Leaside FB discusses unknown man sneaking around yard

A resident of Leaside near Rumsey and Millwood Rds. has posted seeing a man scurrying around the backyard and then dashing away without answering her inquiries. The long thread which has developed carries a consensus that this was someone casing the home for a break-in. FB

City requires a mask in stores as US stumbles into disaster

Toronto Council has voted to make it mandatory for citizens to wear a face mask when they are inside a store or business of any type. On the same day, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be totally out of control in several parts of the US. Many predict that there will soon be more than 100,000 new cases found every day.

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AC cuts 30 routes: Toronto to Kingston and North Bay gone

Air Canada will cancel as many as 30 regular routes across Canada including four in Ontario. Gone is service from Toronto to North Bay, Toronto to  Kingston, London to Ottawa and Windsor to Montreal. It’s clear the airline is in a shambles as COVID-19 essentially forbids travel by air. A list of other routes cancelled is seen in the Air Canada release.

Veteran reporter, ex-cop suspects arson at NY repair centre

Fire has destroyed a number of cars Tuesday at a collision repair centre on Champagne Drive in North York. Reporter and former police officer Cam Woolley is quoted by Newstalk1010 Radio as saying he thinks the blaze is likely deliberate.

Putin spins a fantasy that WWII allies conspired with Hitler

Vladimir Putin is said to be finding lots of support for his plan to become Russia’s president forever. As in China, democracy is just another silly word. Among the tales being told by the former KGB agent to xenophobic loyalists is that the US, UK and other allies conspired with Hitler. No mention apparently of how Stalin happily grabbed half of Poland when the Nazis invaded Warsaw in 1939.

Massage parlour thief used chokehold, knife to rob victims

Toronto Police are asking for help in finding a man who they believe committed eight knife-point robberies on the east side of Toronto. These occurred between February and March 2020 as spas and massage parlours. He forced victims into a chokehold then held a knife to their throat. He is described as thin build, approximately 5’5”, 25-30 years old, with black hair and speaks Mandarin. Other Toronto releases

Chopper audio of woman hiker found near Hunstville

OPP have released nighttime video and audio of the successful discovery of a woman hiker near Huntsville. OPP@OPPCommisssioner

New virus cases down Tuesday, but Toronto, Peel need work

The Ministry of Health reports 157 new COVID-19 infections Tuesday during the 24-hour period ending at midnight. Some 99 of these cases occurred in Toronto, Peel and York Region, 17 were found in Windsor-Essex. Ontario reported 111 cases on Friday, 160 on Saturday, 178 on Sunday and 257 on Monday, with all but 80 of those found in migrant agricultural workers in the Windsor-Essex area. This period saw 23,759 tests completed. Daily summaries

Leaside, Moore Park, Davisville Village give virus a miss

The interactive map maintained by the City tells its own story about where, when and maybe why COVID-19 occurs. It shows local figures. There have been a total of 23 cases in Leaside and Bennington, 24 in Moore Park and Rosedale and 19 in the part of Davisville Village defined as Mt. Pleasant East. Hover your mouse pointer (or cursor) over the neighborhoods to see totals to date. NOTE: The City website forces you to find link at top of its main page. Look for COVID-19 Neighbourhood Maps

Virus wrap visits strip club, Chinese get unfinished vaccine

A new outbreak of COVID-19 cases in British Columbia has been traced to a Vancouver strip club which was “skirting the rules in some way.” Terrible but it’s hard to suppress a smirk. Then, China is injecting its soldiers with a vaccine that has skipped final testing. It is produced by the military’s research unit and CanSino Biologics, which has a collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada. Here at home, Mayor Tory says that he will support a recommendation that would make it mandatory for residents to wear a face mask in all “indoor settings where the public gathers.” Tory says that the bylaw will take effect on July 7, provided that it is approved by Council as it meets Tuesday.

Golden State Killer pleads guilty in front of victims, families

The evil crimes of Joseph DeAngelo, the so-called Golden State Killer, who murdered and raped dozens of victims during a crime rampage that lasted decades, has pleaded guilty to all known offenses.

City Council defeats police budget cut by vote of eight to 16

Toronto City Council has voted in favour of a series of reforms that could alter the future of policing in the city, including the creation of a non-police response team for mental health calls and a mandate to require all officers to have body-worn cameras by 2021. But a motion to cut next years police budget failed. Members Josh Matlow (Ward 12) and Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 13) had called for a 2021 police budget cut of at least 10 percent, redirecting the money toward community services. The motion was defeated by a vote of eight to 16.

800-lb automatic speed cam stolen from Jameson/Queen

Police are asking public help in finding an 800-lb automatic traffic camera apparently stolen from near Jameson Ave and Queen St. West. The Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) system was set to go into action Wednesday snapping speeders and sending tickets for a single km/hr (or more) infraction. This device typically requires a hydraulic lift to remove it

Back less than ten days, Kingston nail salon a focus of virus

A Kingston nail salon open less than ten days and supposedly under strict distancing rules has been the focus of 25 COVID-19 cases. The local MOH, Keiran  Moore, has told the CBC that Binh’s Nail and Spa was operating without masks and no social distance plan. Six of the cases are staff, six are clients and the rest are their close contacts.