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Toronto students will get “truncated” report cards

The Toronto and District School Board will mail out a truncated report card to 154,000 students in Grades One to Eight despite the elementary teachers work-to-rule campaign. There will be similar arrangements made by school boards in Durham and York. In Peel Region, the school board says it will provide only letters of promotion. This as the talks with both the elementary teachers and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) head into a summer of what will surely be rank frustration. The government says there can be no increases. The elements are the children and the cost.  Once again the public seems condemned to negotiate against its own interests. Globe and Mail

Hodgson Senior walkout signaled by xylophone ringtone

hodgsonForty students at Hodgson Senior Public School on Davisville Ave have staged a demonstration against the refusal of teachers to provide report cards as part of their work-to-rule. It was a lively affair as reported by veteran education reporter Louise Brown of the Toronto  Star. And there was an element of intrigue. The surprise walk out by the Grade 7 and 8 students was signaled by a phone ringtone simulating a xylophone. As Brown puts it: “Like members of the French resistance, these politically charged young teens had arranged a code that would signal that it was time to get up and walk out of the north Toronto school to protest teachers’ refusal to type in marks on their final report cards. The student reading Tuesday’s announcements was in on the protest plot, said Grade 7 student Alexis ‎Cole — and suddenly, the announcements ended and there it was…“The iPhone ‘xylophone ringtone!’ ” she said.

Northlea School students protest teacher work-to-rule


Northlea Public School students protesting Thursday, June 11, 2015

Students at Northlea Public School on Rumsey Road were protesting the elementary teachers work-to-rule outside the school today (Thursday, June 11,2015). The elementary teachers are refusing to prepare report cards and as a result parents will be denied a detailed description of how their kids did during the year. Instead, it appears they will receive a “pass or fail” letter. Twitter 

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700 Ont. teachers filled “incomplete” report cards

The issue of incomplete report cards has been brewing under the surface of the teacher’s dispute for weeks. Now the Globe and Mail says some 700 teachers have been identified by their principals for not submitting complete report cards. The Globe says the teachers are accused of insubordination for the incomplete cards, even though they were following their union’s orders. Principals asked teachers who only wrote one line on report cards, to elaborate further. Those that didn’t, could receive a permanent letter of discipline which will make it tougher for them to move between schools, or into a higher ranking position.