OPP have killer’s DNA but there’s still no justice for Sonia

It will be nine years Friday since Orangeville nurse Sonia Varaschin was murdered in her quiet home in the central part of the community. There are so many compelling pieces of evidence that the case weighs heavily even on those who did not know Sonia. Police have both the DNA and the fingerprints of the murderer. Sonia’s car, which was used by the killer to take her body to the Beech Grove Sideroad in Caledon was returned to the town and parked on a downtown street not far from her home. To many amateur sleuths, it all looks like her killer was a local man. Is he hiding in plain sight daily? If the killer is right around Orangeville, many wonder if online databases have been searched for family members. Is Orangeville strong enough to sustain a door-to-door DNA search of the kind done by police in England which led to the first murder conviction ever using DNA evidence?