Dirt-bike bullies, who-are-you tattoo and a noxious cocktail

Police occurrences in recent hours include (left) a serious assault on a jogger in the Meadowvale Conservation Centre in Peel Region. Four men on dirt-bikes wanted him off the trail and proceeded to punch and kick him. He was also sprayed with animal repellant. Descriptions of the four are here. At the centre is a heart-shaped tattoo that Toronto police hope will help identify a woman killed as she walked on the track of the UP Express September 7 near Weston Rd. and Black Creek Drive. Read more on this unfortunate woman here.

Met through a dating app

At right is Niki Shakeri, 32, charged with mischief and administering a noxious thing. Toronto police say a woman, 24, met a man through a dating app. They met downtown for a drink but when she returned from the washroom other patrons told her that her friend had put something in her drink. She went home and complained the next morning

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