Star reveals Julie Payette was the driver in 2011 traffic fatal

Kevin Donovan in the Toronto Star writes Thursday of a fatal car accident in which Canada’s Governor-General Designate Julie Payette struck and killed a woman pedestrian Donovan calls “a troubled addict just turning her life around.”  It occurred in the summer of 2011 in Maryland where Payette was living with then husband Billie Flynn. He says that Theresa “Terry” Potts was in the street, apparently jaywalking, when she was struck by Payette at an intersection. Police investigated for eight months closing the case in 2012 after concluding that Potts, who had various medical issues and poor eyesight, stepped off the curb to cross the road when she should not have. Payette’s Volkswagen Touareg had the green light, and one witness said they saw Payette’s vehicle swerve in a last-minute attempt to avoid the collision.

SUV into pole closes Bayview northbound at Sutherland

Bayview Ave. northbound was closed at Sutherland Dr. during the noon hour after an SUV struck a post or posts. It was one of a number of incidents reported in the wake of heavy rain Thursday. TPS Operations was reporting flooding at the Don Valley Parkway and Don Mills, as well as other incidents. Lanes may be closed at Don Mills.

Deluge! Torrential sustained downpour hits Toronto

A torrential rainstorm has hit Midtown, the GTA and much of the southwest late Thursday morning. The rain has caused flooded gutters and eaves over a period of some 20 minutes during the eleven o’clock hour. After a momentary respite the heavy rain continued on toward the noon hour. The forecast was for a “light thunderstorm”.  Environment Canada was caught flat-footed by the rain, issuing a special bulletin at 11:25 just as the worst of the downpour slowed.


It says: “Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #ONStorm.” That was followed by a rain warning: Rain, at times heavy, is expected. Showers and thunderstorms are expected to continue through the noon hour. Local amounts of 50 to 60 mm will be possible. The rain will move out of the region this afternoon. Caution is advised, especially near creeks and on


TFS clears from fire call at Sunnybrook Health Sciences

Toronto Fire Service has cleared from a Code Red (fire call) at Sunnybrook Heath Sciences Centre Thursday morning. Online accounts say it was an elevator incident, perhaps wiring.


Study charts Toronto’s electricity costs into outer space

The conservative think tank the Fraser Institute says StatsCan numbers show electricity prices rose 71 per cent in Ontario since 2008, a number which is more than double the national average increase of 34 per cent. The study says monthly electricity bills in major Canadian cities increased by an average of $37.68 between 2010 and 2016 but in Toronto they leaped by $77.09 and in Ottawa by $66.96. In 2016, the study says the average monthly electricity bill for residential customers in Toronto was $201 and $183 in Ottawa, compared to an average of $141 for residents in major Canadian cities. Montreal had the lowest monthly electricity bills among Canadian cities at $83 per month.

Island flooding triggers sale of antique Centreville carousel

The 110-year-old carousel at Toronto’s Centreville Park has been sold by its owner, William Beasley Enterprises, to cover the cost of lost business this flooded summer of 2017. The carousel, much sought after by potential buyers, has fetched $3 million from the Indiana City of Carmel where it will decorate the renovated downtown next summer. As reported by the Star, the carousel was built by the Dentzel Company in 1907 and moved from Bushkill Park in Pennsylvania to Centre Island in 1966. It is reputed to have one of the widest varieties of hand-carved animals (52) including 20 menagerie animals, domestic cats, an ostrich, pigs and rabbits, creatures rarely seen on carousels now. Beasley says it will purchase a modern carousel at a much lower cost for use in 2018. The antique model will be in use on the island until November. Enjoy the 2010 ride with kids and parents seen here to the haunting music of Me And My Shadow (All Alone And Feeling Blue) by Billy Rose (composer) and Dave Dreyer (lyrics)

Perplexing case of man beaten by officer in 3 a.m. encounter

The perplexing case of the 3 a.m. encounter late in December between Dafonte Miller, 19, (a black man) and Toronto PC Michael Theriault is weighing heavily on the Toronto Police Service this week. The incident occurred in what appears to be a quiet Whitby neighborhood where, if the information is accurate, both Miller and Theriault have homes. For reasons unexplained, Theriault was in his garage at this early hour with a man now idnetiofied as his borhter Christian Theriault. Miller and two friends walked by. PC Theriault stopped the men and wanted to know their names. Some accounts say Miller ignored Theriault and others suggest he ad his friend ran. From there it seems, matters just fell apart. Theriault (and his brother) are accused of beating Miller so badly he may lose an eye. They are also charged wiith public mischief. Most incredibly, neither Durham Region or the Toronto Police Service reported the matter to the Special Investigations Unit. That was done months later by Miller’s lawyer. It’s not known if the Durham Police said anything to the Toronto Police or if all the parties who knew anything just stayed silent. As this report by City News suggests, the TPS is being fairly defensive about its stance so far.

St. Michael’s Dialysis Clinic set for East York Town Centre

Following the South Bayview Bulldog story of new tenants at the East York Town Centre, the management at EYTC says a new 24-hour Dialysis Clinic run by St. Michael’s Hospital will move into part of the former Target space in late 2017 or early 2018. Overall, the mall is being extended into the large previously undivided retail space. General manager Edyth Karwecki indicates that a location of the US franchise retailer Once Upon A Child will also open in EYTC. The centre is currently marketing the remaining units and negotiating with a number of potential retailers. Earlier

“Guess what we’ve done?” as Hydro One buys U.S. company

Hydro One Ltd. has signed a deal to buy the U.S. energy company Avista Corp. of Spokane Washington for C$6.7 billion in an all-cash deal. The release says this will create one of the largest regulated utilities in North America. The Toronto-based Hydro One said Wednesday after the close of markets that it will pay C$67 per share in cash for the U.S. firm. “This transaction demonstrates the power and value of the transition into an investor-owned utility, by allowing for healthy expansion into new lines of regulated utility business and new jurisdictions, such as the U.S. Pacific Northwest which is experiencing customer and economic growth,” Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt said in a statement. Let’s hope Hydro One knows what it’s doing.  No business like coal like business

Billboard at Bayview and Millwood announces Killer Bread

Dave’s Killer Bread is proclaimed above the corner of Bayview Ave. and  Millwood Rd. in this giant billboard. It appears to be a family company founded in 2005 in Milwaukie, Oregon which was bought in 2015 by Flowers Foods for US$275 million. Flowers, of Thomasville, Georgia, is a smallish company as such things go, with some 46 bakeries that produce breads, buns, rolls, snack cakes, pastries, and tortillas. The bread is stocked at Valu-mart.


Six pictures of man wanted in taxi debit card switcheroo

Toronto Police have released six pictures of the same man wanted in connection with the debit card switch crime that has been perpetrated by some Toronto cabbies on unsuspecting and sometimes inebriated fares. If you know this man, call police at (416) 808-5100. The theft typically occurs where a taxi operator will switch debit cards while passing the terminal/PIN pad back and forth during payment. The operator gives the fare a different debit card from the same financial institution. The operator is then in possession of the passenger’s debit card and the corresponding PIN. As police say, the cabbie’s position in a taxi, particularly at night in low light, provides ample opportunity to manipulate cards out of the passenger’s sight.

“I declare that after all there is no enjoyment like reading”

Jane Austen will grace the reverse side of the UK £10 bank note when it is introduced in September. It was heralded today in London with the  unveiling of a statue of the author in Basingstoke Market Place where she no doubt shopped. The honour of showing the new note went to a Canadian, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. Among notations on the new bill is one of her scholarly observations. “I declare that after all there is no enjoyment like reading.” As is known, Austen’s fortunes proceeded slowly from the time of her first work, which  was published anonymously. But the publication of Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814) and Emma (1815) she saw success in her own lifetime even as she died in 1817 at just 41. Much posthumous appreciation followed and in 1869 a nephew published the hugely popular volume A Memoir of Jane Austen. By the beginning of the 20th Century Jane Austen was a super star of English literature and her fame continues into the era of her likeness on the nation’s currency.