Stunt hooligans invade SmartCentre at Laird and Wicksteed

Police from 53 Division and across the City responded to complaints from residents when stunt drivers and hundreds of fans gathered early Saturday in the SmartCentres mall at Laird Drive and Wicksteed Ave. The illegal activity was captured by resident Stephen Brown. The ferocious noise of vehicles tuned to roar and backfire has drawn a long thread of personal-experience posts at Leaside Facebook. Lawyer Angela Lam Perieteanu has told The Bulldog she was awakened about 12.30 a.m. to loud screeching. Her home is in the residential area to the northwest of the SmartCentre.  “It was insane,” she said. Her husband recommended calling the police. Like many of those posting to Facebook, they thought the “pops” had a sound similar to gunshots even though they suspected it was muffler noise. Police sirens were heard about 15 minutes after the first call. 

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