Rouge jet on way to San Jose hits turbulence, comes back

An Air Canada Rouge jet en route to San José, Costa Rica hit severe turbulence and had to return to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Peel Paramedics told CTV that three flight attendants suffered minor injuries in the incident and were all transported to hospital to be assessed. About an hour after the landing, Peel Paramedics said only two people had to be taken to hospital.

Suggested lane naming for murdered woman Lisa Lebitka

Sharon Stanley of Airdrie Rd. has suggested that the lane running from Lea Ave. to McRae Drive between Airdrie and Sutherland Dr be named after Lisa Lebitka (upper left) a former resident of Airdrie who was murdered by Paul Hindle in December of 2011. The call for names is a project of Lorna Krawchuk published in Leaside Life in response to a desire by the City to name laneways for the orientation of emergency services. Names suggested for other lanes are Badali Alley, Fishwich Lane, Mohring Lane, Mrs. Park’s Lane (she is the founder of the famous nursery school). Ultimately local polls will be held to help establish names. To the right, Leaside Wildcats powerful forward Sarah Brooks shattered one of the heavy windows between the seats and the ice at the Doc Pashby rink at the arena rink Wednesday night. The shots are supposed to go into the net Sarah. No one was hurt but practice ended early and the window has been replaced. Below that, you may think of this as Eglinton Ave and  Brentcliffe Rd. but to the developers of the lands at 939 Eglinton it will soon be Upper East Village. The enormous project is one of several that are simply changing Leaside forever. Below that at the right is a reminder that the warm weather has a downside. This mess is on  Millwood Rd. Finally, at the bottom there is free family skating Monday at Leaside Memorial Community Gardens. Check it out.

Brown says he is suing CTV for “travesty” sex assault story

Patrick Brown has said on Facebook that he is suing CTV News for the story it published based on the claims of two woman who say he sexually molested them ten years ago. Brown says the accusations are false. In a Facebook post Thursday he said that the two unnamed women are lying and that his lawyers have reached out to the network’s legal team. “I am suing CTV,” he wrote. “My lawyers are talking to CTV. Early this week, CTV lawyers agreed to ensure that all emails, texts and other correspondence related to this travesty are held independently for safe keeping.”

Cops asked by union to pass judgement on Chief Saunders

The Toronto Police Association (TPA) has sent a memo to all police officers asking them take part in a vote of confidence on Chief Mark Saunders. The issue for the union, and its president Mike McCormick, the son of a former chief, is just how many officers will be employed by the Toronto Police Service. The union has already paid for billboards and placed newspaper ads showing Saunders along with Mayor Tory and Police Board Chairman Pringle laughing about the issue of police staffing. The ads also showed splattered blood. The vote is scheduled to close Febrary 21. The memo, obtained by CTV News Toronto, cites Saunders’ “ineffective leadership, lack of communication skills and failure to take responsibility.” The police chief serves at the pleasure of the Police Services Board. There is a meeting this very night (Wednesday) at the Thorncliffe Neighborhood Office to discussed the transformational plan for Toronto Police, including doing the many jobs now assigned to police with fewer officers. According to the union, the TPS now has 577 fewer officers than it had in 2010.

US is still pretending mass killings aren’t about the guns

As most people know, there isn’t a civilized country in the world except the US that doesn’t get it. Today, American politicians are talking around the point again after yesterday’s school shooting that killed 17 in Florida. They’re worrying that the shooter was a mental case not that he was able to buy an automatic killing machine as easily as he could grab a burger.

Happy Meal to hide fat stuff from the menu say McDonald’s

McDonald’s said Thursday that it will banish cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from its published U.S. Happy Meal menu in an effort to cut down on the calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar. But they will still be available if you ask. Since it removed soda from the Happy Meal menu four years ago, orders for it with Happy Meals have fallen 14 per cent, the company said.


Licensed marijuana producer Canopy Growth Corp. is collaborating with the maker of Corona Beer on cannabis-infused beverages even though government regulations on pot edibles won’t be clear until July 2019 at the soonest. Canopy CEO Bruce Linton is betting on the fact that sales and distribution of the drug in many provinces is being handled by liquor authorities, which he hopes will be open to adding cannabis in liquid form to retail shelves. Canopy’s deal with the maker of Corona beer is a milestone for cannabis industry


Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust, the real estate arm of Loblaw Cos., agreed to buy Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust for about C$3.93 billion ($3.1 billion) to add more industrial and office space to its retail portfolio. Canadian REIT holders will get C$53.61 per unit in cash and stock, a 23 percent premium to Wednesday’s closing share price, according to a statement Thursday. The cash portion of the offer will be capped at C$1.65 billion.

Loiterers in subway robbed teen, Cabbagetown vandalism

Police want these two after a boy, 15, was robbed in the Ossington subway station last Saturday. They were hanging around looking for a likely mark. Suspect #1 has a slim build, 5’10”, wearing a black toque, grey Helly Hanson hoodie, dark sweatpants, handgun in his waistband and Suspect #2 is 5″10″


Police say a six-week rampage of vandalism to cars has damaged 43 vehicles in the Cabbagetown area bounded by Parliament, Wellesley, Gerrard and the Don River. They are happening almost daily and it seems the perpetrator(s) have little else to do. Those living in 51 Division should be vigilant. Police are also requesting home security equipment be reviewed and forwarded to police if owners notice anything suspicious that may assist investigators to identify anyone responsible for these crimes.


An officer has arrested a man without incident after he pulled a knife and said he wanted the cop to shoot him. This occurred Tuesday about 7 p.m. near Bay and Edward Sts. Daniel De Slegte, 34, of Toronto is charged. One count among several is breach of probation.

PM seeks “place where Indigenous in charge of own destiny”

The Prime Minister is seeking a world where the Indigenous will be reconciled as, presumably, will everyone else. You may judge for yourself in these remarks from the House of Commons made some 410 years after Champlain landed at Quebec. To the right, the CRA was raiding businesses in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary Wednesday where they allege criminal tax evasion was at work. Below that, the Year of the Dog starts Friday and our Chinese friends, and those who know a bit of Chinese culture, will get a chuckle as Jennifer Wong makes fun of her people’s many superstitions. Finally, a lovely time with some kids who made Valentine’s cards and sold them to give the money to the Hospital for Sick Children.

Brown, Bell Media dig in for fierce fight over credibility

It is without a doubt a fight to the finish as Patrick Brown, former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and Bell Media, owner of the CTV Network, hunker down in a fierce battle for credibility.  Wednesday, CTV News Toronto broadcast a story in which it asked Brown “if he thinks the two women accusing him of sexual misconduct are lying.” It said he hadn’t answered. Brown has said the CTV story is crumbling after the broadcaster admitted that one of the women was not a minor, as it first reported, when he allegedly molested her in some fashion ten years ago. He invited the women to go to the Barrie Police and see if they can get him charged. It is nasty. And it seems to speak of a special peril awaiting conglomerates like Bell Canada when they own news media. Bell sells everything from home alarms to cell phones. It has retail stores, Internet service, phones, radio stations and a sacred bit of property called the CTV National News. For those who choose to think of Brown as a victim, the atmosphere is tense. They are a long way from the soft and fuzzy world of Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign, a promotion which raises awareness of mental health. So is Bell. New information raises questions about allegations against Patrick Brown

B&R thanks TFS and EMS for fighting 2017 Valentine’s fire

There was a small ceremony in the secluded courtyard of the Badminton and Racquet Club Wednesday beside the ruins of the burned out social and sports facility. It sits secretly; a few paces from the roaring corner of St.Clair Ave. and Yonge St. Members were there with officials from Toronto Fire and Toronto EMS to thank them for their heroic efforts on February 14, 2017. That’s the day a suspected kitchen fire burned the permanent building to wreckage. A badminton dome stands and has been operating pretty much continuously. “There was a period where we didn’t know that everybody got out OK. And Toronto Fire Services again went into the burning building… and they made sure that everybody did get out,” COO of the Badminton and Racquet Club Paul Cadieux said at the ceremony. No one was reported seriously injured during the conflagration. Some staff members were able to save artifacts before evacuating the building, such as a sign dating back to the opening of the club in 1924, as seen in the video capture from Global News above. “Everybody sort of grabbed whatever they could on the way out the door and when we knew it was bad, we pulled out what we could,” Cadieux said. The club hopes to rebuild. Venerable “B and R” hit by fire, Yonge and St Clair closed

Shooter in custody at high school rampage north of Miami

The shooter who killed at least 19 of his former classmates in Florida Wednesday was Nikolas Cruz, police say. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel had said the shooter was a former student. He said the shooter was outside and inside the school at points during the attack, and taken into custody “without incident” about an hour after he left the school.

Sun-kissed Bayview Valentine’s Day will play a warm encore

A sun-kissed South Bayview Valentine’s Day Wednesday will play an even warmer encore Thursday with a forecast high of 7C. Gotta love it.