Second-wave hits downtown, Canada backs vaccine access

The Ministry of Health is reporting 478 new cases of C-19 Tuesday for the 24-hour period ending at midnight. Three new deaths have occurred. Health Minister Elliott says there are 153 cases reported in Toronto, 95 in Peel Region and 90 in Ottawa. She says 68 percent of the new cases are in people under the age of 40.

Interactive map

The City’s interactive map showing recent cases (within three weeks) reveals that the virus is raging in the condominium communities along the waterfront. The neighbourhood officially known as Waterfront Communities-The Island has reported 88 cases in recent days. Find the map here.

Canada joins 64 high-income states to expand C-19 vaccine access

Canada, the UK and the EU jurisdictions are among 64 countries pledged to expand global access to C-19 vaccines by funding a purchasing pool organized by the World Health Organization and other nonprofit groups, leaders of the effort announced Monday. The US and China have both opted out.

Girl, 14, dies after being mired in a bog while freeing horse

A teen girl who died in deep mud trying to extricate her horse has been identified as Zara Buren, 14, of Hamilton. Hamilton police say Zara was riding with her mother on an unfamiliar trail in Flamborough on Monday when her horse became stuck in the mud in a marshy bog. “The experienced riders were riding on a path not familiar to them when the horse ridden by the 14-year-old became trapped in a marshy bog,” Hamilton police said in a release. “The rider was able to dismount the horse and while waiting for help, she became submerged and a short time later she was pulled from the marsh without vital signs. The rider was transported to the hospital however, she succumbed to her injuries.”

FB post reports that Sobey’s on Mt. Pleasant to close soon

A post to Leaside Community Facebook says that Sobey’s Urban Fresh store at Mt. Pleasant Rd. near Soudan  Ave. will close in October. The reason given was that a related company, Farm Boy, will soon open at Yonge St. and Soudan Ave. The assumption is that location is the new Art Shoppe Lofts and Condos at 2131 Yonge St., but no firm address has been published. Both Sobey’s and Farm Boy are owned by Empire Company of Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Farm Boy is a favourite with many shoppers but the old rule that most people go to the grocery store closest to their homes seems likely to prevail.

Where’s Michelle? Went out Friday in track pants, tank top

Toronto Police are asking for the public’s help in finding Michelle Tomlinson, 35, missing since Friday in the Lawrence Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue area. She was last seen at about 2 p.m. that day. Her plans are not revealed but she was dressed in brown and green camouflage track pants, a white tank top, and a black sweater. Ms. Tomlinson is 5’6″ and 150 lbs.

Recent releases describe gun seizure, murder and arson

Security caps of suspect in Yonge/Dundas assault of senior

Police have released security camera captures of a suspect in the reported assault of a man, 77, on Friday afternoon at Dundas St East and Yonge St. They say the victim was approached by two perpetrators who began to assault him. The pictured suspect is described as mid to late 20s, wearing a blue and white checkered dress shirt, grey pants and white running shoes. He was last seen entering the shopping mall at 10 Dundas Street East.

Taxi driver robbed at knife-point

Police are seeking a teen who robbed a cabbie in the City’s northwest on Saturday. Somewhere near Keele St and Four Winds Drive he held a knife to the throat of the driver and demanded cash. The perpetrator is 15 to 17 years old. He is said to be black, approximately 6″ with a slim build, and wearing a brown zip-up hooded sweater, black pants and a blue medical mask.

Driver escapes injury in Hwy 401 conflagration at Kennedy

Highway cameras have captured a tractor-trailer fire on the 401 at Kennedy Rd. Sunday night just before midnight. No one was injured.

Motorcyclist, 23, dies as bike goes off rural road in Uxbridge

A young motorcyclist from Pickering died Sunday when his bike left bumpy, unpaved Pickering Concession Road 7 at Chalk Lane Rd. in Uxbridge. The rider, 23, was fatally injured when the vehicle apparently struck a steel signpost, one of several at the corner. He was declared dead at a local hospital late in the afternoon. Durham police conclude that the young man lost control of his bike for reasons they are still investigating.

Front-line MGH critical-care MD urging much more testing

Dr. Michael Warner, a critical care doctor at Michael Garron Hospital, is seen on the CBC. He expresses an urgent need for much, much more C-19 testing in Ontario. He seems to feel that a range of 100,000 a day is needed. But he also says there has not been an adequate explanation of why this target cannot be reached. Right now, a big day of testing in Ontario is 35,000. Tough talk for tough times.

C-19 continues to surge, Monday count is 425

Ontario’s COVID-19 cases continue to climb, with 425 new cases confirmed on Monday, the highest one-day total since June 6. There were 365 cases reported on Sunday. The most new cases are in Toronto (175), followed by Peel (84) and Ottawa (60). In a tweet, Health Minister Christine Elliott noted that 67 percent of new cases are in people under the age of 40. There were 31,700 tests completed — with City News

Aw nuts! It’s definitely going to get an awful lot colder soon

Yes, even this happy forager snapped by Leslieville’s Colin Mcconnell can’t make the advancing days go slower. In fact, we’ll get some summer-like weather this week but it’s all downhill after that, depending on your preferences.

A week after Leaside thrash, there’s a “car show” in Ancaster

One week after the screeching and simulated gunshot thrash in Leaside’s SmartCentre parking lot, four police departments have combined to disperse a huge late-night “car show” at the Ancaster Cineplex grounds. There’s lots on Twitter. Note the choice insight from “Lisa” below that dump trucks were used to stop an earlier gathering in Guelph.  CBC

No abduction from Brampton as previously feared say cops

Peel Police say there was apparently no kidnapping or abduction of a woman from a mall at the corner of Creditview Rd. and Wanless Drive Saturday night. A release at Sunday noon says that police have now viewed video from a business at the commercial site in Brampton. They say it appears that a woman in a red vehicle and two men in a black SUV arrived at the mall. There was an argument between one of the men and the woman they say. But the woman returned to the red vehicle and the man returned to the black SUV at which point both vehicles left. Concern was raised overnight when someone said they had seen the woman being forced into a car. 

Pedestrians hit by streetcar on St. Clair

Details remain sketchy about a collision between two pedestrians and a streetcar at St. Clair Ave. West and Harvie Ave Saturday night about 9.30 p.m. The only account so far is at the TPS Operations Twitter site. It says one person was taken to hospital with injuries that were later diagnosed as life-threatening.