Mayor’s wife not so far from truth about toxic male mufflers

As police launched a summer crackdown on loud cars and motorcycles Mayor Tory observed that his wife viewed such nuisances as evidence of certain male inadequacies. His honour added with typical discretion that “I will go no further than that.” But many will agree and applaud the campaign against these thoughtless barrages of noise. The crackdown was launched Monday in Yorkville, a so-called hotspot of such noise. “We are focussing here and on a few areas in Scarborough, including Kingston Road and Birchcliff Avenue,” said Superintendent Scott Baptist. “There have been many complaints going to city Councillors and they want us to do something about the loud car stereos and cars, trucks, and motorcycles exhausts emitting sound to the extent that it disturbs patrons at a restaurant, nearby residents, and other motorists on the roadway.” TPS story by Ron Fanfair

Two survive smokey apartment fire over Danforth pool hall

Two people were treated for smoke inhalation after a two-alarm fire in an apartment over Crossroads Pool Hall at the northwest corner of Warden and Danforth Aves. TFS personnel are seeking a cause.

FB posts on scammed gift card from Mt. Pleasant drugstore

A most interesting (and growing) thread at Leaside Community Tuesday tells of how so-called gift cards may be tampered with even before they come into the hands of an honest purchaser. The perpetrator is able to obtain the PIN and drain the card as soon as the unsuspecting purchaser has loaded money onto it. One poster complains bitterly that the Mt. Pleasant Road drugstore which sold the card has not refunded his money. Security Solutions.

Coffee shop thief a juvenile, ride-share molester, pizza peril

Police are saying Tuesday that the fresh-faced young man whose pictures have been plastered everywhere as the Deer Park coffee shop thief is a juvenile. His likeness can longer be shown. At centre is Suhail Siddiqi, 33, now accused of sexual assault, robbery and attempting to overcome resistance by choking. These charges arise out of an incident early Sunday when a woman called an Uber to pick her up at Caledonia Rd and Lawrence Avenue. Finally, Pizza Pizza locations are named after certain customers for home delivery had their bank cards switched at the door by the deliveryman. Their accounts were then emptied, Police say they are working on it. One of the stores is at Queen and Hamilton Sts., near Broadview.

Don Mills battle to build community centre on Civitan site

This report says City Council will hear Tuesday that Don Mills residents are taking Toronto to court over its decision to renege on a 2010 legal agreement to build a new community centre on the site of the old Citivan Arena at 1030 Don Mills Rd. Instead, Council has voted to build the centre about 1.5 kilometres south at Don Mills and Eglinton opposite the new LRT station. Residents call it a betrayal of a community that was promised a new Civitan at the 1960s arena site.

Early flu cases Down Under augur “difficult year” in Ontario

Health Minister Christine Elliott warns that an early flu season in Australia and New Zealand may well indicate a difficult fall and winter flu season here. Australian health authorities report unusually high flu activity during the Oz wintertime. Hospitalizations are three times greater and there have been more than 200 deaths so far, according to that country’s department of health. Ontario has ordered 300,000 more doses of high-dose flu vaccines than last year, bringing the total order to 1.2 million doses. That vaccine has four times the amount of antigens than the regular flu shot and is given to more vulnerable people, such as seniors. It can be provided in hospitals, long-term care homes and by primary care providers.

Police release images of suspect in Sunday streetcar knifing

Police have released pictures of a man wanted for the unprovoked stabbing of a streetcar passenger Sunday morning. This occurred at Queen and John Sts. The man is described as 20 to 30 years of age, wearing a grey hoodie with black trim at the elbows and wrists, black shorts, black shoes and a light grey backpack. The man also had a bike with a yellow water bottle.

In Canada 23 years, Chinese scientist loses level-4 security

Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng and an unknown number of her students from China were removed from Canada’s only level-4 lab on July 5, CBC says. Dr. Qiu was escorted out of the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg after the RCMP searched her quarters and took her computer. Authorities in national security say this is about Dr. Qiu’s frequent trips to Beijing and just what it is she may have told Chinese officials. The story is oddly vague about citizenship although Dr. Qiu has been in Canada since 1996. It is widely accepted that China uses espionage to advance its strategic interests, be that security or economic. Did a light go on somewhere? Then, grief on the Gardiner as the Yonge, Bay, York ramp is rebuilt. That’s followed by Ontario ministers trying to deal with the unpopular Doug Ford elephant in the room and Toronto lifeguards who may not be paying attention.

Yea, bake sale, Nancy’s garden and you better be at LHS 75

Over at Rawlinson and Roehampton Aves. the children of Craig Macnaughton and their pals were in high spirits (upper left) at their bake sale in aid of the Hospital of Sick Children. They raised $112 over three weekends. Well done guys and Bulldog compliments to the moms and dads working behind the scenes. Upper right is a shot recently posted by noted East York horticulturalist Nancy Lewis. Hey Nancy. Centre right we see MP Rob Oliphant and Mayor Tory with some young friends at the Thorncliffe Park Neighbours Night Out event. Down below, Elaine LeBlanc is urging LHS alumnus to register now and “be there” when they celebrate the opening of the Hanna Rd. workshop in 1945. Lastly, a flashback to 1980 as a GO train carefully passes a freight train wreck at the Leaside bridge. More like this

Dog leads rescuers to Marta and Maya in Algonquin Park

Two missing teenagers from Kitchener have been found safe and well in Algonquin Park after a three-day search when they did not rejoin their group Friday. Marta Malek and Maya Mirota, both 16, were located by the OPP’s canine unit just before noon on Monday. Both girls are experienced campers. OPP Spokesperson Bill Dickson told media that Marta and Maya were in “great shape considering the ordeal” they went through. He said that they were found a few kilometres away from an area of the Western Uplands Trail, where they were last spotted on July 11.

Got off trail and could not get back

The teens, Dickson said, mistakenly ventured off the trail and were unable to find their way back. Members of the Ontario Search and Rescue Association were assisting with the ground search for the girls, as were officers from many OPP detachments. An OPP helicopter was also used in the search, though Dickson said that the heavy tree canopy in the area made it difficult to see much of anything from the sky.