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Convicted driver showed contempt for law and road safety

Darya Selinevich, 23, was convicted Wednesday of the death of a cyclist in Richmond HIll in June of 2015. She had faced a slew of charges including driving while disqualified. criminal negligence, dangerous operation of a vehicle and flight from police among others. The sentence was seven years of which she will serve four and a half years after time served and a ten-year ban on driving upon release. Forty-four-year-old cyclist Zeyong Kang was riding his bike in a residential area near Finch Avenue and Tobermory Drive at around midnight on June 11, 2015 when he was struck by Selinevich’s BMW. Police said Selenevich was driving 110 kilometres an hour in the area, which had a posted speed limit of 60 kilometres, and she did not stop her vehicle when Kang was struck. She tried to evade police in her damaged BMW as speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour. She eventually pulled over and attempted to flee from police on foot but was arrested a short time later. Ms. Selinevich is among the most scandalous of convicted drivers. Her history includes Facebook and Instagram postings in which she derided the law and gloried in the practice of driving while impaired. Her contempt for human life and the law left readers of the posts “speechless” but also inspired more than 500 responses on Reddit. “Disqualified” 22-year-old woman charged in death of cyclist

“Disqualifed” 22-year-old woman charged in death of cyclist


A 22-year-old woman is facing several charges, including impaired driving causing death, after a 44-year-old cyclist was killed in a hit-and-run just after midnight at Finch Avenue West and Tobermory Drive near Sentinel Road. The CBC tweeted the inset picture in connection with the case. Police said the cyclist and a BMW were heading westbound on Finch Avenue toward Tobermory Drive when the cyclist was struck. The driver, police say, fled the area following the collision and the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. Darya Selinevich, of Richmond Hill, has been charged with driving while disqualified, criminal negligence causing death, dangerous operation causing death, impaired operation causing death, failing to stop after an accident causing death, flight while being pursued by police, refusing a breath sample causing death and two other provincial offenses.

JANUARY 2017 UPDATE: Convicted driver showed contempt for law and road safety