Halloween cometh, new entry off Broadway at 1860 Bayview

Upper left, Michael Renaud of Horticultural Design at 1610 Bayview Ave. poses with some charming Halloween novelties for the approaching feast of ghostliness. Upper centre, it is now possible to enter and exit the parking garage at 1860 Bayview by way of the Broadway Ave door. This was banned until now and the process by which it changed is unknown. But the change makes it much easier to get into and out of the garage considering the traffic crisis that exists for several blocks on either side of Eglinton. Top right, a reminder of the Fall Fair set for Saturday at Manor Road United Church, 240 Manor Rd. Down below left, the St. Cuthbert’s Women’s Dinner is Friday night. The men will serve and all are welcome. Finally, lower right, a distinguished-looking event under the auspices of the United Church of Canada will take place at Manor Road United on December 8. The Four Men will entertain with songs of love, hope and inspiration that Friday night. Sounds nice.

Sought for $800 theft from Good Samaritan blind person

Police are seeking Angela Bluecoat, 36, for the theft of $800 from the wallet of a visually impaired woman, 49, who befriended her on a bus ride to Toronto. The victim offered her fellow passenger lodging at the Comfort Inn, 66 Norfinch Drive, where she was staying. The 49-year-old visually impaired woman was on a bus travelling to Toronto when she met the accused  Angela Bluecoat is described as having olive complexion, indigenous, 36, 5’6″, 240 lbs., long brown hair with blonde highlights and brown eyes. She has a large tattoo of a flower on her neck and tattoos on her arms. She was last seen wearing a white hooded sweater and a black jacket with a fur collar. She is from Manitoba.

18 cases of samonella connected to frozen chicken recall

As many as 18 cases of salmonella poisoning have been reported related to the consumption of Janes brand name frozen breaded chicken, the Public Health Agency of Canada says. New cases were identified in British Columbia and Alberta after a warning was issued Tuesday. One person has died but it is not verified that salmonella was the cause. Two Janes brand chicken products were named. They are:

  • Janes Pub Style Chicken Burgers – Uncooked Breaded Chicken Burgers
  • Janes Pub Style Snacks Popcorn Chicken – Uncooked Breaded Chicken Cutlettes

Both were sold in 800-gram packages across Canada. The burger packages carry a date code of 2018 MA and the popcorn chicken package reads 2018 MA 15. They were distributed by Sofina Foods Inc.

Road closures Saturday, Sunday for Scotiabank Marathon

Road closures for Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon have been announced.

• Bay Street, from Queen Street West to Dundas Street West, will be closed from Saturday, October 21 at 11 a.m. to Sunday, October 22 at 8 p.m. to accommodate the start/finish line activities for the race.
• A series of full road closures will take place on Sunday, October 22 from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the race. These closures will occur in the area bounded by Bloor Street West in the north, Victoria Park Avenue in the east, Lake Ontario in the south and Windermere Avenue in the west. Other roads in this area will be closed periodically to accommodate the event. More information about the race is available at torontowaterfrontmarathon.com.

Cops seek answers at King and Cowan and other police news

Police are appealing for public assistance in sorting out what happened at the scene of that shocking road fatality Wednesday. Robert Delos Santos was killed while riding his bike home at King St. W. and Cowan. A pickup truck entered the intersection and collided with a streetcar. Police are being careful not to talk about who hit who or things like what colours were showing on the traffic lights. It may be telling that the truck, as seen in the excellent photo by Paul Borkwood of the CBC, was struck broadside. Then, upper right, Goran Drozdek is charged with two counts of fraud, possession of property obtained by crime ($5,000) and failing to comply with probation after a woman complained she was defrauded by a man who claimed to be renting an apartment. Lower right, do not approach Kenneth Sanipass-Linklater, 31, if you see him in the west end. Rather call 9-1-1 because he is wanted for assaulting another man with a piece of lumber at the St. Clair West subway station. He is described as 5’9″, 170 lbs., with shoulder-length black hair, and a moustache. He was last seen wearing a black sweater and black pants. He should be considered dangerous.

Freshii files form the morning line on Leaside Community

Leaside awoke Thursday to a discussion of Freshii, the Canadian casual salad and healthy food restaurant chain, and  whether anyone wants to be a delivery person for this company. A local franchisee, John V Hickey, got it going by asking if a retired person preferably with an SUV or van wanted to deliver food. Who knew they delivered? It went on from that with Mr. Hickey saying that another Freshii will open at MGH, which we take to be Michael Garron Hospital (was East General). There are many comments in the Freshii files at Leaside Community

M Variety morphs to weed and Calamity Jane of tow trucks

The little hole-in-the-wall at 1495 Bayview Ave. that for decades was known as M Variety is now Green Apple. And you know what that means, puff. What would  Gita and Vino say? They sold tobacco not the other stuff. Then, this late summary of notable pictures shows us (centre left) Toronto’s foremost female tow truck thief. She jumped into the horseless hook hefter when the driver was helping someone in the parking lot of the Shoppers Drug Mart at Don Mills Road and Lawrence Avenue East. As she was fleeing, Calamity Jane collided with a car travelling west on Lawrence. The tow truck has since been recovered but a cellphone in the truck was taken. The woman is described as being in her 30s, 5’8-5’9, with a medium build. Centre right is Malcom Alpha Cassells, 26, now facing eight charges of human trafficking. It is another story of a vulnerable woman (this one was 20) buying stories that only bring grief. At the bottom, a picture of coins from two bags of such valuable currencies said to be worth $500,000 stolen from a car of a BC man in the parking lot of a Mississauga Hotel. And if you don’t find that fishy, go fish. But police across the province are on the lookout tonight for those weighty bags.


Man dead in freak accident after taking daughter to school

David Delos Santos, 39, has been identified by his family as the cyclist killed in a freakish accident Wednesday morning when a pickup truck slammed into a streetcar. It then careered across King St. at Cowan Ave. striking Santos. Police say the heartbreaking death occurred as Santos, a recently naturalized citizen who had immigrated from the Philippines, had just dropped off his eight-year-old daughter at school and was returning home. Santos was described as a family man who was working as a maintenance supervisor at a nearby apartment building. Police say the truck was southbound on Cowan when it hit the westbound streetcar. The truck spun out of control and pinned Mr. Santos beneath it. No charges have been laid yet.

Sinister hint China’s Xi might try to be Mao-like strong man

There are ominous hints that Xi Jinping might try to bend constitutional limits on his reign as General Secretary of the Communist Party and stay in power after his term ends in 2018. It comes as Xi is seen to be strengthening his position with a publicity campaign and the prosecution of his opponents for “corruption.” Many Chinese say this type of criminal action is a common tool to eliminate politicians. Then, the Video Wheel heads to the United Kingdom where Andrew Parker, head of MI5, provides a cogent outline of what remains of the terrorist threat in Britain now that IS is beaten down in the middle east. Below that, charming pictures and the story on the peacocks of St. John the Divine in Manhattan and just where they will be living in the coming winter months. Finally, you may wish to hear and see the Prime Minister express his grief at the passing of Gord Downie.

Leaside doctor should be stricken from rolls says College

Leaside physician Dr. William “Art” Beairsto should be stricken the rolls of Ontario physicians and required to pay some $16,000 for the therapy of a patient, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has said. Bearisto allegedly touched a patent intimately and suggested she would make a good lover. Bearisto, 69, is not practising. Previous

Niqab issue alive again as Quebec passes “neutrality act”

The long running debate about whether Muslim women must uncover their faces when required do so for official business such as swearing an oath or passport pictures is alive again. It comes this time in the form of Quebec’s new religious neutrality act, intended to ensure such openness in official business. The headgear known as the niqab covers the face of presumably devout Muslim women for reasons related to their faith and culture.  It is eschewed by many Muslim women however. Politically it is endorsed by the federal Liberal Party as an expression of personal choice. The opposition, typically expressed by the Conservative Party, say the niqab should not permit the disguising of identities. Many members consider it  demeaning of women who wear it. In Europe, a number of countries including France have banned the niqab outright.

More on how chips (and chunks) fell during Sunday wind