Now a kids ski recall

Sears Canada Inc has said that Tech 4 Kids is recalling its Snow MX-Skidoo snowmobiles because of a potential safety hazard. Sears has alerted customers to immediately stop children from using the product. The front ski on the Snow MX-Skidoo may crack or break when used, posing a risk of injury to children, Sears said in a statement, citing Tech 4 Kids. It said the replacement will be made for free by Tech 4 Kids.

250 Sutherland demolished overnight

The gutted remains of 250 Sutherland Drive were demolished overnight. The address is now a hole in the ground. Gas officials on the scene said there is an investigation into the cause of the fire. See post below.

Stroller recall issued by Health Canada

Health Canada has issued a recall alert for two models of foldable strollers that apparently put parents at risk of losing a fingertip. The stroller manufacturer, New Zealand’s phil&teds, issued a recall of the strollers, sold online and in stores in Canada. Some 7,000 models of the sport V2 (left) and classic v1 have been sold. No injuries are reported.

Fire destroys 250 Sutherland Drive

Fire has destroyed the home at 250 Sutherland (left). Firefighting efforts coated 248 next door (right) in a sheets of ice. No. 250 is on the west side of Sutherland just north of Lea. The home was vacant and was undergoing major renovation for a family which intended to move in presumably this year, according to the builder. He hinted that the fire might have been arson. The only known source of flame was the furnace but the furnace room was apparently undamaged. The fire was noticed by neighbors about 6 a.m. Sunday, January 23, 2011. A man who lives across the street said his children woke him and they watched together as the flames whipped through the house. “It moved very quickly, he said. No one was injured. More pictures linked off the headline or at left

Rex Murphy on China and the seal hunt

Rex Murphy, an unreconstructed Newfoundlander, writes bitingly on how someone forgot to tell the Chinese that they must not buy seal meat and skins from Canada. Into the bargain, Murphy says that we (meaning western society in general) “are apologizing ourselves into impotence and irrelevancy over many of our greatest successes, while more confident — even ruthless — powers such as China are emerging brisk with the determination to develop as fast and as far as they can.”

Full text of statement from officer’s dad

Here is the full statement issued by the Mr. Glenn Russell, the father of the police officer so tragically killed in recent days.

Bully regime holds Canadian citizen

When a bully regime can’t have its way, matters always get back to this it seems. “We have your people and we won’t let them go” That’s the primitive behavior of the UAE government this weekend. It’s a lesson for the rest of the world of what to expect from such places. What’s it about? Canada owns something which the UAE wants, namely landing rights at Toronto airport. It already has some but it wants more. The Canadian government suspects, with cause, that if the UAE gets more access it will aggressively poach business to Europe from Air Canada. Call it what you like, but there is no civilized excuse to hold a businessman essentially in captivity over a doubtful visa requirement as the UAE is doing this weekend. In the end, the airline in question, Emirates, might well concern itself less with landing rights than the disgust of potential passengers.

Earth’s tilted axis makes us cold

Yes, it’s cold and much more is expected. An incredible -22 is forecast for overnight Sunday. Next week, a figurative heat wave as temperatures head back up to near zero. So these are pictures of the cold winter Sun over South Bayview on Saturday. The Sun looks a long way off and it is. But curiously, it isn’t the Sun’s distance from Earth that makes the seasons. Science explains: “Winter is caused by the Earth’s axis angle relative to the Sun. The Northern hemisphere has winter in the Dec-March time frame, and the Southern has winter in the June-Sept range because that’s when each hemisphere has the most oblique angle to the Sun. The angle of the Sun (and length of the days) determines how much energy is delivered, and thus the temperature.” So there you have it. Safe to say, we’re at a very oblique angle to the Sun these days.

Mad Italian closed til February 3, 2011

The Mad Italian at 1581 South Bayview will be closed for ten days, ending Thursday February 3, 2011. The entire family has gone back to Italy to attend the International Convention of Gelato.

Lovely lutists lightly levitating

A dazzling closing show at the Shanghai Expo. Midway through, an ensemble of lutists is featured. They are playing beautifully and sitting on — apparently — nothing. Quite enchanting. .

Leaside Hockey Silent Auction

The 21st Anniversary Leaside Flames Select Tournament will run from Friday, February 11 to Sunday, February 13 this year. The Leaside Hockey Association will conduct its silent auction fundraiser in conjunction with the tournament. Drew Homewood has asked local business and others to donate gift baskets, merchandise or services to support the auction and the hockey association. Drew may be contacted at (416) 456-5114 or

Folly of text-walking caught on tape

There isn’t much to say except please, please be careful when you text. Courtesy Trish Stuebing’s Store Diary.