Jay’s hurler Marcus Stroman denied entry to Cactus Club

No kidding. Marcus Stroman was denied access to the Cactus Club Cafe on Adelaide St. West last night even though he had a table. There is no explanation from the club except that it was stupid on the part of a security guard. Stroman tweeted his shout out to the guard Wednesday. Then, it’s the enthusiastic Prime Minister of Canada at a WE Day event in New York. Under that, Roberta Bondar, Canada’s space woman, talks about her career. And the ever entertaining Jeanne Moos of CNN connects the dots between Donald Trump’s “Rocket Man” and the one created by Elton John.

Police release pictures/video of shooter of Simon Giannini

Police have now released pictures and video of the man who shot and killed real estate agent Simon Giannini at the Michael’s on Simcoe steakhouse Saturday night. “I’m just here looking for a friend,” killer’s calm remark

Who’s commiting criminal acts at Rosedale Jam events

Police are alerting the community Wednesday to a series of mass gatherings of teens and others under the general name of Rosedale Jam. These events are being held regularly and, say police, seem to be attended by some purely to commit criminal acts against those who attend. They cite three instances of swarming and assault that took place Saturday in relation to a party that occurred in the area of Rosedale Park on Schofield Ave. near Mount Pleasant Road. In all incidents reported, the victims were aged from 14 to 16. They were robbed and assaulted.  The suspects are as many as ten boys and girls in their late teens, wearing hoodies and covering their faces with bandanas. The “jams” are being advertised through social media sites such as Snapchat and various webpages, resulting in hundreds of people showing up, most unknown to each other. A reader commented that the event was organized by grade nine students and that older teens arrived with drugs. Boys attacked, one stabbed, near Glen/Douglas in Rosedale Teens robbed, stabbed and assaulted at massive Rosedale park party

$11 million fraud probe because cop stopped impaired man

Police have revealed a complex criminal scheme to defraud financial institutions (banks) by over-valuing business equipment on loan applications. They say some $11 million was swindled and they have charged 12 people from places like Richmond HIll, Ajax, Brampton, Thornhill, Kleinberg, Georgetown, Mississauga, Toronto and others. The discovery of this fraud occurred because a policeman stopped an impaired person carrying $10,000 in cash. It had not been reported by a bank or through leaks in this large criminal undertaking. They called the investigation Project Briscola after the card game. More

Magnolia tree on lawn of LUC succumbs to “very old” age

The giant magnolia tree on the lawn of Leaside United Church has been cut down after a life that took it to a “very old” age, says the church’s webmaster. We will remember the glory as shown here. To the right, the Mt. Pleasant Village BIA will have its Harvest Fair this Saturday, September 23. New member and good neighbour Meridian Trust is presenting the annual day. Below, a reminder that the Leaside Smokedown fun is Thursday (tomorrow) at Amsterdam Breweries on Esandar Dr. in aid of New Circles GLOW (Gently Loved Outfits to Wear). Finally, the ever-popular Toronto Card Show carries on at the Amsterdam location this Sunday.

Ontario gov’t raids Volkswagen Canada offices in Ajax

The Ontario government executed a search warrant at the Volkswagen Canada offices on Tuesday as part of its investigation into the emissions scandal that rocked the company two years ago. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change charged Volkswagen AG with one count under the province’s Environmental Protection Act last week. It alleges the German company did not comply with Ontario emission standards. The allegations have not been proven in court.

City Council will debate East York flags on street signs

Efforts by East York loyalists to have the City place the former borough’s flag on its street signs will go to City Council after the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee was unable to come to a decision Tuesday. Toronto’s policy towards such reminders of “the six” municipalities that formed  Metropolitan Toronto is to get rid of them.  In 2000, Toronto Council decided to excise the names of the old municipalities from street signs in order to reflect the identity of the newly-amalgamated Toronto. But a 3-3 tie at the committee sent the matter to Council. The committee heard from East York guardians Justin Van Dette, Miroslav Glavic, Carol Burtin-Fripp of the Leaside Property Owners Association, Councillor Mary Fragedakis (Ward 29) and Councillor Janet Davis (Ward 31).  In the end, these speakers persuaded three members — Christin Carmichael Greb, Chin Lee, Anthony Perruzza. Three others — Stephen Holyday, Giorgio Mammoliti, Jaye Robinson (Chair) — were unmoved.

Million dollar financial crimes news conference by police

Release — On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at 10:30 a.m., in the media gallery at headquarters, Inspector Peter Callaghan of Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes will be joined by Inspector Ann Koenig of the RCMP’s Integrated Marketing Enforcement Team to brief the media on Project Briscola, a multi-jurisdictional, million-dollar financial crimes investigation.

Residents petition to remove new bike lanes from Woodbine

Residents in the area of Woodbine Ave. have launched a petition on Change.org calling for the removal of new bicycle lanes. They say the congestion caused by the lanes has driven vehicles down side streets, imperiling children, that local traffic is slower and few cyclists use the lanes. They say that a new concept of parking which places cars between bike lanes and traffic causing occupants of to cross between bike traffic is inherently unsafe. By Wednesday morning 1766 people had signed the petition.  Change.org


A survey done by Ipsos Reid in 2009 states that 16 per cent said they used their bicycles to commute to work or school, up from 11 per cent in 1999. And many of those who commute by bike are riding more days a week than in the past. The synopsis of this poll published by the City makes no reference to the frequency of use in bad weather or how many people maintain a vehicle as an alternative.  At the same time, it seems clear that the population is growing older and necessarily less likely to be riding a bicycle.

Wellwise on Wicksteed a nod to mid-life needs in photo mix

This South Bayview photo mix begins with those lively socks, a reminder that middle-aged people may want support in more ways than one. The Shoppers Drug Mart innovation called Wellwise opens at 9.30 Saturday in the SmartCentre on Wicksteed Ave. To the right, a pretty poster promoting the Seed and Kernel Festival in the same parking lot that held the Park and Bark event. Seed and Kernel goes Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is sponsored by The Times Group, a developer. Then down below from the left we see new Wayfinder signs being placed along trails in the Don Vally. In the centre is the East York flag from Centennial year (1967) which many in the former borough fear is being phased out at City Hall. Former mayors Alan Redway and Michael Prue along with others were at a committee Tuesday to make the point. Finally, Greenwood Cigar will give way to a KFC at the corner of Queen and Greenwood and it is making some people sick. Their upset could not be worse than that of the Leaside ladies who reviled a similar arrival at SmartCentre last December. Dismay, disgust from Leaside ladies to KFC on Laird

OPP to lay charges against rogue bikers who terrified public

The Ontario Provincial Police will announce numerous arrests Wednesday related to coordinated motorcycle stunts and major highway blockages in the GTA. The behaviour of the bikers terrified motorists. The gang took over a number of major highways, performing stunts and hindering traffic. The OPP will reveal Criminal Code and Highway Traffic Act charges against several individuals and provide details on the first-of-its-kind investigation. Police will also show vehicles they seized in the investigation. The media conference will be held on Wednesday at 1 p.m. in Vaughan. Mob bikers disrupt, frighten community over long weekend


A man from Township of Hastings Highlands is now charged with careless driving and driving without a license in the deaths of Toronto paramedic George Eliadis, 52, and his partner Shari Keyes-Williams, 42, in an accident on a highway in Haliburton County July 15. OPP alleges that the man, 38, crossed the centre line and hit a group of motorcyclists. Although charges are laid he has not been named. A court  appearance of November 2 is set.


Lane by car wash named for South Bayview’s Badali family

The laneway beside the Bayview car wash will soon bear the name of the well-known Badali family, resident merchants on Bayview Ave. since 1938.  The lane was in need of a name for the orientation of both the public and emergency services. At the last East York and Toronto Community Council meeting, members adopted the name Badali Family Lane. Councillor Josh Matlow’s office says it is understood that transportation services will do the installation of signs in the Spring, at which time there will be a laneway unveiling ceremony.

The laneway that will soon be called Badali Family Lane.