Second-wave hits downtown, Canada backs vaccine access

The Ministry of Health is reporting 478 new cases of C-19 Tuesday for the 24-hour period ending at midnight. Three new deaths have occurred. Health Minister Elliott says there are 153 cases reported in Toronto, 95 in Peel Region and 90 in Ottawa. She says 68 percent of the new cases are in people under the age of 40.

Interactive map

The City’s interactive map showing recent cases (within three weeks) reveals that the virus is raging in the condominium communities along the waterfront. The neighbourhood officially known as Waterfront Communities-The Island has reported 88 cases in recent days. Find the map here.

Canada joins 64 high-income states to expand C-19 vaccine access

Canada, the UK and the EU jurisdictions are among 64 countries pledged to expand global access to C-19 vaccines by funding a purchasing pool organized by the World Health Organization and other nonprofit groups, leaders of the effort announced Monday. The US and China have both opted out.