LinkedIn frenzy sends stock to $122 a share

LinkedIn shares hit a staggering $122.70 today on the New York Stock Exchange before sliding back a little. The frenzy to buy the newly available stock has made analysts nervous.

Rae says he won’t run for Liberal leadership

Toronto Centre MP Bob Rae says he doesn’t want to be party leader, but maybe he’d accept interim party leader. This was the gist of Mr Rae’s remarks on a conference call today with supporters. He is quoted as saying he would not run a third time for leader of the party. But, it’s suggested, the interim job is a “substantial one” that will give the person in that position nearly two years to reshape the party. Stay tuned.

Flying Dragon bookstore will close June 30

The Flying Dragon bookstore at 1721 South Bayview will close for good on Thursday June 30, 2011. In their touching farewell published on their website, Flying Dragon associates reference “technological advances” without further reference to that impact on their business. Here is a portion of the farewell.
“We have in recent months explored opportunities to embrace the technological advances that have presented themselves with such rapidity in our industry. But at the end of the day we realized that for us, it was all about the books and the tactile, sensory experience they provide. It is bittersweet that we have just received the 2011 Libris Award for ‘Specialty Bookseller of the Year’ from the Canadian Booksellers Association. While we can’t imagine not being able to walk into the magical world of The Flying Dragon on a daily basis, we know that our futures hold wondrous adventures and we wish the same for all our loyal customers and our colleagues in the publishing industry. We want to end the way we started, by talking about the books with you, our fellow booklovers. Please join us for Nina’s Summer Reads on Friday, May 27th at 9:30am.” The Star published a nice artcile on Friday, May 20, 2011.

Your ATLV 4300 Diesel at work

Ever wonder about the ATLV 4300 Diesel? Yep, that’s it outside Peaches and Green on South Bayview yesterday looking for bits of trash to vacuum. Now these little babies are made in Minneapolis, it seems, where the special price for cities like Toronto is US $28464. The ATLV isn’t exactly sporty but it is more fun than a broom and a trash bag.

Pellet gun incident at Marc Garneau

Police have charged a young offender after a shooting with a pellet handgun at Marc Garneau Collegiate on Overlea Blvd. Wednesday. They said a student was grazed by a shot from the gun after which the accused was arrested without incident.

Private trash pickup helps Bayview too

The privatization of trash collection west of Yonge street will have a positive effect on all garbage pickup, east and west. That includes South Bayview and areas around it. With private collection to the west, it will be much less likely that city workers to the east will cause a work stoppage. But even if they do, the presence of private collection in place to the west will be a distinct advantage to homeowners. It will be possible for example to simply move your garbage to a pickup point on the other side of Yonge St and have it removed immediately. No more garbage piles in the parks. It remains to be seen how the new system will work but it seems to offer a chance for more efficient and functional garbage collection. The vote incidentally was 32 to 13 in favour.

Ready for the 100 best restaurants?

Is South Bayview ready for the 100 best restaurants in Toronto? Is there time to read the list? Is Chai in there? Is Rosie’s? Olde Yorke Fish and Chips? Never mind, the free magazine box is once again bursting with the improbable proposition that you care about 100 restaurants somewhere. The list is compiled by the secretive Joanne Kates, a reviewer who has made a lifetime of hiding in the shadows as she ticked off the high and low lights of restaurants. It’s always said she remained unidentified so that a restaurant couldn’t give her special service. On the other hand, if the staff recognized her they might just slam the door. “Sorry Ms. Kates, we’re closing early. Bath night, you know.” But really, how does this matter? Why not a list of The Nine Best Bank Managers. Much more believable. We know there aren’t many.

Quiet hotel maid cried and cried

Here is a story from the Telegraph (UK) which sheds some light on the gulf between a quiet, shy hotel maid from West Africa and the high-powered Eurocrat accused of imprisoning and assaulting her.

CGTA article on a Visa scam

There is a notable story for retailers in the current mailing of the Canadian Tableware and Gift Association (CGTA). It tells of a nearly successful scam on a Stratford firm, Bradshaws. Many will know of Bradshaws from their visits to the Stratford Festival. The gist of the tale is that a scammer tried to order a large shipment of goods using a Visa which appeared to be valid, but ultimately was found to be invalid. Fortunately, Bradshaws got wind of the problem before they shipped. The CGTA story is vague however on just how the transaction was performed. If a Visa is tendered through an established acquirer like Paymentech or Monex, the cash should be in the retailer’s account the next day. If the Visa is invalid for any reason, it would be rejected on the spot. This part of the story is not well explained. You can read the article here.

Cash crisis at Bixi bike rentals

The Montreal bike rental system beginning its expansion into Toronto is practically broke. Supporters say the firm is merely a victim of its own success, but the fact remains that Bixi, the Public Bike Company has had to lay off 70 employees and ask the City of Montreal for a $107 million bailout. The linked story is from CTV. Be sure you check the rather acidic comments from Montreal readers.

Canadian Tire to carry large appliances

In what some are calling a defensive move, Canadian Tire has said it will jump into the large appliance market. It’s a quantum leap away from its core business which seems to suggest a desire by CTC to end run many of the big U.S. competitors moving to Canada. Refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers will begin to appear at CTC by the end of 2012. The retailer said it tested large appliances in some stores and received mostly positive feedback from customers. The move would place Canadian Tire in segment competition with home-improvement retailers Home Depot, Lowes, and Rona, Sears and The Bay

Homefront has Julia Knight Serveware

Here is a peek at pieces from Julia Knight that really redefine entertaining. There is stock at Homefront and others may be ordered in quick delivery. There are cake plates, segmented trays, cocktail napkin holders, salt and pepper sets, cheese sets salad servers, cake servers, spreaders, cocktail forks and spoons, and wine coasters. See the Julia Knight site. These pieces are hand made of aluminum using the ancient art of sand-casting. Each piece is hand painted with enamel infused with crushed Mother of Pearl. Offered in array of sumptuous colours these pieces have a durable, high gloss, food safe finish that will remain beautiful and functional for years to come.