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Bulldog finds Choppers, Cessnas touring downtown sky

An examination of last night’s flights over downtown Toronto using the WebTrak flight tracking tool, has revealed a 30 minute jaunt by a helicopter out of Buttonville airport between about 8.45 and 9.15. There were also a host of Cessnas in what appeared to be “tourist mode” over downtown. There was a Jays game with the roof open, so no surprise there.  A couple of Cessnas originating from Toronto/Markham Airport and Burlington Airpark did multiple loops of downtown.  We’re sure it was a good view.  The Bulldog also noted a flight that originated near Polson Pier at approximately 11:10pm did a multiple passes around downtown and East York then passed over Davisville Village at approximately 11:40 p.m., at a mere 1400 ft. of altitude.  We think we heard that one!  It landed at Downsview at approximately 11:45 p.m.  Could that be one of the mystery choppers that kept us awake last night?

late night flight path

Screenshot from WebTrak website

Midnight chopper ruckus part of “emergency services”?

Mid, downtown residents complain of nighttime choppers

The Josh  Matlow (Ward 22) Twitter account is hearing from people about one or more noisy helicopters Wednesday night. As normally heard at Bayview and Moore Aves. these are usually the in and outbound emergency choppers from Sunnybrook. Quite noisy but not too often. A couple of years ago police promised to be careful with “searches” at night after a notorious midnight foray chasing suspects in the cemetery. Josh Matlow  The man from Cabbagetown (below) has a problem.