Hunt for Shaquille, 401 gunplay and Saunders rebuts BLM

Toronto’s hot summer of 2020 has been marked by a murder on July 10 during shopping hours at the Scarborough Town Centre. Jordon Marcelle, 26, of Toronto, was gunned down at the entrance to the mall about 1.30 p.m. that Friday. Now, police have identified and are seeking Shaquille Jameel Taesean Small, 26 for first-degree murder and have published a photo of him  A young woman, Tristawna Ona Christian, 21, is in custody facing the same charge.

Car shot at many times on the 401

This Monday morning brought a terrifying attack at high speed on Highway 401 westbound at Meadowvale Rd. A man at the wheel of his car was targetted by someone in another vehicle. The man is going to live after at least five shots were fired.

Statue-painting fury

Chief Saunders has issued a release in which he says that protesters are using a “false narrative” when they say police denied those charged with defacing downtown statues their rights. The chief’s remarks may be seen here and those of BLM protesters in this video edited by the Sun.

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