Vigil for Kaden Young, missing in flood waters of the Grand

A candlelight vigil was held Thursday night by friends and sympathetic neighbors of the woman whose son, 3, fell into the raging Grand River Wednesday and disappeared. Organizer Catherine Jean said she was moved by the turnout, which she said numbered in the hundreds. Sarah Harvey, who posted the candle-shrine photo to her Facebook account wrote: “The candlelight vigil in Waldemar tonight for Kaden Young, and his family. A lot of people turned out to show support, extend condolences, and just be there. I don’t know the family personally, but I couldn’t imagine how horrible this must be for them. With it being a small town, there was a great deal of support. It’s tragic what happened. I hope they are able to bring the little guy home soon and give his family some peace.” Little hope in search for Kaden Young, 3, in flooded Grand

PM tries to explain and flu onslaught at Toronto hospitals

The prime minister is saying that a Sikh man convicted of shooting and wounding an Indian cabinet minister who was on a visit to BC in 1986 should never have been permitted to tag along on the PM’s trip to India this week. Sounds reasonable, but he was. Then, Harry and Meghan have been subject to the dangerously misguided among us with an anonymous package of white powder sent to them. It was harmless. Below that, the US has broken Canada’s 20 year record of gold medal victories in Olympic women’s hockey. The Americans broke a 2-2 tie in the shootout. We’re crying too. Finally, City News summarizes the onslaught of flu cases at Toronto hospitals.

Cormier not guilty of killing Indigenous girl Tina Fontaine

A jury has found Raymond Cormier, 56, not guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Tina Fontaine, 15, three years ago in the Manitoba capital. The jury has heard that Tina was raised by her great-aunt on the Sagkeeng First Nation, 120 kilometres north of Winnipeg, but went to the city to visit her mother. It was there that the girl became an exploited youth. The verdict was handed down Thursday in Winnipeg. The Crown’s case against Cormier, who had known Fontaine for a period time of time before she was found dead, was largely circumstantial. It argued that forensic evidence had been washed away by the Red River, where the girl’s body was found.  Police arranged to make secret recordings in Cormier’s apartment in which he seemed obsessed with Tina’s killing, saying he wanted to find her killer but also making statements about her death. The Crown claimed that part of Cormier’s motivation for killing Tina was that he wanted to have sex with her before he found out she was under 18, and he didn’t want to be known as a pedophile. One witness, Ernest DeWolfe, testified that Cormier told him he had sex with Tina. There were also statements made by Cormier in the transcripts of the recordings that the Crown argued were admissions that he had sex with her.


One such conversation was with a woman on July 17, 2015 in which Cormier said: “15-year-old girl f–ked. I drew the line, and that’s why she got killed. She got killed, I’ll make you a bet. She got killed because we found out, I found out she was 15 years old.” In another recording from Sept. 25, 2015, Cormier says, “You ever been haunted by something? What happened there really f–king it’s not right. F–k. It’s right on the shore. So what do I do? Threw her in. “I did Tina, f–kin’ supposed to be legal and only 15. (Inaudible) … No going back, too. The cops said if there would have been DNA, and then probably they would’ve had enough evidence to charge, you know that, for the murder of Tina Fontaine.”

Mulroney calls on Brown to get out of PC leadership vote

Caroline Mulroney has joined Doug Ford in calling on Patrick Brown to drop out of the Progressive Conservative leadership race. Mulroney made her call Thursday. She said the race is not the place for Brown, who stepped down amid sexual misconduct allegations, to clear his name. In a statement on Twitter, Mulroney said the Tories need a leader who will put the party before individual needs. She asked other candidates, Christine Elliott, Doug Ford and Tanya Granic Allen, to join her in her call for Brown to quit. But last Friday, Ford issued a statement searing Brown. He said the party was better off without him as leader. “This is as distraction, Ontario deserves better,” Ford said. On CP24 Thursday, Ford stayed on the topic of defeating the Liberals despite much effort to get him to discuss Brown.


Silent majority of cops dead silent on vote to judge Chief

A minority of Toronto police officers and civilian staff have voted 86 percent to express so-called no confidence in the Police Chief Mark Saunders. But just 48.1 percent of some 8,000 eligible association members even bothered to vote. Immediately after the result was announced, the police board issued a statement saying it continues to “fully and unequivocally” support him. The vote is part of a campaign by the association to drive home the belief that the TPS is understaffed. Right or wrong, that view is a hard sell among politicians and police brass.


New on Whitewood and where on earth is the Art Shoppe?

Upper left, here we are on Whitewood Rd. where desirable South Bayview beckons builders. This is No. 4 on the postman’s route and another new build is happening two doors north. Upper right, Harold Shin of the Toronto Police has kindly reminded The Bulldog about the opening ceremony of the Jenner Cricket League Sunday, February 25 at 1.30 at the Jenner Jean Marie Community Centre, 48 Thorncliffe Park Drive. Below that, Deke Macdonald posted this nostalgic brand name a while ago on Leaside Chit Chat. The car (Pontiac) is long gone and even more distant is Rumble’s itself. We liked the corner (Bayview and Broadway) better as a car dealer. Then, an expensive billboard at Bayview and Moore is up to remind you just where the heck the Art Shoppe went after they knocked it down on Yonge St. Lower left is a great photo owned by the Beach Mirror and tweeted by east-side girl Joanne Lavoie showing Scarborough teacher John Turco with the paramedics who saved his life when he had a heart attack while playing basketball at Neil McNeil High School. To the right of that, Jen Bluestein‏ @JenBluestein tweeted a suggestion that this bus stop at Mt. Pleasant and Davisville could use a little love. No kidding. Finally, at bottom right, Eden is no more. The dark little marijuana shop has packed it up after two raids and an armed robbery. Time to go.

Human trafficking, sex assault violations in Thursday cases

Toronto Police are revealing brutal details in the allegations against Tyrel McLean, 18, of Hamilton and Dante Thaxter, 18, of Peel Region (left and centre) in the case of a woman, 19, who was coerced into work as a sex escort. During her efforts to stop such activity she was shot in the buttocks by one of her abusers as he tried o intimidate her with a gun. The weapon was pointed in her face and she pushed it away during which the gun discharged. She was refused medical or hospital treatment for this wound. During January and February she was photographed undressed and had pictures posted to the infamous sex ad publication, which is based in the US. The police say only that on February 10 she was able to escape and went to a hospital where police were called. McLean and Thaxter face 21 charges related trafficking and weapons. The list may be seen here.


A further charge of sexual assault and related allegations are made against this man.  On Sunday, February 18, 2018, a man, 35, reported he had been sexually assaulted numerous times from 1993 to 2001, between the ages of 11 and 19. Robert Humphrey had access to children through coaching baseball and working in hockey rinks in Toronto.


Other matters of importance released Thursday by police relate to fraudulent online ticket sales where people are bilked of money thatis transmitted electronically and a gang of pickpockets roaming downtown. They steal wallets and cash from purses and coats which are unattended or hung on the back of chairs in bars and restaurants. See all February 22 items released so far here

Little hope in search for Kaden Young, 3, in flooded Grand

The search goes on Thursday for three-year-old Kaden Young in the turbulent waters of the flooded Grand River with little hope left that the child will be found alive. He apparently slipped out of his mother’s arms as she tried to get out of her flooded and tilted minivan Wednesday. She is Karen Hanson and it appears that she miscalculated the edge of the road in water that hid an embankment into the river.  The Welland Tribune says that conditions along the waterway have been hazardous since Friday when a flood watch was issued by the Grand River Conservation Authority in anticipation of as much as 40 to 60 millimetres of rain. Days of melt run-off caused by unseasonably warm weather and heavy rain caused flooding to push water as much as a foot over the road, soaking residential properties along the banks. As many as 2,200 homes were evacuated in Brantford Wednesday and some remain unreachable.

Doors Open 2018 to spotlight cinema as the Great Romance

The annual Doors Open Toronto (DOT) will offer a special insight into the City’s film industry. It is set for the weekend of May 26/27 and will be called Film: The Great Romance. Mayor Tory in a release Thursday said that there are more than 1,400 on-location film, television and digital media productions each year in Toronto and that the City is North America’s third largest screen-based production centre.  A series of walking tours exploring several of Toronto’s neighbourhoods will be on offer along with the Open Insights speakers series, a music series and other special programs.More details on Doors Open Toronto, including a complete list of this year’s buildings, walking tours, talks and programs will be available on May 1 at

Woman killed by truck in daylight accident at traffic light

A woman, 67, has been killed by a truck making a left hand turn at Bathurst St. and Carscadden Drive in North York in daylight. It happened Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. as the woman was crossing Bathurst and the truck, a Freightliner, was making a turn off Carscadden northbound onto Bathurst. The driver was 22. It is one of a series of perplexing accidents in which pedestrians are hit by vehicles making left hand turns at what would appear to be reasonably safe intersections. The length of the Freightliner is not specified in the police release.

Charges laid in bank fraud case called Project Wildflower

Three people have been charged in connection with a bank fraud known to police as Project Wildflower. In the summer 2017, a social media account was published advertising a way to make quick money with pictures and videos of cash and bank cards. People were directed to open dummy accounts and provide PIN details. They received $1,500 for this. Cheques were deposited into various accounts and funds withdrawn from those accounts. Orville Langley, 48, of Mississauga, Kevin McIntosh, 36, of Toronto, and Nia Bartolome, 30, of Brampton are charged with fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and related offenses.


Police have charged Aruran Suthakaran, 21, of Toronto, with second degree murder in the death of Anik Stewart, 21, on February 15 at 271 Old Kingston Rd.

Six days into cosplay visit but Trudeau yet to see Indian PM

Publications such as the Globe and Mail and HuffPost online are criticizing the current visit to India by the Prime Minister and his family. Typical photo-op cosplay performances have seemed close to baroque. This might be fine, if gaudy, were it not for what appears to be a calculated snub from Indian Prime Minister Modi. Trudeau and Modi have yet to set eyes on each other with just two days left in the trip. Some say it is because of perceived sympathy for Sikh separatism in the Canadian cabinet. Others think that Trudeau and Modi are just too  far apart in their view of the world generally. Globe and Mail.