Report of boy beaten, robbed last night at Bessborough PS

A parent has complained on Leaside Community Facebook that her son was waylaid by three others about 7.30 Saturday night at Bessborough School by three boys. The trio punched the lad, kicked him and stole his black & brown Tracker backpack. The mom who reports this says two of the three were wearing white hoodies and the other a black hoodie. One was wearing Sperry shoes. Among the many responses are people urging the woman to call police if she hasn’t already. Many say they can’t believe it happened in this neighbourhood. Another says a “neighbourhood watch needs to be re established in our hood. Also can everyone agree to do/say something if they see something happening? I can’t believe not one person saw this. I’ll be asking the teens if these kids sound familiar and will dm you if I hear anything.” Yet another notes that the school or surrounding homes might have had cameras, a good reason for calling police.

MMIW commissioner resigns, calling inquiry “colonial”

The hearts of Canadians are no doubt sinking as they survey the shambles which is the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry.  An indigenous member of the inquiry, Marilyn Poitras, has resigned calling the inquiry “colonial.” The name-calling will suggest to many the spectre they fear most about the process. Reconciliation is a dream so distant and difficult to see that the “inquiry” might go on for a decade to no useful end. The RCMP say there were 1,017 indigenous women slain between 1980 and 2012 and that most of these matters were disposed of in court. But whatever the number, indigenous advocates, including the Minister, Carolyn Bennett, cling to the dogma that indigenous men are blameless. The prime minister yesterday side-stepped the notion that the commission be rebooted, whatever that might mean. And all the while, the dollars required to run it just keep on mounting.

Clumsy spectator’s selfie fail costs exhibition $200,000

There really wasn’t a lot to say except “Gee I’m sorry” after a woman trying to get a selfie fell against a stand holding a crown and started a $200,000 domino effect. Next, in Paris and elsewhere, they’re still talking about why Donald Trump doesn’t know enough not to tell the wife of the French president that she looks to be “in good shape.” There’s charming and there’s stupid. Below that, extraordinary fireworks off the Eiffel Tower to celebrate Bastille Day and finally, fascinating word about a new artificial meat that’s so much like the real thing it bleeds on the grill. Spin The Bulldog Video Wheel.

Wartime Toronto recalled as Todmorden homes re-opened

Councillor Mary Fragedakis helped cut the ribbon Saturday to re-open Regency Cottage and Helliwell House at Todmorden Mills historic site at 67 Pottery Road. The setting evoked the war years of the early 1940s with such welcome delicacies as “wartime cake.” Cynthia Reason InsideToronto

Mom takes daughter to dentist, CAS calls about “neglect”

The CBC reports on the case of Melissa Lopez who took her daughter to a dentist in Whitby last year and was told her 10-year-old had nine cavities. Lopez blanched at the prospect of the cost of fixing nine cavities so she checked another dentist. He said there were fewer than that so Lopez had the work done there. In June the CAS called the family home on a complaint filed by the first dentist about possible child neglect. CBC

$5 million Lotto winning ticket sold somewhere in Ontario

A ticket sold in Ontario claimed Saturday night’s $5 million Lotto 649 jackpot. The guaranteed $1 million prize also went to an Ontario ticket holder.


No motive in deranged murders of 4 Pennsylvania men

DA Matthew Weitraub says he has no motive as to why an unstable young man, Cosmo DiNardo and his cousin Sean Kratz, murdered four missing Pennsylvania men last week  DiNardo, son of wealthy parents in affluent Bucks County, has confessed in detail to the killings and attempted burning of the bodies. The men were Jimi Patrick, 19, Tom Meo, 21, Mark Sturgis, 22, and Dean Finocchiaro, 19, all of Bucks County. In an agreement with the DA, 20-year-old DiNardo confessed to the killings and revealed the locations of all four bodies. He named Kratz, also 20, as an accomplice. Authorities located the bodies of all four men on a 68-acre property belonging to DiNardo’s parents.


As for the motive, officials said it still remained unclear. “I don’t know that,” Weintraub said. “And I’m not sure we’ll ever know.” Other sources and DiNardo’s own confession revealed something akin to drug deals gone wrong. DiNardo admitted to killing Patrick after he didn’t have the $8,000 he agreed to pay for four pounds of marijuana. He similarly told detectives Kratz and he agreed to rob Finocchiaro while selling him marijuana. DiNardo also said he set up a “deal” with Meo and Sturgis before their deaths. Asked why four marijuana deals led to the deaths of four young men, Weintraub said he had no answer. “I’m not sure,” he said, “we could ever answer that question.”

Man mowing lawn struck and seriously hurt in Scarborough

A man cutting the lawn on McLevin Ave. in Scarborough near Neilson Rd. and Sheppard Ave. was stuck by a car of control Saturday with serious injuries. A second person has minor injuries. Graphic photos tweeted by Tony Fera show the vehicle well up off the road beside the law mower. The victim was carried on the hood of the car. It hit another parked vehicle then rolled backwards as the victim fell off. Police are investigating.


Armed car jacker on the loose near Dufferin and Glencairn

Rumours sweep EYTC as work starts on empty Target space

Merchants at East York Town Centre have different stories about who will occupy the former Target space which is now heavily under construction. The most common belief among tenants on information gleaned from workers on the site is that a dialysis centre affiliated with one of Toronto’s major hospitals will take as much as half the space. Another story is that the mall owners, Morguard Corporation, had persuaded Walmart to move into the large two-story space but that Metro Inc, owners of Food Basics, the long-standing budget grocery store at the west end of the mall, had strenuously objected because Walmart sells groceries. It is also speculated by merchants that at least some of the space will be turned into smaller retail outlets with their doors facing toward Overlea Blvd on the west side of the EYTC. This would fulfill the retail dictum to make sure your front entrance and sign are “on the street.” The long western wall of the Target space has been changed from solid construction to glass, apparently permitting such retail access. So far as is known, no release or information of any kind has been sent by Morguard. Interest is high in this matter and people are talking.

Woman wandering in Scarborough reunited with family

Toronto Police say a woman who was found wandering in Scarborough has been reunited with her family late Saturday afternoon.