End of a flivver showroom, Kissing Bun and a patio on hold

This neighborhood gallery begins with the former Pierce-Arrow showroom at 1140 Yonge St. (and Marlborough Ave). The present-day Staples may be about to fall in front a condo developer. Devron and Constantine Enterprises will hold a virtual meeting on Wednesday, July 8 at 6 p.m. It will be at www.1140yonge.com. Down below, much mystery surrounds the big sign for Kissing Bun now up at BigMan’s Family Dining, 1528 Bayview Ave. Best we can tell, a Kissing Bun is some sort of dim sum dumpling. Please correct us if you can. Also below at right is the disassembled patio ordered off the road at 523-525 Mt. Pleasant. Seems there is some confusion about what’s permitted under the new CafeTO patio program. Below that is a new-era bird man captured by Yonge and Roxborough News as he feeds pigeons on Bloor St. At the bottom is the latest Baskin and Robbins fantasy. We’re having a heatwave, you know.