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Stickney Way petition submitted but with one objection

The petition to change the name of Markham Ave in Leaside to Stickney Way has been submitted to the City but with one objection to the change. The short street runs from Laird Drive to Airdrie Road  and has no addresses on it. The party who objected is not known. The name change would honour the late former Leaside High teacher Dave Stickney. Petitions of this sort are normally expected to be unanimous so the consensus is uncertainty as to the outcome because of the objection.  Campaign to name Leaside street after Dave Stickney

Event to honour Dave Stickney set for September 26, 2015


Poster for Dave Stickney fundraiser

Friends and admirers of the late Dave Stickney will hold a fundraiser and social night at the Leaside Public on Saturday September 26, 2015 to help realize the goal of a proper memorial for the long time teacher and guidance counselor to the community. For details go to the special Dave Stickney site. Check out the wonderful gallery of pictures lower down.

Campaign to name Leaside street after Dave Stickney

markham st

Sandra Creighton writing on the Leaside Chit Chat Facebook page is asking friends to help her honour the late Dave Stickney by re-naming Markham Avenue to Stickney Way. Markham Ave. is a short street running from Airdrie Road to Laird Drive. Sandra writes: “Please help us to rename Markham Ave to Stickney Way in honour of Dave Stickney. A group of Dave Stickney’s friends have formed a committee to find ways to honour and remember Sticks who gave so much of himself to the Leaside Community, Leaside High School, Leaside United Church and girls softball (to name a few).”  Sandra says Markham is a good candidate for this because it has no addresses on it, so no homes or businesses will be impacted. She intends to canvas the homes Thursday night (July 23, 2015) surrounding Markham Ave. to inform them of this initiative and obtain signatures. A petition is available to sign at Grill Time on Laird for the community to sign if you agree.  You can also visit this link to sign online: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/393/820/106/rename-markham-ave-in-leaside-to-stickney-way/

Talking with Dave Stickney for 100 Years Inside Leaside

Filmmaker Anthony Regan has made available clips from an interview done with the late Dave Stickney during the 2013 preparations for the video 100 Years Inside Leaside.

“Good things happen when you hit the ball hard”

The visitation for David Stickney was scheduled to start at 4 p.m. in the William Lea room but the staff of the Humphrey Funeral Home was busy well before 3.30 with the arriving mourners  The large meeting room was crowded for fully two-and-a-half hours before things began to thin as the clock neared 6 p.m. No doubt there would be an after dinner representation as well. The superb presentation of pictures, sports apparel and memorabilia was scheduled to be there until 8 p.m.

On this loveliest of days — some might have called it baseball weather — hundreds of people paid their respects to Mr. Stickney and his family. It was clear as well that many found comfort in the company of others who loved Dave Stickney. Youthful teen faces and those with somewhat less-young faces mixed with men and women of the 1940s and beyond. Countless former students and members of the Leaside softball team he had coached had different memories from those held by his buddies. But everyone had a common assessment of this honourable man who had graced their lives.  All present seemed to find strength in their shared knowledge of the coach who died at the age of 71 watching a baseball game a week ago.

There were many recollections. A young pitcher now graduated from Stick’s softball team recalled the friend and mentor who told her: “Good things happen when you hit the ball hard.” That, of course, is what Dave Stickney did with his entire life. The memories evoked from the display of Stick’s jackets and wind breakers over the years were vivid even for those who had not lived through those times. The Boy Scout shirt of the 82nd Glenmoore Troop, a name that serves to this day we believe. A well-worn cold weather zippered coat proudly said the wearer was a congregant of Leaside United Church. Mr. Stickney’s funeral will be at that much-loved old church next Monday, May 25, 2015. The U of T Engineering jacket, Year of 1965, seemed to shine with professional pride. Family members had set out some of the favorite music Stick had shared. Albums by Johnny Cash and Fats Domino told of the fun of that time.

Sunday’s reception seems to have come as close to being a general meeting of the community of Leaside as you are likely to have. The thick book of remembrances was filled more than half-way at 4.30 p.m. and the lineup went around the west wall of the Lea Room. Councilor Jon Burnside was seen entering about ten after five. It was a stand up event, as was proper. Oh yes, there were chairs for the elderly but most people wanted to move, share and seek the warmth of their friends,  acquaintances and like-minded people. (Monday, May 18, 2015)  

Visitation for late teacher 4 to 8 p.m. at William Lea Room

There will be a visitation today for David Stickney, the late LHS math teacher who died last week, between 4 and 8 p.m. in the William Lea Room. (Monday, May 18, 2015)

Visitation, funeral and memorial for late David Stickney

The memorial page on Facebook for the late David Stickney has some dates that his many friends will wish to remember. There will be a visitation opportunity on Monday, May 18, 2015 between 4 and 8 p.m. in the William Lea Room at the Leaside Memorial Community Gardens. For those outside the community, that’s at 1073 Millwood Road. Mr. Stickney’s funeral will take place  Monday May 25 at 1 p.m.at Leaside United Church, 822 Millwood Road at McRae Drive. A Memorial will take place May 25 between 3 and 8 p.m. at the same church.

Tributes to Leaside teacher Dave Stickney on Chit Chat

David Stickney 1943-2015

David Stickney 1943-2015

The community Facebook page Leaside Chit Chat has many remembrances of David Stickney, the Leaside High School mathematics teacher who died this week. There is also a Facebook Tribute Page to the late teacher.

Mr. Stickney died while watching a softball game played by a girl’s club that he helped coach. On Chit Chat, Janet Ahier recalled many good times in the Spring at “Stickney Farm.”

Steve White noted the outpouring of sympathy. There were more than 100 comments logged in only three hours. Good friend Nicholas Mitchell recalled that “Stick” was not just a Leaside student and football player but also the school captain. “He played centre on the football team and his nickname was Tank, Mr. Mitchell said.

Arthur (Alfie) Peneycad recalled Mr. Stickney from the 1950s when they were neighbours on Cameron Crescent. He wrote: “We played street hockey and football together. David started teaching in Oshawa. He once told me that he got his teaching style from his old Leaside math teacher “Pop Stafford”.

Dave was the one that mentored me and got me through algebra, trigonometry and geometry (1965). Everyone knew Dave. He had a nickname for everyone. David and I spent Spring Break together with Jack Hardy and John Noseworthy in Daytona Beach. Dave was the Master of Ceremonies at my wedding.

If anyone should be called “Mr. Leaside” there (is) no one more deserving than Dave. Below, Larrry Hurd posted an old video of David Stickney. Beloved math teacher died watching softball game


Beloved LHS math teacher died coaching softball club

Friends, colleagues and former students of David Stickney were shocked today to learn of his death while watching a softball game of a girl’s team that he helped coached. The circumstances were conveyed on Facebook by a long-time friend Nicholas Mitchell. “Our hearts are with Janet, Irene and Eric,” he wrote. Staff and former students at Leaside High School responded on Twitter and elsewhere to the loss of the well-regarded teacher. One wrote that David Stickney was a true friend who really cared about his students Peter Goulimis was among many tweeting at #Leaside. He called Mr. Stickney a man “who gave and never took” adding,”RIP Stick.”

“RIP Stick” salute to LHS math teacher David Stickney

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