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LRT FUN: Now it’s wild and crazy time at Eg and Banff

eglinton high

Construction “boulevard” in centre of Eglinton Ave. E.  Photo: Bob Arsenault

The traffic accident at Eglinton Ave. and Banff Rd. tonight reminds us that the wild and crazy conditions existing at Eglinton and Bayview Ave have extended west. Metrolinx has constructed a huge “boulevard” down the centre of Eglinton between Bayview and Banff. This prevents all left turns onto Cleveland, Hoyle and Mann. So there is a lot of action centred on Banff and Eglinton where the accident occurred about 7 p.m. Tonight’s little smash-up required the detour of several TTC bus routes down Banff, east on Soudan and then north on Cleveland to avoid the obstruction.

Garbage truck backs into bus at Eglinton and Brownlow

eg-brownlow Eric Scott was on the spot when a Toronto garbage truck backed into a 34 Eglinton bus at Eglinton East and Brownlow Ave. That’s Eglinton Public School across the street. It was messy but there were no reports of serious injuries.

Scary sidewalk on Eglinton opposite Leaside High School

It takes a brave pedestrian to venture onto the broken and patched sidewalk on the north side of Eglinton Ave E between Donlea Drive and Hanna Rd.

Wild and crazy Bayview and Eglinton — the beat goes on

The tumultuous corner of Eglinton Ave. E and Bayview Ave continues to be just that way. The beat goes on. The McDonald’s is gone but on the upside it is now much easier to get in and out of Metro. All that digging in the grocery parking lot last week was about removing the funny little lanes that used to slow things down so much when you went in there. There is still repaving happening outside the front door. Metro also has  placed a sign board on the corner advertising a new Peller Estates Wine store inside.


This has nothing to do with the Wynne-a-Beer project of the local MPP. Peller is part of a wine mammoth which somehow got itself endowed with the right to open retail stores all over the province, unlike other Ontario vintners. Also in the Metro lot, Tosto Quickfire Pasta Pizza is forging ahead with plans to open at the designated address of 609 Roehampton Ave.  There is a sign in the window saying they are hiring. Kittycorner is the lifeless McDonald’s, except for the boys carting out bit and pieces.


Big Mac himself has already taken the stoves and other useful stuff to storage. It is sad for some because as @idcvannessa said on Twitter: “Someone say goodbye to my high school memories.” Across the street is the Mac’s. It will soon become a Circle K (Yee Haw Leaside). This is because the owner of Mac’s Couche Tarde (Night Owl) had a funny daydream to re-brand all the Mac’s. Jeez. Why don’t they try sleeping at night? Down the walk at Sunnybrook is Gentry Menswear where the owner has announced his retirement. Reasonably, the sale will go on until Christmas. Nice clothes though.

McDonald’s falls dark as Metrolinx begins demolition

mcdonalds They took down the McDonald’s signs at Bayview Ave and Eglinton Ave. E. yesterday and now the restaurant is dark as workers take it apart in preparation for demolition. It will become the Bayview LRT station, at least at street level. Concern for just what the province will do to try to recoup money by way of a condominium tower or other type of development on the site is unknown. The province, as we know, can do whatever it wants.

CRAZY PLACE: Bayview-Eglinton is construction central

metro lot

There’s a perfect storm of construction at Eglinton Ave and Bayview Ave Tuesday (September 15, 2015) as a large part of the Metro parking lot is fenced off while backhoes rip up pavement. It must be re-paving because Metrolinx insists that this work has nothing to do with the LRT secondary entrance which will sit just about where the work is going on. Over on the east side of Bayview (below) westbound Eglinton traffic has a sort of “pick your poison” option as contractors vacuum the underworld to see where utilities are buried. Such fun. Cars, buses and trucks must go either right or left to get around this mess.

McDonalds to be demolished for Bayview LRT

A well-attended meeting at Northern Secondary School Thursday night saw pictures and diagrams showing the shape and location of LRT stations between Avenue Road and Bayview Avenue. Metrolinx personnel answered questions. The Bayview-Eglinton station will be built on the site of the McDonalds restaurant which overlooks Howard Talbot Park and the Sunnybrook Plaza (inset top). Kitty-corner from main station (inset bottom) will be a feeder entry station in the Metro parking lot on the northwest corner. Unlike stations in heavier traffic zones, the Bayview station will have only two entrances, one in the main station on the southeast corner and one in the entry station in the Metro lot. Travellers leaving Sunnybrook Plaza will have to cross either Bayview Ave. or Eglinton Ave. to get the LRT.  A nice bit of news on the northwest corner of Mt Pleasant and Eglinton where, according to Metrolinx information, the facade of the old building will be retained. Right now, that building houses a busy Second Cup franchise. At Yonge and Eglinton, the LRT will disappear from surface level because it has to be built under the Eglinton station of the Yonge line. Presumably entry will be made via the Yonge station. Over at Avenue Rd and Eglinton, the Mac’s store has been expropriated and that space will accommodate the LRT station. A secondary entrance to the station, which will run east from Avenue Rd. will be made through a converted storefront on the north side of Eglinton.