Killer of Christine Jessop identified five years after his death

Toronto Police say they have identified the killer of Christine Jessop, 9. The child was found dead December 31, 1984, in Sunderland in Durham Region. DNA has confirmed that Calvin Hoover of Toronto was the man who left semen stains on the child’s underwear. He was 28 at the time and died in 2015. Hoover was known to the Jessop family, which lived in Queensville in York Region. The case was notorious in more ways than one.

Guy Paul Morin

It led to the arrest and conviction but ultimate exoneration of Guy Paul Morin. Mr. Morin was acquitted at his first trial, found guilty of first-degree murder at his second trial before a successful Crown Appeal ultimately led to his acquittal in 1995 on fresh evidence submitted jointly by the Crown and the Defense. Morin received $1.25 million in compensation from the Ontario government.

Genetic Genealogy 

The case was apparently solved using Genetic Genealogy services in the US. This effective method of finding murderers and other felons is well-established but remains in legal limbo in Canada. Ongoing doubt exists with respect to cases where Canadian police have established the DNA of the killer but it is unclear whether Genetic Genealogy has been employed to find the perpetrator  Release

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