Metrolinx rips up trees, shafts Thursfield Cres. homeowners

North Leaside homeowners on Thursfield Cres. are demanding that Metrolinx and its agent Crosslinx keep a promise to replace the huge swath of trees that was clear-cut to make way for the LRT. When work began, Metrolink promised that the original privacy of the ravine lots would be restored with new trees. But now it says that the use of polypropylene mesh to rebuild the sides of the ravine will not support the replacement of trees and that it plans to plant shrubs rather than trees. Leaside residents have started a petition calling for Metrolinx to keep its promise.

Brutal price paid by homeowners

The petition says the “ravine lot” status of homes on Thursfield Cres. has been compromised to the point they have lost all privacy at the rear of the properties. “The wholesale destruction of the greenspace has forever changed the habitat for birds and other wildlife. And the area is now exposed to traffic noise. The ravine view has been replaced with an unobstructed view of the Eglinton traffic,” says the petition. It’s a brutal price to pay for conscientious homeowners who chose this pleasant corner of the City in which to settle. The petition is targetting 1,500 signatures and is well on the way.

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  1. Michael Savoie
    June 30, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    shame on them.

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