Floral Boutique closing, public art grant to paint BIA poles

The Summerhill Floral Boutique at 1057 Mt. Pleasant Rd. (upper left) will be mothballed at least until the end of the pandemic, says Brad McMullen, head of the grocery chain. The location may re-open as a flower shop depending on where the pandemic goes. At upper right, we see one of the 38 flower poles along the Mount Pleasant Village BIA. The BIA has received a public art grant in the amount of $33,500 to give the poles a painted vignette by 38 different Toronto artists, all according to a theme. More to come as plans get finalized. Further down we see magnificent sunflowers in bloom at Longo’s. Bottom left, those gritty Leaside Wildcats are gearing up with newly-cleaned and repaired goalie pads for a 2021 season, fingers crossed. Finally at the bottom right is the forlorn Sunnybrook Plaza as captured by Rudy Limeback.

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