Spring Sweep the Street volunteers clean South Bayview

Sweepers well-known and well-liked formed up at Bayview Ave. and Millwood Rd. Saturday morning to participate in the Bayview Leaside BIA Spring Sweep the Streets event. The annual clean up saw these volunteers do a thorough job of picking up cigarette butts and other litter, sweeping the gutters and bagging the trash for pickup by the City. On the BIA Facebook page Cecelia Pye writes that the BIA has received a New Horizens Grant for Seniors of $16,000 to further support the Bayview Pixies volunteer gardeners keep the street flowered and beautiful.

Dog stolen, dog found plus bear and killer whale cuties

The video wheel spins a City News report on a dog stolen from in front of the McDonald’s on Bloor near Mt. Pleasant. We worry about the theft of the wonderful dogs often seen outside Starbucks on South Bayview. Then, Cooper the Labradoodle, a West Jet delivery famously fumbled on his way from Halifax to Deer Lake Nfld. is happily found in Hamilton. All’s well it seems even after an escape at the airport while being walked. Next, a bear cub naming project at the zoo in Columbus, Ohio. There is no denying this bearlet is definitively cute. And in San Antonio a killer whale is born at the Seaworld park.

200,000 expected to take part in 1,100 clean up events

As many as 200,000 volunteers are expected to sweep, pick up and bag litter and trash across Toronto this weekend as part of the City’s clean up program. Volunteers from neighborhoods in South Bayview are on the business district Saturday morning along employees and business operators. CBC

Caps surge ahead 3 games to 2 with 2-1 win in Game 5

Boy, 6, with mom killed outside Morrish school after classes

A six-year-old boy has been struck and killed Friday outside Morrish Public School on Canmore Blvd in Scarborough. The lad was on his way home with his mother when he was hit by a Mitsubishi SUV on Halfmoon Square north of Canmore. A man, 50, was driving a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander, northbound on Halfmoon Square when the boy, 6, was hit attempting to cross.  The CBC reports that a friend of the driver who allegedly struck the boy said that his friend called him weeping after the crash. “He just say that he picked up his son from the school and he was driving by and a kid ran from left to right side,” Taufiq Alam said. “He just come in front of his car and got hit.” Thus it seems the driver is the father of a student at Morrish. This occurred about 3.30 p.m. in the area northeast of Ellesmere Ave and Conlins Road.

Ont. VW diesel owners to get $5,100 to $8000 settlement

Courts in Ontario and Quebec Friday approved a class action settlement with Volkswagen Group Canada which is expected to see lump sum payments to diesel owners of from $5,100 to $8000. The action arose from the 2015 scandal over exhaust testing. Ontario owners of the 2-litre VW desiel models effected may begin submitting claims for compensation on April 28. CBC

Bluebells create magic Spring in Belgium’s Hallerbos Forest

In Belgium’s Hallerbos Forest, about 25 km from Brussels, an annual Spring marvel is occurring again in that ancient woodland. It is a breathtaking moment and makes anyone wish to walk there and smell the Bluebells too. The report is from Agence France Presse

Lots of cleaning to be done so where will you help out?

This is Clean Toronto Together Weekend. Shona Farrelly (left above) principal of Davisville Public School and her friends and pupils were busy with School Cleanup Day today. How about you? You can help clean up South Bayview with other friends Saturday beginning at 9 a.m (see link below). And there is a recycling station courtesy of Toronto-Leaside Rotary at East York Town Centre both Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers are also needed for the cleanup of the Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve at 67 Pottery Road at 10 a.m. Sunday. Call Paula at (416) 423-1504. All events

Young man in sex assault drove Mercedes, say #55 cops

He is in his 20s, 5’8”-5’10”, thin-to-average build, with straight, brown hair, and a goatee. He wore a red-and-white plaid shirt with buttons, blue jeans and a grey, knee-length jacket with epaulettes and black shoes. He was also wearing black-framed glasses with clear lenses. Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of a man wanted in a sexual assault investigation. And, after he sneaked up behind a woman at the Gerrard Square Shopping Mall and sexually assaulted her, he drove off in a four-door Mercedes sedan This was on  Tuesday, April 17 about 9 a.m.


Countdown to opening underway at Whole Foods Bayview

Staff is working full-time inside the second-floor Whole Foods at 1860 Bayview to meet the 8.45 a.m. deadline Wednesday April 26, 2017. Sign in picture at the right says Grown Responsibly.

New build by Ivy Glen Homes at Bessborough, Parkhurst

A new structure is rising at Bessborough Drive and Parkhurst Blvd near the renovated heritage Elgie home. The knock down was on Parkhurst but the new one could face either street.