Golden State Killer pleads guilty in front of victims, families

The evil crimes of Joseph DeAngelo, the so-called Golden State Killer, who murdered and raped dozens of victims during a crime rampage that lasted decades, has pleaded guilty to all known offenses.

City Council defeats police budget cut by vote of eight to 16

Toronto City Council has voted in favour of a series of reforms that could alter the future of policing in the city, including the creation of a non-police response team for mental health calls and a mandate to require all officers to have body-worn cameras by 2021. But a motion to cut next years police budget failed. Members Josh Matlow (Ward 12) and Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 13) had called for a 2021 police budget cut of at least 10 percent, redirecting the money toward community services. The motion was defeated by a vote of eight to 16.

800-lb automatic speed cam stolen from Jameson/Queen

Police are asking public help in finding an 800-lb automatic traffic camera apparently stolen from near Jameson Ave and Queen St. West. The Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) system was set to go into action Wednesday snapping speeders and sending tickets for a single km/hr (or more) infraction. This device typically requires a hydraulic lift to remove it

Back less than ten days, Kingston nail salon a focus of virus

A Kingston nail salon open less than ten days and supposedly under strict distancing rules has been the focus of 25 COVID-19 cases. The local MOH, Keiran  Moore, has told the CBC that Binh’s Nail and Spa was operating without masks and no social distance plan. Six of the cases are staff, six are clients and the rest are their close contacts.

Bad setback among farm migrants but there’s good news too

The Ministry of Health says Monday that an outbreak of 177 COVID-19 cases among Essex County migrant farmworkers has driven its 24-hour total of cases to 257. The good news is that there were just 80 cases elsewhere in the province. Once again widespread testing continues. Sunday local health officials and others completed more than 27,000 tests. Daily summaries

Matlow, Wong-Tam to spearhead reduction of police budget

City Council was streaming questions to the police chief and others Monday for those with the stamina. City Council

All-new 2021 Ford F-150 is the limousine of pickup trucks

That old tinkerer Henry Ford would be stunned to see the 2021 version of the pickup truck that bears his name. Reclining seats, a front seat that converts into an office and power plugs in the cargo bed powered by the engine. That’s so you operate an electric tool without hydro. Ford coined the name pickup truck and built the first one in 1925.

Sunday virus cases at 178 as Ontario sees infection recede

The Ministry of Health has counted 178 new cases of COVID-19 Sunday for the 24-hour period ending at midnight. This number creeps up a bit on recent counts but is still under 200 and seen as a sign the infection receding. Daily summaries

Metrolinx rips up trees, shafts Thursfield Cres. homeowners

North Leaside homeowners on Thursfield Cres. are demanding that Metrolinx and its agent Crosslinx keep a promise to replace the huge swath of trees that was clear-cut to make way for the LRT. When work began, Metrolink promised that the original privacy of the ravine lots would be restored with new trees. But now it says that the use of polypropylene mesh to rebuild the sides of the ravine will not support the replacement of trees and that it plans to plant shrubs rather than trees. Leaside residents have started a petition calling for Metrolinx to keep its promise.

Brutal price paid by homeowners

The petition says the “ravine lot” status of homes on Thursfield Cres. has been compromised to the point they have lost all privacy at the rear of the properties. “The wholesale destruction of the greenspace has forever changed the habitat for birds and other wildlife. And the area is now exposed to traffic noise. The ravine view has been replaced with an unobstructed view of the Eglinton traffic,” says the petition. It’s a brutal price to pay for conscientious homeowners who chose this pleasant corner of the City in which to settle. The petition is targetting 1,500 signatures and is well on the way.

Record 33,492 tests find 160 new cases, 91 or more in GTA

The Ontario Ministry of Health has found 160 new cases of COVID-19 in the province after a record-breaking 24-hours of testing ending at midnight. That’s up from 111 found the day before but continues the under-200 litmus test in a winning struggle to eliminate the infection here. Officials are heartened that it took a record 33,492 tests to find merely 160 cases. At least 91 of them are in the GTA with data for Toronto (56) and Peel (35) published. All daily summaries

Bees knees, 88A detour, Sebastian is 8 and hooray Saturday

The busy professionals up at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre are celebrating National Pollinator Week by installing three beehives on the hospital campus. They’re home to some 30,000 bees. What a buzz. Upper right in this South Bayview gallery is a flag to 88A riders that the bus will be diverted in Thorncliffe Park Monday and Tuesday because of construction. Down below we see Darren of NovoMasks. They’re over at Millwood Rd. and Bayview Ave. outside Wild Wing this weekend selling Leaside-made Canada Day masks. At right we see Sebastian’s birthday cake (LOL). He’s eight and counting. Lastly, a reminder from Access Storage about their tent outside Charmaine Sweets yummy pastries now that the shop has re-opened at the corner of Brentcliffe and Vanderhoof Ave.

Leslieville snack caught by photographer Colin Mcconnell

Nature photographer Colin Mcconnell has posted another of his frequent Facebook galleries from walks in Leslieville. Always worth a look. FB