Pakistan villagers run into fire trying to salvage spilled oil

An overturned oil tanker burst into flames in Pakistan Sunday killing as many as 153 people who had rushed to the scene of the highway accident to gather leaking fuel. The heartbreaking circumstances of the catastrophe are reported by hospital staff at Bahawalpur’s Victoria Hospital in south Punjab. There are expectations that there will be more dead reported. A loudspeaker atop a local mosque alerted villagers to the leaking fuel and scores raced to the site with jerry cans, said Rana Mohammad Salim, deputy commissioner of Bahawalpur. Highway police moved quickly to redirect traffic but couldn’t stop the scores of villagers who raced to collect the fuel, spokesman Imran Shah told a local TV channel.

Joanna Lavoie coyly notes there’s a missing llama poster

Anything can happen, especially in Riverdale where that coy Joanna Lavoie of the Beach Mirror (and other publications) is on the job. Here she reports on an apparent missing llama. Hmm. Okay, we’ll play along.

Woman is found dead in pool at Lawrence Park home

A woman has been found dead in a swimming pool of a home on Ridgefield Road. The street is a cul de sac off Blythwood Road. in south Lawrence Park.  Police were called to the home around 6 a.m. Sunday.


Justin Trudeau joyfully makes 2nd visit to Pride on Sunday

Canadian Press

Rich variety of images in this Leaside medley for Saturday

Vanessa of Leaside High School (upper left) is catching some warm praise from friends for her work as a Bike Champion for Safe School Travel Planning. Thanks Vanessa and well done. Upper right, Dan Styles was offering a tart tweet to the TTC for its suggestion that the #56 Leaside service is not drawing passengers. Uh-huh. Lower left, Andy Donovan posts this shot of some youngsters (maybe some are his) as they chill at Cork’s over Longo’s before hitting Skyzone for a friend’s birthday party. Smile guys. Rudy Limeback tweeted the interesting picture of the swollen Don River from the Leaside bridge and finally the Leaside Gardeners posted this lovely lavender (or citronella) as a reminder of how to ward off mosquitoes this wet summer.


Southwest China landslide may claim as many as 120 lives

Media are saying the terrible death count in the collapse of a cliff in southwestern China may rise to 120 or higher. Xinhua, the state news agency, said 1000 rescuers were using detection devices and dogs to look for signs of life in an area that once held 62 homes and a hotel.

Can’t see the resemblance? The Capybaras really rock silly

High Park Zoo has named three capybaby cubs Geddy, Alex, and Neil after Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart of the 70s band Rush. Capybaras are a lesser-known species which look like overgrown tail-less beavers. There was a much reported-on escape of the adult Capybaras last year. One was caught but the other was loose for another two weeks. The zoo told CP24 that it credited the creatures “long time apart” for kindling the passion that led to the birth of the three pups.  Most guys who run away for two weeks are in big trouble.

Teens among missing sought by Toronto Police Saturday

Missing people headline the Saturday police releases in Toronto. They include Lisa Vibert, 14, who was last seen on Monday, June 19 near Birchmount Rd. and  St. Clair Ave. E.  Another teen, Hannah Estilloso, 16, Girl, is missing from the Keele Street/Sheppard Avenue Area since Friday (yesterday) and police are quite concerned about her. There was no picture released but Hannah is described as 5’4″, 140 lbs with straight black hair. She may be carrying a pink backpack. Robert Scoffield, 68 is missing from the Martingrove and Hwy 409 area. He is described as 5’6”, 181 lbs., balding white hair with brown eyes and was driving a 2015 grey Lexus RX SUV with Ontario licence plate CBCN 053.  Finally,  Jacqueline Elder has been missing since 11:50 am Saturday (today) from Queen Street West/Ossington Avenue Area. She is described as 5’4″, thin build, brown eyes with brown wavy shoulder-length hair. She was wearing black tights, grey blouse. Police are concerned for her safety.

Hilarious all-wet gorilla dances like no one is watching him

Here’s Zola, a gorilla at the Dallas Zoo, in fine form. You are funny bud. Next, cheeky English schoolboys don skirts in the current heat wave to protest the ban on shorts. Below that, the Olympics will not be shared by South Korea with its loony,  lethal neighbor to the north. Who can wrap their mind around that? And finally, The Last Knight is condemned by reviewers as the worst transformer movie ever. That has to be good for something.

Avoca chocolate opens at Millwood and Rumsey Saturday

SimrynFenby was on duty Saturday as Avoca Chocolates opened at the corner of Millwood Rd. and Rumsey Rd. The chocolate, ice cream, sweets and coffee shop is still waiting for the coffee beans, but they will be joining the other goodies soon. Previous: Chocolate shop will open on Millwood

Premier Wynne bids farewell to Frank and Nora Kim

Premier Wynne visited South Bayview Friday during the lunch hour to offer best wishes to the retiring operators of Rosie’s Kitchen at 1549 Bayview Ave. next to the Scotiabank. Frank and Nora, have operated the breakfast and lunch spot, and raised a son and daughter, since they arrived in Canada from Korea in 2004.  Part of Bayview Ave. since 2004, Frank and Nora to retire

Trudeau, Wynne and Tory to march Sunday in Pride parade