99 years for mom who glued child’s hands to wall

A Dallas woman who beat her 2-year-old daughter and glued the toddler’s hands to a wall was sentenced Friday to 99 years in prison by a judge who described his decision as a necessary punishment for a brutal, shocking attac

Police go door-to-door in murder investigation

Toronto Police are out this wet Sunday morning going to door to door in the Finch-Martingrove area in an all-out effort to solve the murders of two men last Tuesday. The bodies of  Suleiman Ali, 26, and Warsame Ali, 26, were found after police responded to sounds of gunshots. The police have gone to the special effort of delivering flyers to homes to assist in finding leads.

William and Maeva are dance winners again

This is a highly entertaining video of competitors at the International Lindy Hop Championship this summer in Arlington, Virginia. It runs slightly more than 11 minutes and contains several appearances by a young French couple, William Mauvais and Maeva Truntzer, who came in first. They begin the dancing seen here (Maeva is in the pink sneakers) and set the pace for a lively review by all the competitors. Their website reports that William and MaĆ©va are from the south of France. They met on the dance floors where they were competing when they were only 14 years old. William and Maeva have been crowned Boogie Woogie World Champions four times (2005, 2008, 2009, and 2010). Readers may remember video shown here of  the William and Maeva Boogie Woogie. The couple decided to turn their professional dancing career to the Lindy Hop in 2011. But they have not put aside their favourite style completely. 

Christ Church Deer Park Rummage Sale

Assistant curate Julie Meakin (left) and rummage sale director Maxine Henry are seen at the annual Christ Church Deer Park rummage sale which took place Saturday at the church, Yonge and Heath Streets. The sale is nearly 60 years old and this year saw a great turnout for the many rooms full of  winter clothing, coats, sweaters, linens, kitchenware and costume jewellery.  The sale was once again greatly in the debt of the many volunteer parishioners who help run the sale. 

Ghoulish Giveaway events at Tremblett’s

The annual Ghoulish Giveaway event has found a lot of Happy Halloween families today. Left, a family gets free photo. Right, these two kids are stocked up with hot dogs, cotton candy and a balloon sculpture., Wow. The sponsors are Tremblett’s, Real Estate Broker Charlene Kalia and the Royal Bank.  

Credit card crooks target man at Bayview Metro

Ladies at a Saturday gathering shared the story of a South Bayview area man who was targeted by what appears to be a husband and wife confidence team. The elaborate theft began about a week ago when the gentleman was in the express checkout at the Metro at Bayview and Eglinton. Customers were tightly lined up to pay for their few items. Security camera video reveals one of the fraudsters, who was behind the victim, using a cell phone to apparently catch the man punching in his PIN.  This was done on the pretext that the thieves were making a phone call.  After checkout, the two quickly located the man in the parking lot and followed him home. There they approached him using the old ruse that they were looking for directions. They produced a map and said they wanted to find some distant location. The resident pored over the map, giving them directions while one of the two plucked his wallet from an outside pocket in his utility pants. The card was removed and the wallet replaced. Within a few hours several large charges were made against the card. Police are investigating   

This heavy tow was a job for a Toyota Tundra

Shuttle Endeavor is a huge attraction as it  is towed by a Toyota Tundra truck over the Los Angeles freeway to complete its first day on its trip to the California Science Center for display.

Chilly weekend of rummage sales and marathons

A sharply colder night and chilly Saturday will see a South Bayview weekend of rummage sales and pre-Halloween events. Sunday, when it will be clear and a bit warmer, as many as 25,000 marathon runners will throng through the downtown streets starting at 8 am from the intersection of University Avenue and Armoury Street. Don’t try driving downtown on Sunday.  Runners in the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon and half run will head east and west in an elaborate series of routes Click map to see routes. On the South Bayview homefront, there will be rummage sales Saturday at Manor Road United, Leaside United, Christ Church Deer Park and countless others. At Tremblett’s Valu Mart at 1500 Bayview, there’s the Ghoulish Giveaway event with family pictures, barbecue and other fun. It goes from 11 am. to 2 pm.  Have a great weekend. Click map to go to site.

Mt Pleasant closure caused by the Yellow Creek

When work crews found water leaking into the new tunnel of the Midtown Power Corridor on Wednesday they were tangling with one of Toronto’s many  usually unseen and often underground rivers and creeks. In this case, it was the venerable Yellow Creek which stretches from Yonge Street through the beautiful Avoca Ravine and crosses Mt Pleasant just about where the tunnelling is going on.  Mt. Pleasant Road was closed overnight and Toronto Fire Services helped pump out the tunnel. According to Toronto Fire Services district chief Paul Halls, crews had tunneled about 48 metres underground when they ran into trouble. About three-quarters of the way down, minor water leaks were detected. However, technicians were able to inject concrete into the tunnel walls to stop the leak. They continued digging, but ran into a major leak further down, which they were unable to plug with concrete. The Toronto Fire Service was then called to the scene to begin filling the tunnel with water — a technique used to reduce pressure and prevent a collapse. Once the water rises to the level of the leak, pressure coming in from the leak subsides and the tunnel walls typically stabilize.d  The Yellow Creek is on an important nature walk through what is known as the  Park Drive Reservation. It has been closed to the public since 1973. and was used  to access the network of roads in the Don valley prior to construction of the Don Valley Parkway and the extension to Bayview Ave.  The picture is courtesy of  rudy.ca and shows the Yellow Creek at it’s most picturesque. and non-threatening.  City of Toronto, CTV, Rudy.ca

“Butter knife bandit” strikes at Eglinton/Wynford

A man using what’s being described as a butter knife robbed the Royal Bank branch near Wynford Dr. and Eglinton Ave E on Tuesday, September 25, 2012.  He held the knife to the back of a bank employee while instructing a teller to fill a plastic bag with cash. There is a good security camera shot of the man and police are thinking that someone will recognize him. Can you help catch the Butter Knife Bandit?

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Toronto Sun

Girl, 15, leaves video testament to her anguish

Three pictures of a lovely-looking young woman who was in fact desperate for friends and an escape from Internet bullying. Amanda Todd, 15, of  Vancouver,  took  her life Wednesday a few days after she used YouTube to share her heart-wrenching story of being bullied online and beaten at school. Her simple, touching video is seen here.