Marthon underpass fix, sidewalk detours snarl east Leaside

The cheery Hydro One lady at upper left might as well be saying “Relax, this could take forever.” That’s because it has been well over a month since the utility wonks closed the westbound lanes of the old Millwood underpass and started digging. They’re apparently searching for something. An answer to our inquiries is pending. Meanwhile, the summer onslaught of sidewalk construction is causing things like detours off of Southvale.


Upper right are friends Paul Hickey and Lisa Barton of Today’s Menu who remind customers to pop in at the 852 Millwood store. Saturday, June 29 is the last day before their summer break. The store reopens on Tuesday, July 9. Centre right is a wonderful Citroen CV 2 dressed up for a wedding on Roxborough St. West. At left is a shot of the new sign going up at Verdi Tuesday and below that the UPS store in the Sunnybrook Plaza. Sneaky Bulldog sources say it will be down by Eglinton and Laird come September, maybe sooner. You wanted to know, right. Finally, that thing they just hung at the corner of Millwood and Bayview is a Scout Video Collection Unit which says it’s collecting traffic data. But is it? Be careful who you take to McSorley’s.

Google calendar down worldwide about two hours Tuesday

Google Calendar was down for about two hours for users around the world but was available again in Toronto at about 12.30 p.m. Tuesday. Trying to access the calendar generated a 404 error message or a buffering attempt to open. Twitter was deluged with desperate people worried about missing business meetings, appointments, dates and bill payments. Google dashboard

Many bomb threats made against Toronto campuses: TPS

Twitter accounts say that bomb threats have shut down and caused evacuations at the Ontario School of Art and Design (OCAD) and at parts of Ryerson University. Police are saying that threats were made to ten campuses at four schools. George Brown College and Humber College are also named. The threats are clearly coordinated and similar in nature, police say.

Liberal decision-day on oil self-sufficiency or fear of spills

This is the day the federal government is supposed to make a decision to build the Trans Mountain Pipeline (which is owned by you) or not. Despite concerns for the economy, there is widespread support for the project. Most Canadians say the failure of the country to sell its oil and achieve oil self-sufficiency is a crisis.

Stunning new post from area photographer Colin Mcconnell

Area photographer Colin Mcconnell has made another post to Facebook of superb wildlife scenes taken along the eastern shoreline. As he says: “Nature is nice.” And nicely captured, we add. Mcconnell is also on Instagram.

Six men arrested for shooting at Yonge and Gould Streets

Police have arrested six men ranging in age from 21 to 33 following a shooting at Yonge and Gould Sts. early Tuesday. They say it occurred during a dispute in which a 19-year-old was shot. A group of perpetrators fled but were stopped and arrested in possession of weapons and drugs.

Abdulrahman Abdullahi, 23, of Toronto, is charged with:

1. Attempt Murder
2. Discharge with Intent
3. Possess Prohibited Device Knowing No Authority
4. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm
5. Careless Storage of a Firearm
6. Careless Storage of Ammunition
7. Possession of a Restricted Firearm with Ammunition
8. Possession of a Firearm Knowing Its Possession is Unauthorized

Kamal Hassan, 26, of Toronto, is charged with:

1. Attempted Murder
2. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm
3. Possession of a Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized
4. Fail to Comply with Recognizance

Ilyas Riyaleh, 23, of Toronto, is charged with:

1. Carry Firearm in a Careless Manner
2. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm
3. Possession of Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized
4. Possess Prohibited or Restricted Firearm with Ammunition
5. Carry Concealed Weapon

Jovane Watson, 20, of Toronto, is charged with:

1. Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Cocaine
2. Possession of Proceeds of Crime

Zachary Cust, 21, of Toronto, is charged with:

1. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm
2. Careless Storage of a Firearm
3. Possession of a Firearm Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized
4. Carry Concealed Weapon
5. Possession of a Restricted Firearm with Ammunition
6. Proceeds of Crime Not Exceeding $5,000
7. Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Cocaine

Nathaniel Campbell, 33, of Toronto, is charged with:

1. two counts of Carry Concealed Weapon
2. two counts of Unauthorized Possession of Firearm
3. two counts of Possession of a Firearm Knowing Its Unauthorized
4. two counts of Careless Storage of a Firearm
5. two counts of Possession of a Restricted Firearm with Ammunition
6. two counts of Possess Prohibited Device Knowing No Authority
7. three counts of Possession of a Firearm While Prohibited
8. three counts of Fail to Comply with Release

Police, volunteers assist gunshot victims near City Hall rally

Caryn Lieberman of Global News posted a video showing police tending to a wounded person on the sidewalk at Bay and Albert St. beside Old City Hall. According to a tweet from Police Operations, this is one of four persons who received non-life-threatening injuries. Three persons are in custody. The woman in red is brought to the scene by a policewoman, apparently with skills needed to help. She may be a doctor, nurse or paramedic. She is seen putting on rubber gloves. Video is here.

The Toronto Police Service would like to make an appeal for information related to a shooting investigation. On Monday, June 17, 2019, at approximately 3:45 p.m., officers were on patrol and monitoring a large crowd gathered for the Toronto Raptors’ rally at Nathan Phillips Square. It is alleged that a shooting took place nearby at Bay Street and Queen Street West. Officers made three arrests and recovered two firearms. Police have identified four victims with injuries related to the shooting. Anyone with photos or videos from in and around the area at the time of the shooting is asked to upload to

Pilots-eye view of Snowbirds City Hall salute to Raptors

Geri was a brat, Pauley ups the stakes and mourning Gloria

Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) says she was a brat for breaking up the Spice Girls 21 years ago. But she went on to a stunning solo career before re-joining SG and is said to have made a huge fortune along the way. At centre is Pauley Perrette, formerly of the popular crime drama NCIS, who says she left the program because she’s afraid of Mark Harmon. Now she is upping her attacks on Harmon. Finally at the right, Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress, socialite, businesswoman and Anderson Cooper’s mom, has died at age 95. She lived quite a life.

Other news Monday includes pipeline hope, mortgage help

The federal government is expected to approve construction of the now publicly owned Trans Mountain Pipeline, a decision that will be greatly applauded by those concerned about the economy. The federal government is also set to start a program to help new buyers pay for their first home. It will start on Labour Day, shortly before the October general election. The plan will pick up five percent of a mortgage on existing homes for households that earn under $120,000 a year, on a mortgage of no more than $480,000. And Airbus has stepped up the pressure on arch-rival Boeing on the opening day of the Paris airshow by launching a new long-range small passenger jet and announcing $15bn (£12bn) worth of orders. It is called the A321XLR and is a long-haul version of the A321neo that competes with Boeing’s grounded 737 Max.

Shooting at Queen/Bay as rally falls well behind schedule

Police are confirming that as many as three were injured by gunfire in an incident at Bay and Queen Sts. on pavement mobbed with Raptors celebrants. An announcement from the stage while the Prime Minister was present asked fans to stay calm, but not to leave. A late Tweet from Police Operations says that three are injured, but not too seriously, and that two persons are in custody. Weapons have also been seized. On-air commentators for the CBC offered praise for police who acted to quell potential panic.


The huge turnout for the parade and rally slowed the event. Scott Lightfoot of CTV was saying that player introductions were taking place at 3.45 p.m., some three hours later than expected. It seems probable that the rally will last until at least 5 p.m. and perhaps longer, after which crowds will be finding their way home. Downtown streets and mass transit routes are likely to be crowded well into the evening. Below is video posted by Star City Hall reporter Jennifer Pagliaro showing the potential deadly panic. It is quite scary.