How about a few of these beauties on Yonge

Two Mississauga condo towers, dubbed the Marilyn Monroe buildings, took the prize for “Best Tall Buildings in the Americas”. The Absolute Towers (pictured) were awarded the prize by the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a non-profit group of architects and engineers. They have ample parking too! How about a few of these babies on Yonge Stret. Are you ready? Yonge and Roxborough News

Sorry, there’s no drive-through at Loblaws

There’s a drive-through for almost everything these days but when you hit — um, make that attend at — the Moore Avenue Loblaws just remember you have to leave your car in the parking lot. As one harried Loblaws staffer said: “This is the third time someone has driven through those windows.”  Never mind, when it comes to supermarket hazards we still rate the free flying grocery cart to be number one. It also rates number one for food moving violations too when customers decide to wheel the cart home and somehow, it just gets forgotten there. 

John Oakley to MC groundbreaking tomorrow

A postscript to the post below on the arena groundreaking tomorrow morning: John Oakley is confirmed as  MC and Valumart is providing the complimentary BBQ. Earlier post today.

Fellow employee sought in guards killing

 Travis Brandon Baumgartner
The stunning events of last night in Edmonton became even more incredible today as police named a fellow employee of the slain security company guards as a suspect in their brazen killing.  Police released a photo of a “person of interest” in the G4S armoured truck hit that killed three guards and left a fourth critically injured at the University of Alberta’s HUB Mall.  Travis Brandon Baumgartner, 21, is believed to be one of several employees of G4S Cash Solutions Canada who was at the HUB Thursday night. He is believed to be in a dark blue Ford F-150 pick-up truck with AB plate ZRE 724.

Brazen killings shock Edmonton

The brazen killing of three employees of  G4S cash delivery service has shocked Edmonton and the country. A student (inset) heard the gunfire — one shot followed by several more — that took the lives of the three, two men and a woman. A fourth crew member was critically wounded. The student said he heard someone saying “Hurry, hurry” as well as moans and cries, apparently from the injured and dying employees.  The four were found in a small room behind a cash machine that they had apparently been servicing at the HUB mall on the University of Alberta campus. They had either been forced in there by their killer or taken refuge. In what seems unusual in such robberies, the person or persons who committed the crime also stole the G4S truck. It has been found some 70 blocks from the crime scene not far from the G4S terminal. What might this mean for the prospect of an inside job? It is the first thing police think of when such a robbery occurs.

Power struggle for control of LRT project

The TTC and the Ontario government-controlled Metrolinx agency are engaged in a power struggle over who controls the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. The most apparent flashpoint in this clash is the TTC’s firm belief that Metrolinx is embarking on a totally impossible schedule to finish the line. The TTC says the completion date of 2020 is unrealistic. It’s urging the government to set a finish date of 2022 or 2023.   Globe and Mail. 

Queen Street West closed for music awards

Road closures because of the Much Music Video Awards will complicate traffic downtown along and around Queen St West today, Saturday and Sunday.

Arena expansion groundbreaking Saturday

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Leaside Arena Expansion Project’s will take place Saturday (tomorrow) at 11 a.m. Go for the ceremony and stay for  the barbecue which will no doubt up offer up some good fare. The ceremony will take place on the old National Film Board (NFB) property just beside the arena. Access it opposite off Millwood just before the CPR underpass. Wear a Leaside jersey!

Art Shoppe property sold for $40 million

The block-long property on Yonge Street owned and occupied by the Art Shoppe has been sold to developer Peter B Freed for $40,360,800.  The Art Shoppe property was  owned by the Offman family which has operated the prestigious retail store there for many decades. Observers said it seemed inevitable, considering the price of $40 million plus that an application will be made for a structure or structures of many storeys in height. The Art Shoppe is located between Soudan Avenue and Hillsdale Avenue.

City of glistening towers and falling glass

Glass has fallen from a 25th floor balcony of the recently completed Boutique Condominium at 126 Simcoe Street. It fell more or less harmlessly on a couple of cars parked on the street. No one was injured.  That’s the good news but it has to be said that there are still quite few similar panes of glass still up there. As in previous cases where Toronto has heard the pitter patter of falling glass, this incident has been received with a sort of innocent acceptance
Sounded like ice cubes
 Workers at a hotel across the street said the sound of the glass hitting the vehicles was like someone throwing ice cubes. And for those of us in South Bayview it may seem far enough away. People here want to live in houses on a street with grass and trees outside, not in a glass sky-box with bits falling off.  The prospect for those who merely want to walk downtown is thought-provoking. The job of cleaning up the falling glass threat seems enormous, given the number of such buildings.
If you live in one
And for those who actually live in them, there is this cautionary advice about the cost of maintenance from a real estate blog.  “Replacing glass every 25 years or so certainly isn’t a new concept – but buildings have only recently been constructed with exteriors primarily consisting of glass. The biggest concern for owners of these properties is whether or not the maintenance fees adequately represent the depreciation of the glass. Given the reaction by stakeholders to this article we’re thinking that perhaps they do not. When future expenditures are generally known they can be properly accounted for in the monthly maintenance fees, if not the gap in funding can result in large increases in these costs and thus maintenance fees or a special assessment (lump sum) in order to fund expenses”.

Woman killed by truck during rush hour

CP24 story on a 30-year-old woman, as yet unidentified, killed by a large truck at Adelaide and Brant Streets this morning. The truck was turning north and police say they aren’t sure just how how the woman came in contact with it. 

Toronto Life profiles De la Mer

Interesting article in Toromnto Life on De la Mer, the fish emporium on South Bayview.