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Fog possible Monday morning with drizzle and a high of 2C

Early risers may find fog across Toronto Monday morning but it is expected to dissipate quickly.  Forecasters say it may result in zero visibility Sunday night.

Two wanted for gas-and-dash, third man on seven counts

Toronto Police are seeking two men. Marc Sestito, 29 and Andrea Sestito, 31 in connection with a five-gas -and-dash thefts from service stations near Jane St and Finch Ave. Marc Sestizo is described as 6’2”, 200 lbs. brown eyes, brown hair in ponytail. Andrea Sestito, 31, of Woodbridge, is described as 6’0”, 200 lbs., brown eyes, receding brown hair. Meanwhile police in 31 Divison are seeking John Murillo, 26, on two counts of fail to comply probation, theft under $5000, assault with a weapon, two counts of assault, threaten death, weapons dangerous and mischief under.

Whole Foods jobs listed as new signs go up at 1860 Bayview

As the signs go up on the building at 1860 Bayview Ave. the Whole Foods job site is listing 34 openings for the new store they call Toronto Leaside. The WF opening is April 26 and new signs indicate that the Shoppers Drug Mart opening is not far off either.


Be warned. The traffic lights to cross Bayview on both the north and south side of Broadway are of the “semi-actuated type 2 pedestrian signals” which won’t let you cross unless you push the “beg button.” Most people do, but many people are confused by the semi lights. This happened most notably at the busy corner of Bayview and Manor/Fleming. Councillor Burnside had them changed to show a Walk prompt on each cycle, button or no button.

SDM seeks help in EY and who will manage 1860 Bayview?

The huge Shoppers Drug Mart empire must be seeking fresh talent all the time but Thursday morning it’s an appeal on Twitter for a pharmacist in East York. Nearby, scuttlebutt along Bayview Ave anticipates the opening of the SDM at 1860 Bayview (and Broadway). Conspiracy theorists had said that Whole Foods was reluctant to open there because snoopers from the Loblaw-owned drug chain would be into everything next door. Not likely and in any case WF will open at 1860 on April 26. It’s rumoured that this Shoppers will be close enough (too close?) to the one in the former Bayview Playhouse at 1601 near Fleming Crescent that perhaps 1601 pharmacist/manger Brian Mok may make a trip or two up the street to help out. Brian Mok

Whole Foods in US to close 9 stores, Bayview still on track

Whole Foods Market in the US has announced that it will close nine stories as it struggles with on-going sluggish sales. The stores that Whole Foods will shutter are in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, New Mexico and Utah. Work continues here in South Bayview on the store which sits on the line between Leaside and Sherwood Park (Bayview and Broadway). This is known because workers can be seen during the day on the second level space which the store will occupy. There appears to be a mural installed which says “Leaside”.


The news from the US is proof positive of the grass-roots nature of the distress at WF which caused the delay of the 1860 Bayview store. All the talk of City of Toronto charges and the viability of the 1860 complex was uninformed distraction. WF is hurting where no business can afford to hurt — at the cash. Why? Many say the food is too expensive although that may not be an issue for many frankly affluent residents of Midtown Toronto. Others think organic and similar “purity” promotion is fictional. It may not be, but there is no uniform opinion on the subject.

Whole Foods cancels plans for stores in Calgary, Edmonton

Whole Foods has cancelled plans to open stores in Calgary and Edmonton and has delayed any likelihood it will grow to the 40 stores in Canada it once predicted. The organic and natural ingredient food chain says on its website that it has a total of 12 Canadian stores, five each in the Vancouver and Toronto areas (including Oakville) one in Ottawa and a new store that opened in Victoria in November. This does not include the store that is scheduled to open this Spring at 1860 Bayview Ave. The announcement makes it plain that the delay in opening at the Bayview-Broadway complex owned by RioCan is a result of Whole Foods business struggles in the U.S. Competition is great and WF has come under widespread media criticism for its high prices and sometimes doubtful value. Such products as Asparagus Water, although quickly withdrawn, were hurtful to the credibility of the firm.


Lonely TD staff take themselves up to Glendon Campus

Hilary Chan of Canada Trust TD Bank was tweeting Monday about efforts to create some interest (business?) at the off-site event up at the Glendon Campus of York University. Thing is, Hilary and her colleagues come from Branch 1918 down the street at 1860 Bayview at Broadway. TD bravely opened its branch there pretty much before anyone else was around. You have to start somewhere. The new branch may be quiet. But look, you have to start somewhere and we give these hardy folks credit for trying to build. As soon as the Whole Foods store opens there, and Shoppers Drug Mart arrives (where are they anyway?) things should be a bit livelier at 1860 Bayview.

Action at 1860 as reader sees lighted Whole Foods sign

Whole Foods speaks! 1860 Bayview will open in Spring

In the whole long and rather sad story of the 1860 Bayview development “opening” the Whole Foods grocery store company has at last made what appears to be its first comment on its intention to open there. It came in the form of a tweeted reply to a local woman, Cindy May, who asked about the eagerly-awaited store. The wondering goes back nearly two years when the community saw the trumpeting of developers that Whole Foods would open on completion of the complex. The site is at the corner of Bayview and Broadway Ave. on the site of the former Brennan Pontiac. The building was completed and ultimately transferred to the hands of RioCan, the real estate investor and landlord. But  there was nothing but silence from anyone until “coming soon” signs appeared on the exterior of the building. Then this fall a post from RioCan executive Jeffery Thompson told doubtful readers that Whole Foods would definitely open. Nowhere has it been recorded, except in the tweet two days ago, that Whole Foods itself has said a thing. Now there is a response to reader Ms. May, who asked on December 9: “Will you be opening a Leaside location”  RioCan exec says Whole Foods WILL open at 1860 Bayview.

Indoor cycling studio near opening at 1860 Bayview

An indoor cycling studio called Cyclebar is opening soon at the “Whole Foods” complex at Bayview and Broadway Aves (1860 Bayview).

TD Canada Trust Help Centre at 1860 Bayview Ave.

Speculation cools that Whole Foods a takeover target

Hot speculation Thursday that Whole Foods Market might be taken over by U.S. grocery giant Kroger began to cool Friday.  New York analysts say Kroger is not seeking to acquire the  Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods and is more likely to expand its product offering or explore a smaller deal. Word that Whole Foods might be on the market is of interest in Toronto because of that firm’s locations here, and especially because of the yet-to-appear store at 1860 Bayview Ave.


Recent remarks by Jeffrey Thompson, of RioCan, owner of 1860 Bayview, emphatically declared that WF would open at its Bayview and Broadway location, despite speculation that the grocer could pull out of the deal. Most observers  believe Whole Foods delay in opening in South Bayview is related to business conditions in the U.S. WF has seen sliding results through four quarters and continues to be mocked for products which seem superficial. The most notable example of this was “asparagus water” for $6 U.S.  A recent satire on HBO contained skits about ads for a block of ice with an avocado balanced on top for $25.99, a pomegranate that listened to National Public Radio $64.99, granola blown back and forth between two fans for $300 and tilapia wearing yoga pants for $84.99. RioCan executive says Whole Foods WILL open on Bayview