City Council approves arena expansion

Brooke Biscoe, Chair of the Leaside Arena Expansion Board has sent good news about funding for the expansion plan. Below is an excerpt and Brooke’s full message can seen here.
“City Council gives green light to Arena Expansion Project Great news! When City Council approved the 2011 Capital Budget on Thursday, they gave the official go-ahead to the arena expansion project at Leaside Gardens.
Thank you! This is a major milestone on the long road to our second rink and it’s a good time to pause and thank all those who have worked so hard on the project over the past decade, and particularly in the past eighteen months. Thanks to the members of the expansion committee and to our three primary partner associations – the LSC, LHA and TLGHA – who continue to work closely with us as we move towards the goal. I would like to single out Expansion Committee Chair Paul Mercer for keeping things on track, and Councillor John Parker for bringing people together at City Hall and clearing the road for approval.”

Just asking what G20 protesters were doing

The Premier has declined to call another “full-scale” inquiry into G20 policing. There’s plenty of inquiring going on already, he said. It would be a treat if someone decided to launch a full scale inquiry into what the G20 demonstraters were all about. Why were people out there? Had habeas corpus been secretly repealed? Had Harper declared himself president for life? What were these demonstrations intended to protest? What was the purpose? At the time, semi-hysterical and self involved people were saying things like “It’s our right to protest” as if this explained why they were there. However while they may not have had to explain to the police why they were out there, the Court of Public Opinion does wish to know, and its judgement will be dismissive in the absence of a reasonable answer.

BMO chief clocks up $28% pay increase

The President of the Bank 0f Montreal Bill Downe was paid $9.54 million last year, a 28% increase over 2009. The news was noted in many places including Wisconsin where BMO is about to take over a local firm, Marshall and Ilsey Corp.

150,000 Gmail accounts disabled

Yikes. People logging on all over North America to their Gmail accounts are finding instead a welcome page which Google displays to newcomers. The mail is gone. PC Magazine.

March is here and so is Homefront’s Spring Sale on selected in stock merchandise. We will take 20 % off in the following categories beginning immediately and ending Saturday March 5 2011: Glass: Table Linens, Blankets and Throws, Baskets and Laundry Hampers. Don’t miss this great sale. 371 Eglinton Ave W (416) 488-3189 and 1579 Bayvierw Ave (416) 485 2305. There are exceptions: Simon Pearce, Emma Bridgewater,Bee Glass (La Rochere)

The LRT station at Eglinton and Bayview

An interesting forum (in which members chat) reveals comments about local features of the Eglinton LRT, when (if) it is built. One entry describes the location of the LRT station at the intersection of Eglinton and Bayview: “The station box starts in the Metro (grocery store) parking lot, basically at the point where cars enter the lot on Eglinton, and stretches east into Sunnybrook Plaza, ending somewhere between the Pharma Plus and the Home Hardware stores. The main entrance will be in the Metro parking lot where the 11 Bayview bus stop is located today, so it is just north of the northwest corner. There will be a secondary entrance at Sunnybrook Plaza, on the northeast corner, where the 34, 51, 54, 56, and 100 buses presently stop. Another secondary entrance will be located in Talbot Park abutting the walkway that leads to Eglinton Avenue.”

Big bonus for HSBC chief executive

Local customers of HSBC will wish to watch the news from Britain tomorrow to see how much money Stuart Gulliver, the new chief executive of their bank, got by way of a bonus for his labours in 2010. Mark Kleinman writes in his blog that Mr Gulliver has been awarded a bonus of between £5m and £7m. That would be $8m to $10M Canadian. HSBC will report its results and you can judge whether the bonus (whatever it is) was justified

Rule the world in your Canada Goose

There was a time when a Canada Goose was a big graceful bird, indigenous to Canada and not always so very clean. Now a Canada Goose is a down-filled status symbol worn in all the best places — like South Bayview — by the winter wear conscious. A Canada Goose is expensive. and so those among you who remain Gooseless may be asking: “Can a Canada Goose be worth it?” Well, if you wish to be seen in the right places in the right coat, it certainly is. Here are the ten top reasons why you should get a Canada Goose.

10. In Yorkville, they’ll let you into Whole Foods.
9. Smart-looking people will talk to you again
8. You can wear it in the evening at Joey.
7. When Premier Dad declares Canada Goose Day, you’ll be ready
6. Stare down your boss
5. Canada Goose gets the speeding ticket, not you
4. Your father will concede you’ve made it
3. Feathers are good for the brain
2. Get the Canada Goose app for your iPhone
1. Re-new your mortgage at prime

Copper structure, nickel finish

One final reminder about what you can see at Homefront today. This tray is one of two sizes in the finest quality copper and nickel construction. Even if you don’t need a tray, it’s worth a look.

100% underground LRT has much appeal

The plan which is now pending to tunnel 100% of the Eglinton LRT should seem very appealing to those who live in Thorncliffe Park and Leaside. In fact, the prospect for smoother running traffic all the way to Scarborough must commend itself to those who live out there too. But the advantage to motorists is merely one benefit of an LRT that stays completely underground. Disruption to business would be greatly reduced. The construction of an open cut LRT from Kennedy station to Leslie (or Brentcliffe) would have a profound impact on business all through Leaside and beyond. It may well be, when the dollars are counted, that this proposal by Mayor Ford is too expensive. But the logic of a fully underground LRT is compelling.

250 Sutherland to be re-built shortly

A backhoe was clearing the burned rubble from the one-time basement of 250 Sutherland Drive north of Lea Ave. Friday. Workmen say the lot will soon be the site of a new residential structure. Work is expected to begin in as soon as a week or two. The house at this address burned to an empty hulk in freezing weather on January 23, 2011. It was under construction and no cause has been published. All posts on this subject.

Vincente Trius will lead Loblaws

Galen Weston and Vincente Trius

Galen Weston has appointed Vincente Trius, 53, a man of considerable world experience to lead Loblaws stores. The new president of Loblaw Companies is a proven retail executive, says Canadian Grocer. But his last two postings, at Walmart and France’s Carrefour, were remarkable for how brief they lasted. Mr.Trius, a Spaniard, was named president of Canada’s largest grocer on Thursday. He won’t take over the job until the second half of this year, however.
Trius replaces Allan Leighton, the British retail executive who executed a mass reorganization of Loblaw over the past four years that saw the company slash costs and spend heavily to update its supply chain. Analysts called the hire a smart one since Trius will bring much-needed retail operational expertise to Loblaw. “We have said for some time, this is an area where Loblaw needs to fill the gaps,” Scotia Capital analyst Patricia Baker said in a research note. There is a hint of skepticsm in the account by Marketing: “Having held top positions for Walmart in Asia and in Latin America, and for Carrefour in Europe, Trius does arrive with impressive global retail credentials. But his last two stops were short. He only joined Carrefour in May of last year and he spent just five months as president and chief executive of Walmart Latin America before that.”