Wellesley tower tabbed by City for urgent 48-hr safety check

The City’s electrical safety agency has ordered an immediate 48-hour inspection of power, heat and water facilities at the 240 Wellesley St. high-rise managed by Wellesley-Parliament Square Ltd. It is a woeful winter for tenants and yet another insight into maintenance standards for low-income rental buildings.

Roopesh Rajkumar dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound

Roopesh Rajkujmar, 41 (left) the rather of Riya Rajkumar, 11, has died in hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Rajkumar was facing frist a degree murder charge in the death of his daughter last week in Brampton. Her funeral took place in Etobicoke Wednesday. Rajkumar was chased to Orillia where he was captured in what police have called a high-risk takedown. It was revealed sometime after the arrest that he had shot himself during the incident. Centre is Ibrahim Khiar, 33, arrested Wednesday for homicides which occurred in Kensington Market on July 1, 2018 and on February 8 outside a bar at Queen and Parliament Sts about 2 a.m. The victim was identified as 24-year-old Jaunoi Christian, of Brampton. At the right is the man sought for several violent ATM robberies. He is  Shah Safiyyullah Hussaini Syed, 20.  He faces as many as 35 charges related to the knifepoint robberies of women at ATMs and gunpoint robberies of fast-food outlets in Scarborough this month. Face of violent Scarborough ATM thug released by police

The day George abruptly kissed Greta and it wasn’t a crime

George Mendosa has died at age 95. Mendosa would not be remembered around the world if he had not impulsively grabbed and kissed dental nurse Greta Zimmer Friedman in Times Square that day in August 1945. It was an act of giddy joy more than anything else. WW II had ended and the killing was finally over. The two were strangers and never romantically involved. But they stayed in touch as their photograph became part of history. Then, speaking of history, it is 20 years since the Leafs played their first game in the downtown arena known as Air Canada Centre. Below that, the Vatican is preparing for the first public conference it has ever held about clerical sexual abuse. Lastly, the Ford government is crowing about tightening up the police supervision process. Worth doing but not an earthquake.

Fanciful campaign plays at moving Line 1 subway to Florida

In the midst of a dreary Canadian winter, there’s nothing quite like getting on a bright pink, Florida-themed subway train. TTC passengers were able to board flamingo-pink subway cars and disembarked at subway stations decked out in Florida-style colours and City insignia earlier this month. The agency targeted stations that corresponded with Florida cities in similar geographic areas. For example, Yorkdale, which sits at the Yonge-University-Spadina line’s northwest corner, was reimagined as the Florida city of Pensacola. Union Station, the southern tip of the line, became Florida Keys, which is Florida’s southernmost point. The activation was led by Tampa-based agency Spark, which conceived the idea largely because the Yonge-University-Spadina line is shaped somewhat like the state of Florida — Media in Canada

Teen held in death of lad at apparent foster home in Barrie

A 14-year-old boy is accused of first-degree murder in the death of a fellow teen who lived in the same home in Barrie. It is believed to be a foster home, according to CTV. In such matters there much confidentiality but many will wish to know how a firearm came into that home. The victim was not the shooter’s brother according to police. Barrie Police officers were called to a house on Penvill Trail just before 6 a.m. Tuesday and say they found the young victim with life-threatening injuries.  He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Peter Leon with the Barrie Police Service says the suspect was arrested 15-minutes after the initial call.

Young blood transfusion, head on a plate and deadly addict

Faces, faces and blood, blood in the case of the AI woman at left. She part of a campaign to sell the blood of kids for $12,000 pint in a misbegotten pursuit of longevity. This week the Food and Drug Administration in the US put an end to this scheme. At centre, this woman had her head on a plate thanks to the new Toronto Museum of Illusions at 152 Front St. It is called an Instagram Playground. Quite a cry from the old-fashioned House of Mirrors where no one thought to take a picture. CBC has a fascinating look. Lastly at right is a wretched drug addict named Jason Vanderee, 29, who ploughed into a service station in New Jersey Tuesday and killed three people.

Riya Raykumar funeral in Etobicoke Wednesday morning

A funeral for Riya Rajkumar, 11, is underway Wednesday morning at the Lotus Funeral and Cremation Centre in Etobicoke. It befan at 10 a.m. Last night, a large gathering honoured the slain child, murdered by her father. He is now charged with first degree murder.

Skimpy Service Ontario groans under weight of population

There are 14 million people in Ontario, a province with a provincial debt of some $350 billion. These simple facts seem to cut straight to the heart of what ails Service Ontario. From disappearing walk-in locations to a cranky online system that doesn’t recognize valid driver information to 15-week waits for a birth certificate, Service Ontario is groaning under the load of essential demands from Ontarians. Most recently, CTV tells of parents waiting as long as 15 weeks to obtain a simple birth certificate. Drivers trying to avoid 45-minutes in line for a license renewal are unable to process valid data online. The data is recognized as perfectly correct by a human agent. The really upsetting part of this sad state of things is that Ontario’s crushing debt makes it seem likely that long lines, long waits and wasted time is the future at Service Ontario. CTV

MakerKids family photo and no snow removal 3 weeks later

This pleasant gang (left) is a “family photo” of young and older people getting ready to open the MakerKids storefront at 1661 Bayview Ave. MakerKids is said to be a mixed concept of school and educational camping in which children learn coding, robotics and the Lego-style game Minecraft. It says online that MakerKids has “award-winning programs for kids from grade 1 to 8.” MakerKids indicates plans for a huge expansion in Ontario naming 30 communities in which it intends to open. At upper right, it has been three weeks since the 20-cm doomsday snowfall fouled City streets. As days go by, people are complaining about the huge piles of snow and ice that remain on many important streets like Bayview and Mt. Pleasant.  Don’t even ask about residential roads. They’ll get cleared courtesy of the sun in April. But if you go to Yonge and Dundas (for example) there is no snow or ice left on the streets. At bottom right, Councillor Josh Matlow and his daughter Molly crashed the CTV News set this week. Fun but maybe Molly’s allowance needs an increase. Below, events coming up soon. Also, The South Bayview Bulldog Bulletin Board

Plan to redevelop Lawrence/Avenue yields only a Starbucks

Some 30 months ago, First Capital REIT, owners of Leaside Village (Longo’s) shopping centre on Laird Dr. announced plans to develop the northeast corner of Lawrence Ave. and Avenue Rd. The site included the Pusateri store and a Mac’s right on the corner. The Mac’s was kicked out (saving it from the ignominy of becoming a Circle K). But as 2019 plods along the most discernible change to the corner is the imminent arrival of a Starbucks at the former Mac’s location. Pusateri continues to operate, the apartments are rented, the car wash is running and since Starbucks usually leases for at least ten years, it seem unlikely FC has much in the way of plans for Avenue Rd. and Lawrence Ave. FC also owns the former CIBC building now the Local eatery at Laird and McRae. First Capital buys Pusateri site at Avenue and Lawrence

Fertility Show brings IVF clinics, adoption agencies together

Sunnybrook Medical Sciences Centre physician Dr. Marjorie Dixon will be among many experts speaking at the Second Annual Canadian Fertility Show this weekend at the International Centre on Airport Road. Her topic is IVF 101, a primer of sorts for couples eager to improve their chances of starting a family. The show organizers say the gathering permits those who are researching multiple IVF clinics to submit their applications to a number all at once, quickly and with much less stress over the course of an afternoon. In addition to being the only assemblage of international fertility experts and trailblazers in Canada, the show will also feature representatives from surrogacy agencies, the Foster System and various adoption agencies. The show runs from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, February 23.  Schedule and other details 

Dead drunk at wheel, Karl Lagerfeld and citizenship revoked

York Regional Police have released video of the arrest of a man slumped over the wheel of his truck. He later blew two-and-a-half times over the legal limit for alcohol in the blood. Next on the Video Wheel, fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld is dead at 85. His fascinating life is recounted. Then, the UK government has revoked the citizenship of a British woman who went to Iraq as an IS bride and like so many such persons is now in a camp, widowed and with an infant child. Unlike Canadian IS brides asking to come home to Canada however, Shammima Begum is a naturalized Briton and therefore subject to having her citizenship removed. Finally, the story of a tight little island in Scotland where they churn out fine whiskey. It seems Brexit would spell doom in the Whiskey Isle of Islay