St. Michael’s whiz kids seek flu bullet among the zebrafish

At St. Michael’s Hospital two young doctors are testing a fish smaller than the nail on your finger to see if they catch the flu. They figure any fish that survives their testing may be a key to better vaccine for their two-legged bro fish. Nitish Bissonauth with that. Then, the improbable and shabby get-together of North Korea and Cuba. That’s followed by the excellent profile of the North Korean defector now recovering from five gunshot wounds in a Seoul hospital. And finally, Melbourne cops make a scary rescue of a woman who wandered down on the subway tracks. Got to see it.

At St. Michael’s Hospital two young doctors are testing a fish smaller than your pinky nail to see if they catch the flu. They figure any fish that survives their testing may be a key to better vaccine us two-legged fish.

Wanted for assault on teen girls at Mt. Pleasant, Davisville

Police are seeking a man who is alleged to have committed several sexual assaults on girls in the area of Mt. Pleasant Rd. and Davisville Ave. Friday. He is also known to have been on Bayview Ave. during the afternoon. At about 12.30 p.m. a girl, 15, was walking near Mt. Pleasant and Davisville when she was approached by the man. He sexually assaulted her and fled. Somewhat later, similar acts occurred involving girls ranging in age from 12 to 14. He is described as approximately 50, thin to medium build, with short light brown/greying hair, blue eyes, and acne scars to his face. He was wearing a dark blue sweater and light blue jeans. Anyone with further information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7474 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).


Fight between two men causes mass panic in London tube

A fight between two men at the Oxford Circus subway station in London somehow triggered mass panic among afternoon commuters Friday and produced fears of a terrorist attack. London police responded with a full deployment to what they believed could well be an attack on civilians like those seen in recent months. After an hour or so of investigation, police said they had found nothing. But they have issued a call for the identification of two men believed to have unwittingly caused the panic when they fought.


In the deadliest-ever attack by Islamic extremists in Egypt, gunmen killed 235 members of a Muslim sect considered infidels by the gang. It is said to be the work of an ISIS remnant still at large in the country. They struck the crowded mosque during Friday prayers, blasting helpless worshippers with gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades and blocking their escape routes. The attack in the troubled northern part of the Sinai Peninsula targeted a mosque frequented by Sufis, members of a mystic movement within Islam. Islamic militants, including the local affiliate of the Islamic State group, consider Sufis heretics because of their less literal interpretations of the faith.


A Beijing nursery is accused of giving injections and feeding drugs to toddlers in a case that has sparked outrage in China, the BBC reports. Authorities are now investigating the nursery, which is a branch of the well-known RYB Education chain. The government has also begun a check of all nurseries in the capital. This incident comes weeks after a Shanghai childcare centre was alleged to have abused several toddlers. At least eight children attending the RYB Education pre-school in the upscale Chaoyang district are said to have been injected with unknown substances. Parents told local media they had discovered needle marks on their children’s bodies in recent days and also circulated photographs online. They said their children were fed pills or syrup before their nap time. One father told state broadcaster CCTV that his child had said that every day after lunch they would be given two white pills, and “go to sleep” after eating the pills. Local media report that some parents are also alleging possible sexual abuse, saying their children were stripped naked.

Moose meanders Markham, survives close miss on highway

A moose which has been meandering through Markham during Friday is said by police to be resting in a ravine late in the afternoon. The moose was first seen in Buttonville Airport but has since moved on. Authorities are hoping to figure out how to tranquillize the beast and take it to a safer place. As the video above shows, the great animal had a very narrow miss crossing a highway. Moose on Twitter


Eric Cole, wildlife care manager at the Toronto Zoo, says it will be crucial to capture the animal before dark or it will become even harder to track. “You have immobilize it. You’re talking about an animal that’s 1,400 lbs — it’s sheer power and it’s not used to human contact. You can’t throw nets on it, so it needs to be tranquilized,” he told CBC Toronto. Cole explained the moose would have travelled from quite a bit farther north, perhaps near Peterborough or even Algonquin Park. “It’s very unusual for it to come this far south,” he said. “He’s come quite a bit out of his natural habitat.”

Various police releases and updates for Friday, Nov. 24

Upper left, the scene November 14 outside the Shoppers Drug Mart at Weston Rd. and Lawrence West where David Blacquiere, 54, of Angus was stabbed to death. The twisting course of the police investigation finally settled on an alleged perpetrator in Christopher Enrique Gordon, 18. But Friday cops say a woman wo was wanted for as an accessory after the fact is only 16. She has turned herself and been charged but Gordon is still on the lam.


Below that is the make and model of the car wanted for mowing down a woman as she crossed with a green light at Steeles Ave and Laureleaf Rd. October 31. It is a white 2014-2016 Mazda 3 Sport GT hatchback. The shocking video is below that. Lastly, the man seen walking from the rear is wanted for a sexual assault on a woman at 12.40 p.m. on October 30.  She was walking in the Sherbourne St. and Gerrard St. East area when he approached her and sexually committed the crime. The man is described as approximately 5’6″, 150 lbs., 40-45, medium build. He was wearing black pants, grey hooded jacket, white head covering.


Black Friday sensation at Canadian Tire sells out same day

The Instant Pot programmable pressure cooker has sold out at Canadian Tire in Leaside in what appears to be a few hours based on posts to the Facebook group Leaside Community. Writers there are dreamy-eyed about this cooking appliance as essentially worry free, unlike a conventional pressure cooker. It is a Canadian company as well according to the CT website.

Cody Winter Fair Dec. 9 and snaps of busy friends among us

Prasanna Bukka at the Maurice Cody Parent Site has kindly written to remind us of the Cody Winter Fair Saturday, December 9 from 10 until 3 at the school. Old favorites like the Home Depot Build It Room and Aunt Edna’s Shopping Emporium will be there again this year. Upper right we see Davisville Junior Public School pupils at a show-and-tell about sugar. Everything in balance as we learn how it affects the body and brain. Centre right, best use of a streetcar ever as Motorman Chris Perrin (left) and his pals plan Santa’s Streetcar gift collection set for Saturday, November 25 in the Beach. Read about it here in the East York Chronicle. Bottom right, the happy faces of the Rites of Passage gang working to empower African Youth at @WoodgreenDotOrg as they mark ten years of this selfless labour. Thank you people.

New lights can analyse video of traffic pileups and adjust

Toronto traffic-light crews are installing new signals which sense and adjust to the flow of vehicles. The work began Friday at Yonge St. and Yonge Boulevard where Mayor Tory was present early in the day.  The job will take a few weeks to finish and see the lights installed at 22 intersections for a pilot period. As reported by CTV, the new lights can sense real-time traffic data through the use of video-analysis. They can also communicate and automatically synchronize with other smart signals in their vicinity. The City is testing two different technologies as part of its pilot project. Smart signals manufactured under the name InSync will be installed at 10 intersections on Yonge between Yonge Boulevard and Castlefield Avenue while smart signals manufactured under the name SCATS will be used at 12 intersections on Sheppard Ave. between Neilson Rd. and Meadowvale Rd.

Here is your bulletin board for (Black) Friday, November 24

It’s as plain as black and white. There are three events here that are worth doing Friday. Below are some easy Black Friday cooking ideas from Lisa Barton of Today’s Menu.

Leef Luxury Consignment’s Really Big Sale now til Monday

Toronto-based online luxury consignment business Leef Luxury is celebrating its first year in business. Leef Luxury is a new advertiser in The Bulldog and it has much to celebrate. “We built this business on the idea of sustainable style” says Roula Panagiotopoulos founder of Leef Luxury.  In today’s world of consumption it’s a good feeling that the item you purchased didn’t contribute to waste. “And we’ve taken a different approach to getting pieces, Roula professes.” The anniversary is being marked with Leef’s Really Big Sale.  It began Thursday, November 22 and is on until Cyber Monday, November 27. Whether you’re in the market to  purchase or thinking of consigning some of your luxury accessories, contact Leef Luxury.   

Should cops be banished when kids say they fear police?

The question above puts a point on the decision by the Toronto District School Board to end the School Resource Officer program (SRO). In the aftermath, TDSB chair Robin Pilkey is saying that some students felt that they were being watched “that they were being intimidated, that they were being targeted in their schools.” A student, Mariam Imran on the other hand offers this: “I thought they make you feel safer. Anything goes wrong you can go to her and she’ll help you out. I don’t like that they removed them.” These sentiments are echoing around the City following the end of SRO. The vote was 18 to 3 to end the program, a hearty endorsement of Ms. Pilkey’s position. But many don’t get it. The mayor is said to wonder why adjustments could not be made in the program for those who felt uncomfortable. And the elusory nature of the complaint from a small group (10 to 12 percent) of students seems to reveal the TDSB as an upside-down place. If there is palpable intimidation it should be discernible. But no such complaint is present. CBC

Bid “to get stories straight” on Babcock disappearance

The Crown has rested its case against Dellen Millard and Mark Smich in the five-week first degree murder trial into the alleged killing of Laura Babcock. Thursday prosecutor Jill Cameron presented letters written to Millard’s then girlfriend Christina Noudga telling her it was necessary for the two of them “to get our stories straight” about “the night Laura disappeared.” There were 65 letters which police found scattered about Ms. Noudga’s bedroom despite appeals in almost all of them that they be destroyed. Millard tells his girlfriend the last time she saw Babcock she was “doing coke with Mark in the basement” and “you saw her alive with Mark with coke.” He described a scenario where Babcock overdosed. In one letter, Millard said, “What I’ve written to you is a rough draft … we need to get our stories straight..He added, “You said you wanted to be a secret agent, you can be mine … here’s your chance to be a covert operative.” Noudga was not called as a witnesses by the Crown in the case. The trial resumes next week with possible witnesses for the defense but there is so far no confirmation of this . .