Writer says Oshawa killer felt cheated by property transfer

The Traynor family of Oshawa has issued a statement thanking people for the kindnesses expressed following the unspeakable killing of father Chris Traynor and three of his children late last week. The statement says the family understands the desire for further information but “we ask that the media and the public to please respect our family’s need for privacy during this very difficult time”. It’s been established that the killings were committed by Mitchel Lapa. 48, the brother of Mr. Traynor’s wife, Loretta. He also shot and badly wounded Mrs. Traynor before he committed suicide. The statement appears on the Durham Regional Police news release site Thursday. There has been no official statement from the police or other authorities about what grievance caused the unbalanced Mr. Lapa to commit the crimes.

Toronto Sun says killer felt cheated

Toronto Sun reporter Brad Hunter has written that sources have told him that Lapa believed he had been cheated by his sister and her husband in a battle over their father’s inheritance. Hunter says that in 2018 “their late father, Matthew, transferred the family cottage on Jack’s Lake — between Peterborough and Bancroft — over to his daughter, Loretta. Apparently, a bone of contention between siblings.”

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