About Us

About us

A partnership has been formed by two well-known local residents to operate The South Bayview Bulldog. The super-local news service will be run by Ted Stuebing, a long-time area retailer and journalist and co-owner Susan Byford, real estate broker and businesswoman.

Mr. Stuebing was for many years a vice president of companies related to the CTV Network. He subsequently worked in a variety of jobs including government review of health profession disputes, community college support and as a retailer on Bayview Ave. He  lives in Moore Park. 

Ms Byford operates out of her family’s business, Bonnie Byford Real Estate Ltd. at 1536 Bayview Ave, where the firm has been located since 1978. She was born and raised in Leaside, and now lives in the Sherwood Park area. The new partnership has revamped The South Bayview Bulldog to make it a platform for local advertising in addition to the popular local news coverage for which The South Bayview Bulldog is widely followed.

The Bulldog continues to see strong readership growth. It is on track to achieve page views numbering 725,000 in 2017, 115,000 more than last year. Average daily page views in December exceed 2,400 a day. Growth has been dramatic. In 2012, it had barely 20,000 page views on the entire year. Broad public awareness, loyal readers and inexpensive flexible rates make The South Bayview Bulldog an advertising venue that is worth considering.

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  1. December 17, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Good good writing. Will continue to follow.

  2. Sheila Martin
    November 22, 2016 at 8:08 pm

    So delighted to read your article on my Pod this evening.
    I had not seen it before an hope you will go from strength to strength.

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