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New BIA will take the name Bayview Leaside BIA

Members present at the first meeting of the new business improvement area on South Bayview Ave. have voted to name their body the Bayview Leaside Business Improvement Area (BIA). The first general meeting of the new body was sparsely attended on this wet and cold Wednesday night. There were 28 members present in a large room at Leaside United Church containing in total perhaps 50 people. They included members of the public, City officials and the media. A sometimes meandering discussion of names led to a list of 13 suggestions including  South Bayview. In December this name received 80 percent of votes in an online poll opposite the name Bayview Leaside (the name chosen Wednesday).

At the meeting, members were provided with options such as Davisville Leaside, South Bayview Village and Shops of South Bayview. Someone suggested Town of Leaside BIA but this idea was disqualified on the recommendation of Michael Saunders, of the City Economic Development Office. In the end, Bayview Leaside received 17 votes out of the total of 28, with the remaining eleven scattered among the other names. South Bayview received no votes.

The new BIA’s Board of Management was nominated to City Council in one vote from a slate of members who stood to offer themselves: They are Stephen Betts, manager of the Canada Trust TD Bank, Grant Allardyce,  the Source Menswear, Trae Zammit, Smokin’ Cigar, Deborah Kuchme, Pagnello’s Antiques, Stanley Janecek, White House Meats, Simon Hanlon, McSorley’s Saloon and David Illiatovitch-Owen, de le mer fresh fish. It was explained by Mr. Saunders that the members now nominated will be confirmed at the pleasure of City Council and all being well, will serve a period of about three years and six months. That would coincide with the end of the term of City Council in 2018.

The proposed tentative budget of the BIA was approved at some $190,300 with preliminary provisions for such things as accommodation, part time staff (one) and early embellishments to the  street like flowers. The meeting was reminded of the $25,000 in funds ear-marked for a Bayview BIA by the Leaside Property Owners Association (LPOA). These are funds obtained as a partial settlement from the SmartCentres Corporation for desisting in opposition to the so-called “Walmart Plaza” now under construction between Vanderhoof Ave. and Wicksteed Ave. east of Laird Drive

 Councillor John Burnside was present and spoke briefly and Chloe Richer, constituency assistant to Councilor Josh Matlow also spoke on Mr. Matlow’s behalf. He had a previous commitment. Also present was Ray Gork, of the Leaside Paint Centre and Paul Carreira of Carreira Casuals.

South Bayview BIA meeting tonight at Leaside United

The first meeting of the South Bayview BIA will be held tonight (Wednesday, April 8, 2015) at Leaside United  Church.

South Bayview welcomes Spring with a BIA, store openings

With the first meeting of the Business Improvement Area set for Wednesday night at Leaside United Church many merchants are reviewing prospects for the spring and summer seasons. The meeting will see the election of officers and perhaps the discussion of ideas for South Bayview. There are a few empty stores but there are also new arrivals. Ron White Shoes will open soon at the former DEW space and Never Grow Up is scheduled to open in the north block in the former Newsome Photography space. An espresso bar is scheduled for the little space formerly occupied by Play Cafe. Small spaces that are empty at the moment might be expected to lease fairly soon. They include 1625 Bayview (Whatever Lola Wants) 1597 (Bell Jewellers) and 1519 (La Roche Luggage). On the west side, the long-time restaurant space at 1620 Bayview must be desirable on an avenue where so many restaurants seem to do well. This premises was the home of the popular Trastevere for more than a decade. Otta Zapotocky’s investment at L’Avenue and Tinto bar de Tapas seems to be paying off. The large building 1669 Bayview (formerly The Brick and in its first incarnation the TD Bank) beside Badali’s Fruit Market is for sale. It is an attractive property. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the upstairs-downstairs retail and office space on the northwest corner of Bayview and Belsize Drive.  The hard-luck walk-down spaces make retailers nervous as well they might. But it is Easter and time to be grateful for many good things both spiritual and temporal. Mayor Tory has prepared an Easter greeting. He takes the time to say that he is a Christian, which is a touching insight into our chief magistrate.


South Bayview BIA meeting set for April 8, 2015 at LUC

New BIA steering group meets Wednesday

There will be a meeting of the steering committee of the new Bayview Business Improvement Area today. Members are said to be excited to get a plan for the new BIA. (Wednesday, January 21, 2015)

Bayview BIA will know its name in the New Year

The long-awaited results of the BIA vote will bring much curiosity as to what it should be named. Josh Matlow (Ward 22) who broke the news of the vote result on Twitter, has long favoured the name South Bayview BIA. That was the choice of The South Bayview Bulldog as well as nearly 80 percent of the people who voted in a Bulldog poll in August. The decision might seem almost automatic except that last summer former Councillor Parker suggested that the name Bayview Leaside should be used. A vote among the five members of the steering committee brought a split in favour of the Leaside name. Mssrs. Matlow and Parker were somewhat at odds until they reached a working compromise at City Council in August to get the voting process moving. The new BIA was left simply unnamed. Mr. Matlow has been a strong voice in favour of a name which is inclusive of those living on both sides of the street. As residents will know, Leaside sits to the east, Davisville Village to the west. Also, South Bayview has a long history and considerable name-recognition throughout the area. In a tweeted reply to area political gadfly and naturalist Rudy Limeback, Mr. Matlow said the new name will be chosen in the New Year. In a tweet late today he added that the decision will be made at the first Annual General Meeting of the BIA and that he will be present to speak for Ward 22 residents.  

Merchants, landlords vote 68-26 for Bayview BIA

The poll is in! South Bayview (b/w Davisville & Soudan) merchants have voted 68-26 in favor of creating a Business Improvement Area (BIA).
— Josh Matlow (@JoshMatlow) December 23, 2014

Vote on BIA taken, ballots await authentication

Merchants and property owners in the South Bayview business district voted Thursday in the City’s process by which Business Improvement Areas are formed and approved. It was the most important step in seeking the creation of a BIA on the street. The results are now in the hands of the BIA office at City Hall which will authenticate the voting. The results of that process are expected next week. (Friday, December 5, 2014). 

Wards 22 and 26 members deal on BIA process

There was a working compromise reached at City Council Wednesday (August 27, 2014) in the debate about a name for a proposed business improvement area (BIA) for South Bayview. John Parker (Ward 26) moved a motion to delete the name Bayview Leaside which had earlier been attached to the request to the Clerk for a formal vote of merchants and landlords on the street. The motion asked that the city proceed with the vote (or poll) to determine support but that the BIA remain nameless until it is created. The motion was seconded by Josh Matlow (Ward 22) whose ward shares the Bayview Ave business district on the west. Mr. Matlow has been a strong voice in favour of a name which is inclusive of those living on both sides of the street. As residents will know, Leaside sits to the east, Davisville Village to the west. A poll in the South Bayview Bulldog is running approximately 77 percent in favor of the name South Bayview. 

Bayview Leaside? South Bayview? Vote today!

The South Bayview Bulldog is offering readers a chance to vote on what name they would prefer for the new BIA (yet to be formed) if and when it is created. The name has become an issue as some say the “Leaside cache” is needed to re-brand South Bayview and attract new shoppers from far and abroad. Others call this wrong-headed. Locally, it may reinforce the view in Davisville and elsewhere of some Leasiders as being territorial. Hey, no offense. What do you think? Should the BIA be called Bayview Leaside or should it have the name carried by the business district for many years — South Bayview? Vote at the polling station at the top of the left column. and don’t shoot the Bulldog. (Well actually, he’s bulletproof.)  Previous Post

3-2 vote to “re-brand street” as Bayview Leaside

Members of the steering committee of the as-yet unformed and unnamed South Bayview Business Improvement Association have met in recent days and voted to name their future organization the Bayview Leaside BIA. The vote of the five members was 3 to 2 with two members voting for the name South Bayview. According to committee member Trae Zammit, owner of Smokin’ Cigar, the majority of three felt that there may have been a useful “Leaside cache” to their choice. Zammit said he had favoured South Bayview as the name. The street has been so known for many decades. Mr. Zammit said it seemed probable that the name of the BIA would require new street signs and a “re-branding” of the business district. Presumably new signs, approved and installed at some unknown future date, would mean shoppers would walk out to Bayview Leaside as opposed to South Bayview. Where this matter goes now seems to depend on both political and popular sentiment. It  cannot be formed before a formal vote is taken to create it. A recent meeting of Bayview Ave. merchants voted 52 to 25 to create a BIA. This would seem to mean that new association would contain well over 70 members. Would a vote among all the members be taken to gauge the popularity of a BIA name? In addition, Josh Matlow (Ward 22) has made it clear he favours a name which gives suitable recognition to those who live to the west of Bayview Ave. He has expressed approval of the name South Bayview BIA. And indeed, what are Mr. and Mrs Cleveland Street to think of a BIA which is named Bayview Leaside. On learning of the vote Mr. Matlow said he loves Leaside but is proud to represent and live with his family in Davisville. He said the naming of the BIA must be about inclusion. East York Mirror 

How about “Home of McSorley’s Saloon” BIA?

Interesting how those territorial Leaside folks get their name on everything first (lol sort of). There must be a reason why the Leaside BIA is half Davisville Village and half Leaside, and why the proposed area sits astride a street called these many decades South Bayview. Hey, we’re calling it the South Bayview Bulldog even if the BIA eventually gets monickered “Home of McSorley’s Saloon” BIA. The vote among landlords and merchants last night at St. Cuthbert’s Church to proceed to a formal ballot was 52-25. During the many lines of discussion at the meeting, Josh Matlow, the councillor for the west (or Davisville) side of the proposed BIA, jumped to the mike to urge all involved to give equal prominence to his side of the street. Mr. Matlow is fond of saying that he and his family are Merton Street residents and that Bayview is his main street. Yessir. Got to like it. A Matlow tweet today noted that things are going well for the “Davisville-Leaside Bayview merchants.” Very good. Would the DLB BIA work?  No. To the extent the district has an identity now it is as South Bayview. This is a clue, perhaps