Star reveals Julie Payette was the driver in 2011 traffic fatal

Kevin Donovan in the Toronto Star writes Thursday of a fatal car accident in which Canada’s Governor-General Designate Julie Payette struck and killed a woman pedestrian Donovan calls “a troubled addict just turning her life around.”  It occurred in the summer of 2011 in Maryland where Payette was living with then husband Billie Flynn. He says that Theresa “Terry” Potts was in the street, apparently jaywalking, when she was struck by Payette at an intersection. Police investigated for eight months closing the case in 2012 after concluding that Potts, who had various medical issues and poor eyesight, stepped off the curb to cross the road when she should not have. Payette’s Volkswagen Touareg had the green light, and one witness said they saw Payette’s vehicle swerve in a last-minute attempt to avoid the collision.