Cote and Rowe say the surcharge is the cost of committing crime. They find it a long way from anything like cruel and unusual punishment as it has been known in Canada.


An Ontario Superior Court judge has dismissed Mike Duffy’s multi-millon-dollar lawsuit against the Senate of Canada, arguing the Red Chamber and its members are protected by parliamentary privilege, making them immune from this sort of judicial scrutiny. The decision is a blow to Duffy — who still represents P.E.I. in the Senate — as he has sought some financial compensation for his bruising, years-long battle to clear his name following accusations of improper spending. “Allowing a court to revisit the Senate’s decisions at issue here would interfere with the Senate’s ability to function as an independent legislative body, equal to other branches of government,” Justice Sally Gomery wrote in her decision published Friday — CBC


Stocks tell dramatically again Friday in the US (Down  off 500) and in Canada (TSX off 155) on fears of weakness as the trade dispute between the US and China staggers forward. Johnson and Johnson took a body slam as it admitted that it knew its talcum powder contained asbestos at some point.  .

Saturday looks good for Bayview BIA merchants, shoppers

Saturday will be partly sunny and clear for the Bayview Ave. Holiday Sale. It starts at 11 a.m. with carolling, hot chocolate, taffy and fun. Check the poster.

Bayview Ave. and side streets in monumental seizure Friday

The traffic congestion aptly described as the five-year-once-in-a-lifetime-nightmare that is the LRT construction seemed to out-do itself Friday afternoon. For reasons generally known but specifically unclear, there was almost no movement north on Bayview Ave from Millwood Rd. heading toward 4 p.m. One motorist timed his trip from Millwood to Parkhurst at 25 minutes. Side roads on both the west and east sides of Bayview were backed up and in many cases locked at the corners by drivers determined to hold their position in the line. Banff, Roehampton, Broadway, Bessborough, Glenvale and the others were full of stopped vehicles.

Louis a glamour boy as 2018 royal Christmas cards released

Prince Louis makes an appearance to much fan flutter on William and Kate’s 2018 Christmas card. Not too many of these printed best wishes will be landing in South Bayview but never mind. All the children look very sweet. Other cards released Friday are here.

Bayview coyote inspires long thread at Leaside Community

A large coyote which lives in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery near Bayview Ave. has been recorded by a Leaside jogger and video posted at Leaside Community. There is a long thread of comment touching on raccoons, dogs and coyote beauty. It is believed there may be as many as 3,000 coyote in Toronto. They seem generally indifferent or fearful of people but have been known to kill small dogs.

Council votes 20-4 in favour of private cannabis storefronts

Toronto City Council has voted to allow retail pot shops on City streets. The divide was 20-4 Thursday evening to allow such businesses. The fear of illegal pop up businesses and street corner trafficking leading to criminal activity was a major factor in the decision. Ottawa also voted Thursday to permit cannabis stores. Such businesses can open as early a=s April. Currently, a government-run online store is the only way to purchase recreational pot in Ontario.


Months after saying it would not cap the number of licences for retail pot shops after cannabis was legalized, the Ontario government has reversed course, saying it will now only be able to issue 25 licences by April. In a statement Thursday evening, the province says it plans to take a “phased approach” to authorizing retail cannabis outlets because of “severe supply shortages” across the country. Only a limited number of licences will be handed out for the launch of private retailers on April 1, with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario implementing a lottery system to determine who is eligible. The results will be announced in January, the government says — CityNews