No 649 jackpot (again) is a lesson in how gambling works

There was no winning ticket for the $5 million dollar jackpot in Saturday night’s Lotto 649 draw. However, the guaranteed $1 million prize went to a ticket holder in Ontario. The jackpot for the next Lotto 649 draw on May 22 will be approximately $7 million.

Jayme tribute, Raptors worry Dave and PW in murder plot

Faces in news this weekend belong to Jayme Closs (left) making her first public appearance since freeing herself from the confinement imposed by Jake Patterson. Patterson murdered Jayme’s parents and abducted the girl, holding her hostage for 88 days. Jayme, 13, was accompanied by her caring aunt and uncle (now her defacto parents) as she was given the home town hero award by the Wisconsin Legislature. At centre is Dave Auger, manager of the 817 Bar and Grill, 817 Queen St. West. He’s very worried about the Raptors flaky showing so far in the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. It’s bad for business. At right, the shocking evidence against New York police officer Valerie Cincinell is released. Authorities accuse her of a cold-blooded conspiracy to murder both her former husband and the daughter of her current boyfriend. Good Lord.

Fortune’s fickle game of chance for tenants at 1581 Bayview

The locked door at 1581 Bayview Ave. tells the story at Refuel Juicery. The business has closed after five years of endeavor at two addresses on the street. Husband and wife Naeem and Abbie Memon (left) are hard-working, experienced and cordial people. It is sad to see them go. Before Refuel, 1581 Bayview was celebrated by many reviewers as an innovative wine bar seldom seen in the City. It was the concept of sommelier Otta Zapotocky (centre). At the time, Zapotocky was a full two years into his successful French restaurant L’Avenue across the street. But the new business, Tinto Bar de Tapas, was not as profitable as hoped and ultimately overextended Zapotocky. At right is Alessandro Settimi and his wife Alana at 1581 Bayview on the night of January 18, 2010 as they opened The Mad Italian. The place was a huge success that summer, especially when Setimmi’s father, Aldo, stood outside offering gelato samples. Then stunning good fortune arrived in a man who offered and paid a sum reputed to be near $1 million for the two-store operation. The Setimmi family took the money, as the expression goes. Ultimately the new owner declared bankruptcy. Fortune’s fickle game.

Flying SUV wheel injures 400 driver, stops Saturday traffic

Saturday brought serious injury to a young driver on Highway 400 near Highway 89 when his car was shattered by a flying wheel off of an SUV heading the other way. The man, 20 or so, suffered serious injuries to his head and internal organs and was airlifted by Ornge air ambulance to Sunnybrook Medical Sciences Center. A woman passenger was taken to a hospital in Barrie with minor injuries. The unidentified victim was heading northbound when the southbound SUV suddenly lost a front wheel. The highway re-opened about 2.30 p.m.

Toronto must relentlessly pursue goal of fewer handguns

Police and Civic officials may take satisfaction that more than 2,700 unwanted guns were handed in by residents during the buyback program in Toronto between April 26 to May 17, 2019. At the same time, the knowledge that so many weapons are present among us is certainly dispiriting. The true number of handguns in the GTA, if it were known, would probably shock decent people. It is often said the US is Canada’s best friend whether we like it or not. The alarming importation of firearms for the purpose of crime from our American neighbour is certainly one of the parts we don’t like. Foolish deceptions like the often repeated “Guns don’t kill, people kill” cannot cloud the reality that fewer guns make safer cities. It is a universal truth and goal that Toronto must pursue relentlessly.

Leaside FB discussion of dazed man at door asking for Chloe

There is a long series of Facebook posts Saturday about a seemingly dazed man knocking on a door at Rumsey and Parklea. The thread was begun by a resident whose daughter found the man at the door asking for a “Chloe Bridges.” Then he slumped on the patio set until the girl’s dad came out. There’s some suggestion it may be related to this incident in April on Donlea. Scruffy man appears in North Leaside yard, is told to leave

Video captures reveal Brampton shooter man in full flight

These enhanced images produced by The Bulldog from video released by Peel police are said to show a man who was carelessly firing a gun in and around a Brampton business May 8. No explanation is offered as to what that was all about. A video of him fleeing is here. He is described by police as bearded, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, grey pants, a scarf across his face and gloves.

No winning ticket sold for $22 million Lotto Max jackpot

No winning ticket was sold for the $22 million jackpot in Friday night’s Lotto Max draw. The jackpot for the next draw on May 21 will be approximately $27 million.

Planner promotes moving Science Centre to Ontario Place

Late Friday headlines include a proposal from an eminent planner to move the Science Centre to Ontario Place. Hands off, we say. Then, the rather overwhelming explanation of TDSB cuts required by provincial belt-tightening. Below that, the fireworks will go as usual at Ashbridges Bay Monday night but you may get your feet wet. And speaking of wet, the bars will be that way as early as 9 a.m. Sundays from now on. Don’t forget you have to cut the lawn sometime.

Inhabitants declare downtown McD’s a wild, gateway to hell

A stabbing shortly after 6 a.m. Friday near the McDonald’s at Queen St. W. and Spadina Ave. seems to have rendered an unkind cut to the burger chain as well as the man now recovering in hospital from the knife wounds. Although he was stabbed several times by one or more assailants, the victim will survive doctors disclose. Police say that the victim was assaulted by several men seen fleeing afterward. The incident prompted a rash of dark but curiously lighthearted Tweets that painted the burger location as a dodgy place. Gabriel Ephard said it was “the wildest place I’ve been in my life, and I worked at a job that had an office window to Hastings St downtown Vancouver.”


According to Mr. Ephard, addicts may be seen emerging from washrooms with needles still in their arms. Jordan Sheltgen tweeted that he agreed. A somewhat mysterious patron of the Queen and Spadina McDonald’s was Shocker Khan@JohnnyDepanneur. He tweeted that the location gave him a feeling “like a drug-induced panic, this may be the gateway to hell.” Seeing all this, blogTO pronounced the place “Toronto’s most infamous McDonald’s” Wow. Maybe McDonald’s should open somewhere like Laird and Millwood where people just eat food.