Danforth Residents’ Assoc. seeking respect for community

Residents of Greektown north of the Danforth have formed a new residents’ association to provide a voice for homeowners and tenants separate from the powerful BIA which influences much of the decision-making in the neighborhood. The Danforth Residents’ Association is the inspiration of Roula Panagiotopoulos, Heather de Veber, Ten Hanlan and Ruppen Seoni. Ms. Panagiotopoulos realized the need for an association as she struggled with zoning violations on Carlaw Ave. where she lives. “One person does not have a voice,” she says. The new association will represent those living in a snugly-defined area of common interest much like the next-door Playter Estates Residents’ Association. The association’s founders have a liberal view of their mission. Mr. Seoni spoke of the need to be representative not just of homeowners but tenants too. “We don’t want to just oppose everything, he said. The association website offers this mission statement.

If you are here you are concerned about your neighbourhood as much as we are. As the City is expanding, a group of us have decided to start a much-needed association to ensure that our neighbourhood community grows in a manner that is respectful to the owners and residents of this great community. Our hope is to provide, at least at the beginning, information about what is happening in the neighbourhood in terms of current and future development. This will also act as a community where you can reach out and find a resident that has experience in matters relating to this community.