New virus cases down Tuesday, but Toronto, Peel need work

The Ministry of Health reports 157 new COVID-19 infections Tuesday during the 24-hour period ending at midnight. Some 99 of these cases occurred in Toronto, Peel and York Region, 17 were found in Windsor-Essex. Ontario reported 111 cases on Friday, 160 on Saturday, 178 on Sunday and 257 on Monday, with all but 80 of those found in migrant agricultural workers in the Windsor-Essex area. This period saw 23,759 tests completed. Daily summaries

Leaside, Moore Park, Davisville Village give virus a miss

The interactive map maintained by the City tells its own story about where, when and maybe why COVID-19 occurs. It shows local figures. There have been a total of 23 cases in Leaside and Bennington, 24 in Moore Park and Rosedale and 19 in the part of Davisville Village defined as Mt. Pleasant East. Hover your mouse pointer (or cursor) over the neighborhoods to see totals to date. NOTE: The City website forces you to find link at top of its main page. Look for COVID-19 Neighbourhood Maps

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