Open tryouts for players 6 through 14 at Leaside Baseball

Cable station that told world of Titanic will be demolished

The Nova Scotia cable station that relayed first word of the sinking of the Titanic to a shocked world will be demolished, according to the Nova Scotia village of Hazel Hill where it is located. The historic 1888 monument to modern communication was built by the Commercial Cable Company and handled more than 3,000 messages a day in the early years of the last century, including profound events of WWI. The station was once famous enough to grace post cards (above). Commercial Cable created Hazel Hill, about 100 km east of Halifax, as a white-collar enclave for the modern industry it ran. It built its employees “new and stylish homes” with such added amenities as a tennis court, cricket field, curling rink and a manager’s home complete with a ballroom. Hazel Hill has dwindled to merely 500 souls and the shuttered station, out of business since 1962, has defied efforts to somehow save it. The community has been told it is unsafe but that must surely be just about the cost of making it safe. It appears a rare piece of Canadian history is about to flattened for lack of money and, at the federal level, not much interest.

It may pay you to book that winter vacation by October 31

Scott Waldron of Gravitate Travel is talking about a winter 2018 vacation that offers a nice promotional bonus for pre-booking by October 31 of this year. Normally if a family books a vacation with Gravitate at a Hard Rock Resort Hotel in the Caribbean or Mexico on these terms and pays for it, the resort will give the family a Limitless Resort Credit based on the number of nights they have booked for. For a stay of 5 nights, for example, they would get a USD 1,500 credit and for 7 nights they get a USD 1,800 credit on their room account. However with the promotion currently running, a 5-night stay gets USD 3,000 and a 7-night stay gets USD 3,600 credit on their room account if booked by October 31, 2017. When they arrive at the property they can review all the Spa treatments and Tour options offered by the hotel and use their resort credit towards those services. It seems to mean no more lifting of the wallet for tours and spa appointments people normally pay extra for at other resorts. An amazing value for couples, girlfriend getaways and families alike. The only thing paid is a 20 per cent resort fee on any amount of the resort credit they use. So, if they only use USD 300 of the resort credit, they pay 20% of the USD 300 so USD 60. Gravitate Travel is an advertiser in the Bulldog and this post has the quality of an ad. See their site at Gravitate

Amsterdam job fair to staff new Barrel House on Laird Dr.

Amsterdam Brewery has announced a job fair to hire employees for the Amsterdam Barrel House now nearing completion at 87 Laird Drive in the Leaside Village. The restaurant and on-site brewery location will specialize in handcrafted food and beer and is set to open at a date yet to be announced. But soon.

Does “Breaking News” make us worry that we’re not safe?

A Mainstreet/Postmedia poll of 2,050 people nationally has found that 52 per cent think Toronto is “unsafe” even though, person for person, it is the safest City in the country. The easy response is to suggest people are mistaken to be concerned. But in fairness to those who think this way, it remains true that Torontonias at least live in closer proximity to more criminal incidents simply because there are more people here. Take it for what it’s worth. We’re guessing people in South Bayview, where there’s very little crime, are uneasy about shootings in other parts of Toronto. It’s too close. Add that to the excited presentation of news with music and sound effects, and yes, maybe we feel unsafe now and then. Read the conventional view from the pollster of this phenomenon who may think we’re silly. CP24

Man held for arson fires at Trinity Church, near Ryerson

A man has been arrested for a string of small fires downtown early Wednesday. One was at the Church of the Holy Trinity at 19 Trinity Square. Other fires were at George and Gerrard Streets and Dalhousie and Gould Streets in the vicinity of Ryerson University. Toronto Fire Captain Adrian Ratushniak told the CBC there were three to four fires that started before 5 a.m. in various spots in the downtown core.

Elegant Garage sign comes down as new tenant reported

The Elegant Garage Sale sign was taken down Tuesday night. It has hung over the door of the old bank building at 1588 Bayview Ave. for nearly four decades. With this movement, the many reports that the location has been leased seem correct. Elegant Garage closed last September, somewhat more than a year after the death in 2015 of founder and abiding presence Lynn Albert.

Briefly, 8 charged, fibs about Uber and physician loses ticket

It appears drugs may be behind two incidents of gunfire into a home in Vaughan. After the second occurrence, police traced suspects to Kitchener and have now arrested eight people ranging in age from 19 to 32. A ninth person, age 22, is still sought. In Toronto, a 25-year-old woman says she was sexually assaulted by a man, 33, who told her he was an Uber driver. This occurred near the night spots at Cherry and Polson Sts Sunday night. The accused is named as Muhammad Fahad. The woman told police she was approached by a man pretending to be an Uber driver outside a nightclub. And a Toronto psychiatrist has lost his licence to practise after becoming romantically involved with a former patient less than a month after their professional relationship ended. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario says Dr. Nagi Ghabbour failed to respond to the woman’s escalating feelings for him while she was his patient and “clearly did not recognize his own part in it.” The regulatory body says Ghabbour, 55, should have known how to manage the situation but instead chose to “pursue his own romantic needs.”

Young bride-to-be from Ontario killed on Michigan highway

An Innisfil woman, Cassandra Hunter, 27, has died in a highway accident near Troy, Michigan in a car driven by her fiance. State Highway Patrol says the two were rear-ended by a Ford F-150 pickup driven by an impaired driver. Michigan cops also say they suspect that Hunter’s fiance, Jospeh Spatano, may have slowed down to coordinate with anotheer driver, possibly to race, but there is no proof of that. It appears the couple were sitting ducks for the drunk trucker. They had attended an event called Dream Cruise in Troy. The 1984 Mazda Rx-8 with sporty wheels and after-market front lighting was left broken and burned after it was rear-ended by the truck. The crash happened overnight Saturday in the center lane of southbound I-75. Hunter and her fiance were to be married later this month.

Leaside Garden Club meeting, flower show in September

Don Beard of the Leaside Garden Society has written to mention the next meeting of the society will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday September 14 at the Leaside Public Library, 165 McRae Drive. Landscape Designer Wolfegang Bonham will speak about the Evening Garden. Then on Saturday, September 16, the LGS Annual Flower show will take place at the library between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.

Three bikers die on highway curve in Kawarthas Sunday

Three motorcyclists are dead in a series of accidents which began when one rider crossed the centre line on a curve on Highway 507 in the Kawartha Lakes township of Trent Lakes, OPP report. A fourth person is in hospital with grievous injuries. Police say Greg Campbell, 43, from Toronto, Mark Langhorne, 40, from Oshawa, and Scott Knill, 45, from Woodville, a village west of Lindsay, all died. Campbell and Langhorne were part of Nasty North Ryderz Evolution, a Toronto motorcycle club. OPP say one of the riders in a group of 11 northbound motorcycles crossed the center line on a winding portion of the road and collided with two southbound motorcycles which were part of a group of three. Soon after that, another northbound motorcyclist hit a car that had stopped at the scene and another northbound motorcyclist went off the roadway and into the ditch.

South Bayview photo medley plays sad and sweet all at once

Friends and members of Leaside United Church are tweeting and no doubt offering personally their best wishes to and regret at the departure of Rev. Rose Ann Vita. She will leave LUC August 31 after yeoman work in the merging of the congregations of LUC and Presteign-Woodbine United Church   Her new duties will be at Emmanuel United Church in Brampton. Thanks and much good luck Reverend. Then a peach of a reminder that this is market day at the East York Civic Centre. Below that, a vintage Hawker Siddely car for rail fans seen in 1997 at Davisville Station. Then, it may be a free plug but we can’t resist a good egg sandwich seen here as tweeted by Chef Mike of @6SideCatering in Thorncliffe Park. Finally, Speak Rover, and then get over to the Park and Bark Dog Show on Saturday, September 16 in the parking lot on Yonge St. just north of Davisville Ave.