Cops invited back to Pride march, polio-like virus in the US

First on the Video Wheel, Pride denies that it is backing down on its sad decision to expel cops from the annual parade. But even listening carefully, it’s hard to hear the actual “issues” that were supposedly a problem. Then, polio-like AFM. Parents will want to know. Below that, the good news announced by Harry and Meghan. Baby time. Finally, why has Transport Canada insisted for 40 years that seat belts on school buses cause more harm then good. Anyone?

News of agile roofers, Churrasco chicken and ’86 Parisienne

Here we go with a South Bayview medley that begins with agile rooters atop Olde Yorke Fish and Chips on Laird Dr. Tuesday. Tricky work. Then, Sarah Poole tells Leaside Community that Churrasco Chicken on Eglinton Ave. at Mt. Pleasant Rd. is open again after an enforced 18-month closure because of LRT work. At right, proud Leaside Wildcats medal winners pose. They are (top) the Atom AA squad (Silver) at the Etobicoke Pink the Rink Tournament and (bottom) the Bantam BB gang (Silver) at the tourney in Clarington. Great work all. Centre are shiny apples at Tuesday’s East York Farmer’s Market which will close this month for the year. At bottom, growing old gracefully on Bayview Ave. Tuesday is a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne. What a boat. It came from a long-since defunct dealer in Manitoba. Salut to whomever keeps it going.

Gardiner to be closed end to end weekend of Oct. 26-29

For the first time since 2016, the Gardiner Expressway will be closed for a full weekend starting Friday, October 26 at 11pm until Monday, October 29 at 5am for maintenance and improvements. Crews will work all day and all night on things like sealing cracks, inspecting culverts and bridges, grinding and paving (a lot of grinding and paving), filling potholes, repairing guard rails and overhead signs — City of Toronto Instagram

Perfect storm of media frenzy on the night before Mary Jane

Cannabis consumption will be legal at 12.01 Wednesday and the media anticipation is intense. Will ordinary Canadians who have never touched it now become stoners? Will Canadian marijuana hegemony drive the US to drink? Will the stock market see a smoke-filled cannabis bubble? Will Mary Jane Day dawn sunny or cloudy? With the clock ticking down to midnight, Town Council in Markham voted 11 to 0 to restrict marijuana smoking to private residences. Nuff said. Then there is the genuine anxiety about whether technology exists to convict sky-high motorists. The Ontario Government made another appeal to the Trudeau Liberals Tuesday for more science on this. Doug Ford then addressed a meeting at noon in which he said the feds had enacted legal pot and left the provinces “to clean up the mess.” Apparently untroubled, the Liberals in Ottawa are busy planning ways to grant pardons for past cannabis offenses. It is said Mr. Trudeau has faced pressure to address the pot pardon issue within his own caucus. Somehow such convictions are seen to impact “marginalized Canadians.” Canadian Press is resourceful in finding cannabis angles. Did you know that cannabis use, or grow op activity in the basement, is likely to reduce the value of real estate? That’s what CP sources claim. See you Wednesday.

Danforth Residents’ Assoc. seeking respect for community

Residents of Greektown north of the Danforth have formed a new residents’ association to provide a voice for homeowners and tenants separate from the powerful BIA which influences much of the decision-making on the Danforth. The Danforth Residents’ Association is the inspiration of Roula Panagiotopoulos, Heather de Veber, Ten Hanlan and Ruppen Seoni. Ms. Panagiotopoulos realized the need for an association as she struggled with zoning violations on Carlaw Ave. where she lives. “One person does not have a voice,” she says. The new association will represent those living in a snugly-defined area of common interest much like the next-door Playter Estates Residents’ Association. The association’s founders have a liberal view of their mission. Mr. Seoni spoke of the need to be representative not just of homeowners but tenants too. “We don’t want to just oppose everything, he said. The association website offers this mission statement.

If you are here you are concerned about your neighbourhood as much as we are. As the City is expanding, a group of us have decided to start a much-needed association to ensure that our neighbourhood community grows in a manner that is respectful to the owners and residents of this great community. Our hope is to provide, at least at the beginning, information about what is happening in the neighbourhood in terms of current and future development. This will also act as a community where you can reach out and find a resident that has experience in matters relating to this community.

Matlow, Mihevc in very close race to win Ward 12 says poll

A poll of 609 voters in Ward 12 (St. Paul’s) by Mainstreet Research suggests that Councillors Joe Mihevc and Josh Matlow are in a statistical tie in their bid for re-election in that ward. Mr. Matlow showed a slight lead of 1.8 percent but it is noted by the pollster that this was before Mayor Tory endorsed Mr. Mihevc.  Mainstreet boss Quito Maggi says that in Beaches-East York Tory’s endorsement of Brad Bradford gave the candidate a notable boost, though he still trails former MP Matthew Kellway by a substantial margin. Kellway, according to the poll, sits at 43.7 per cent support while Bradford has about 32 percent support. The poll, Maggi said, was conducted between October 10 and 11. “The Matlow campaign will carefully look at these results in Beaches-East York as they show the potential impact of a Tory endorsement. We didn’t list Bradford as an option in our last Beaches-East York poll and he could not have been this high if you look at the “another candidate” totals in our previous poll,” Maggi added. “Tory’s endorsement has certainly given Bradford a big boost, and could give Mihevc the win if there is a similar impact in Toronto-St. Paul’s.”

LRT work again causes floods, closure of Eglinton at MP

Watermain breaks in July and September have been followed with an apparent collapse of Eglinton Ave. east of Mt. Pleasant on Tuesday. Clearly, the flooding is related to old infrastructure and the hammering it is taking from LRT construction. Previous watermain breaks have been blamed on the mere vibration caused by drilling and other such work.

Strip, swim and mingle man hunted for aquarium mischief

Police have identified David Weaver, 37, of Nelson, BC, as the man who stripped and swam in the shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium on Bremner Blvd. Friday morning. He titillated the crowds, taunted staff who tried to get him out of the place and then strolled among visitors and chatted with women. Cops are calling it mischief and indecent exposure. Weaver is described as 35-40 years old, 5’10” and 220 lbs. He has a shaved head, a dark goatee and a tattoo on his lower leg. He was wearing a dark hoodie, dark jeans, a green t-shirt, and gray and white shoes. Videos on YouTube.

“Sober” reunited with owner by Toronto Animal Services

Sober, a thoughtfully named dog who deserves to be at home, has been reunited with its family by Toronto Animal Services. Sober was hit by a car Sunday and fled to a hiding place under an Eglinton Ave. bus near Warden Ave. His photograph as he squeezed up against the axle and tire of the bus was seen nationally. “It’s a happy ending, Toronto!” Toronto Animal Services wrote in a tweet accompanied by a picture of the dog and its owner Monday afternoon. “This dog was injured and found under a TTC bus on Saturday. We located the owner from a lost report, and are happy to announce that the dog was picked up from our East Shelter this morning.” TAS said they looked through reports of lost dogs to match up details with Sober.

Threats to quit are best bet in wi-fi, cable thieves market

A growing thread at Leaside Community reveals the frustration felt by Internet and cable television customers over the thieves market that governs the rates for such service. It is a well-known embarrassment (disgrace) as recorded locally that the best way to pay reasonable prices for such service is to spend hours on the phone playing off one provider against another with threats to go elsewhere.

124,306 voters in strong advance polling ending Sunday

The City Clerk, Ulli S. Watkiss, says in a statement Monday that there was strong advance polling in the five days ending Sunday. She says a total of 124,306 eligible electors voted from Octpber 10 to 14. Advance voting was held at 51 locations across the City. The following is a breakdown of the advance vote turnout by day: Press release.

  • Wednesday, October 10 – 24,999
  • Thursday, October 11 – 20,701
  • Friday, October 12 – 18,483
  • Saturday, October 13 – 23,412
  • Sunday, October 14 – 36,711

Honour Emmy Duff by donating Tuesday at Leaside clinic

This updated post is from a previous clinic. Please try to attend and give blood on this occasion. The semi-annual Leaside Blood Donor Clinic will be held Tuesday at Northlea Elementary and Middle School on Rumsey Rd.  Those present to organize the clinic and many of those donating will be remembering the courageous Northlea student whose battle against leukemia inspired this clinic. She was Emmy Duff (left) a cheerful young woman whose 16 year battle has left a legacy of generosity and public awareness of the need for blood. Emmy died in 2012. This Fall, the tireless people who run the clinic will be hoping to see their friends as well as strangers who are able to give. Teens are especially encouraged to give an hour to this outstanding public service. Healthy kids 17 and over may participate. The clinic runs from 2 to 7 p.m. See poster at Bulletin Board.