Mary Ann Turcke memo: Who’s in, who’s out at Bell Media


All Bell Media team members
Bell CP5/6/7 leaders
Mary Ann Turcke, President, Bell Media
Bell Media organizational update: CP5 structure
I am writing today to update everyone on Bell Media’s new CP5 structure. Aligned with the organization of our Senior Leadership Team announced on August 25, these changes are part of our plan to re-energize Bell Media and position our company for continued leadership, growth, and success.
Reflecting the strength and depth of our team, the new structure sees the promotion of three leaders to the CP5 level and expanded roles for several current executives, while also welcoming a seasoned sales executive to Bell Media in a newly created role. The new structure also reflects the departure of several long-time Bell Media leaders today.
Bell Media Sales
Mark Finney joins the team, Jeff Hersh promoted, Patrick Jutras’ role expands, Lesley Conway and Gianni Di Iorio depart the company.
Mark Finney
Supported by Stuart Garvie, President, Media Sales, Mark joins the company in the new role of Vice-President, Strategic Sales (read the announcement here). Mark will oversee all of Bell Media’s English- and French-language Sales Marketing, Brand Partnerships, and Mix teams, the first time these streams have been brought together under one group and leader. Mark will work with the Bell Media sales force to develop and implement a focused and comprehensive approach to better serve clients and partners, while leveraging and cross-selling Bell Media’s premium portfolio of TV, radio, out-of-home, and digital brands. Throughout his 20-year career, Mark has gained solid sales and corporate strategy experience and knowledge at several internationally renowned news organizations, including The Guardian and Star Media Group.
Anouk Bourassa, Dave Caporicci, Lucy Collin, Nathalie Doré, Debbie Drutz, and Michelle LaBarre will now be supported by Mark.
Jeff Hersh
Also supported by Stuart, Jeff is promoted to Vice-President, Strategy, Revenue Management, and Research. In addition to continuing to lead strategy and business development for Bell Media as a member of the Senior Leadership Team, Jeff will now also lead revenue management and research functions as we forecast, package, and measure our business across all of our platforms.
Jeff will support Raymond Duguay, Scott Johns, Alicia Olson-Keating, Patrick Larouche, Chiaveli Navarro, Louis-Philippe René, Elise Rochefort, Paul Street, John Szczygiel, and Kevin Worsley, in addition to Stephen Hamel.
Patrick Jutras
Supported by Stuart, Patrick’s role expands to become leader of all national sales for our English- and French-language sports properties, in addition to continuing to be responsible for all sales teams in Québec.
In addition to his current reports, Patrick now also supports Nathalie Cook and Alexandre Lauzon.
Lesley Conway
Lesley departs today after seven years with the company. As Senior Vice-President, Bell Media Sales, English Canada, Lesley was responsible for all aspects of sales in English Canada, including the Sales Operations (Broadcast Services) team. Lesley was previously Executive Vice-President, Sales, English Canada for Astral Out of Home.
Darryl Coburn and John Voiles will now be supported by Perry MacDonald, while Lesley’s remaining reports will now be supported by Stuart.
Gianni Di Iorio
A 14-year veteran of Bell and Bell Media, Gianni also departs the company today. As Vice-President, Research and Revenue Management, Gianni led Revenue Management and Research functions for conventional and specialty TV, digital, and radio across English and French assets, a position he assumed in 2013.
All of Gianni’s reports are now supported by Jeff Hersh.
Entertainment Production and Broadcasting
David Corey and Nanci MacLean promoted to expanded roles; Paul Lewis departs.
David Corey
Supported by Randy Lennox, President, Entertainment Production and Broadcasting, David’s role expands to include French-language properties as Vice-President, Programming, Bell Media Radio, where he will now lead national programming initiatives across all of Bell Media’s 106 radio stations. Utilizing his expertise in national music programming, David will also contribute to special music projects at Bell Media under Randy’s leadership, while continuing as Program Director for 104.5 CHUM FM.
Nanci MacLean
As Vice-President, In-House Production, Nanci continues to lead the company’s in-house production team for entertainment programming, supported by Randy. In her new role, Nanci also assumes responsibility for Discovery Channel’s in-house production, including its flagship program DAILY PLANET, as well as our specials team, responsible for productions such as the MUCH MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS and WE DAY.
Nanci welcomes Gloria Matthews, Kelly McKeown, and Sheila Sullivan to her team.
Paul Lewis
Most recently President and General Manager, Discovery Channel, Paul departs the company today. Paul first joined Discovery in 1994 as Executive Producer of in-house programming. Paul was responsible for the day-to-day operations of Discovery Channel, Discovery World HD, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Science, and Exploration Production Inc.
Tony Leadman and Ken MacDonald will now be supported by Tracey Pearce.
French Language TV and RDS
Pierre Rodrigue assumes a broader role at BCE; Mario Clément departs.
Pierre Rodrigue
With more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment, media, and music worlds, Pierre assumes an expanded role as Vice President, Industry Relations, Bell, supported by Martine Turcotte, Vice-Chair, Québec, and working closely with Mirko Bibic, Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer and Executive Vice-President, Corporate Development, and Gerry Frappier, President, French-language TV and RDS. Pierre previously led the Communications and Marketing teams for Bell Media’s French-language Specialty and Pay TV, radio, and digital properties. Since he joined in 2005, Pierre has held various positions within the company, including Vice-President, Government Affairs and Industry Relations.
Mario Clément
Mario Clément departs Bell Media today. As Vice-President, Content, Québec, Mario oversaw the programming and content for French-language properties in specialty and pay TV, radio, and digital. Mario joined Bell Media in 2013, after holding senior management positions in several key Canadian media companies.
Gerry Frappier, President, French-language TV and RDS, will support both Pierre’s and Mario’s teams.
CTV News
Joanne MacDonald assumes an expanded role; Paul Rogers departs.
Joanne MacDonald
Reporting to Wendy Freeman, President, CTV News, Joanne will now manage the day-to-day news operations of CTV News Toronto and CP24 in her newly expanded role as Vice-President, CTV News. Joanne MacDonald has spent more than 25 years at the company in a number of senior positions within CTV News, including Director of CTV News from 1997 to 2002.
Paul Rogers
Most recently Senior Vice-President, CTV News Toronto, Paul departs the company today. Prior to his appointment in 2004, Paul was the Vice-President and Executive Producer of CANADA AM. In his tenure with Bell Media, Paul has led CTV Toronto to numerous accolades, including, most recently, the RTDNA award for best large-market local television newscast.
Paul’s team is now supported by Joanne.
Bell Media Finance
Erin Sinyard departs.
Erin Sinyard
Erin served as Vice-President, Finance, Reporting, Planning, and Capital, responsible for monthly and quarterly financial analysis and performance as well as overseeing the planning and capital management process for Bell Media. In her 12 years with us, Erin has held a number of roles within Finance, including Vice-President and Corporate Controller.
Erasmo Tiseo, Marlène Bibeau, and Vash Ramnarace are now supported by Nikki Moffat, Senior Vice-President, Finance.
Our new organization is the result of careful consideration by the Senior Leadership Team to create a CP5 structure ready to lead through the challenges of our competitive and fast-changing industry. With the promotions and departures announced today, our CP5 team is in place and we are ready to move forward.
Thank you
All of the leaders departing today have had a meaningful impact on Bell Media. On behalf of the entire team, I would like to express my appreciation to Lesley, Gianni, Paul, Mario, Paul, and Erin, and wish them the best in their future endeavors.
Please join me in welcoming Mark to the team, as well as congratulating Jeff, Nanci, and David on their well-deserved promotions. We also look forward to continuing to work closely with Pierre in his new role at Bell.
Bell Media moving forward
As we move forward with our work to create a new Bell Media that reflects that fast-changing multimedia landscape in which we compete, I will continue to keep you updated on all developments.
·         Bell Media senior leadership structure announced: Complete
·         Bell Media CP5  changes announced: Today
·         Bell Media CP4 structure announced: October 1
·         Bell Media organizational plan complete: End of November
In closing, thank you once again for your patience and consideration as we undertake a process that is crucial to securing our long-term success. Thanks to our renewed focus on content, programming, technological innovation, and operational efficiency, Bell Media is well-positioned to remain Canada’s #1 multimedia company.
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