Charges laid in syringe mischief at Eglinton Public School

Toronto Police have charged Anthony Purchase, 44, of no fixed address with mischief and failing to comply with probation after someone delivered a package of syringes and related paraphernalia to Eglinton Junior Public School Tuesday. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday at 10 a.m., at College Park Courts, in room 507. Man delivers syringes to Eglinton School, flees on a bicycle

Sexual assault alleged at 808 Mt. Pleasant

Police say a man entered a room at a location at Mt. Pleasant Rd and Eglinton Ave. early Friday and committed a sexual assault on a man of 42. The release does not state an address, but pictures of a suspect in the release show the interior of the former Roehampton Hotel at 808 Mt. Pleasant. It is now a shelter for homeless.

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