2011 assault charge on Payette against ex-husband Flynn

The online political publication iPolitics has reported that Governor General Designate Julie Payette was charged in 2011 with second-degree assault on her husband at the time, former RCAF colonel Billie Flynn. Payette told iPolitics the charge was “unfounded” and has since been expunged. The Prime Minister’s Office is said to be refusing to confirm it had prior knowledge. The alleged offence took place on November 24, 2011 in Piney Point, Maryland, where Payette was living with Flynn. It was withdrawn two weeks later. Payette and Flynn split shortly after the incident and Maryland’s St. Mary’s County Circuit Court records apparently seen by iPolitics show two family court cases filed on May 22, 2013 and June 26, 2013 — both of which are now closed. The records include court documents related to “Custody or Visitation Issues” of a son by the marriage. Star reveals Julie Payette was driver in 2011 traffic fatal


Death report names only TTC as cause of rider’s fatal injury

The account of a woman’s death after she got off a TTC bus on Eglinton at Midland Aves. Tuesday has now been published by the Toronto Police Services. It does not contain any reference to a vehcle following the bus, as previously reported. The victim, a woman of 71, dismebarked from the bus and “as the operator pulled away, the woman fell and was struck by the bus. She was pronounced at the scene.” The report does not say if this occurred at the front or rear doors. Once again, police are asking residents, business owners, and motorists are asked to review electronic camera equipment to see if they have anything that is connected with this incident.

Director George Romero memorial July 24 at Mt. Pleasant

Friends and fans of horror movie director George Romero may attend a memorial to Mr. Romero at the Mount Pleasant Funeral Centre on Monday, July 24 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.  He died Sunday at age 77 from lung cancer. The director is credited with reshaping the zombie film genre with his classic Night of the Living Dead (1968) and its sequels. He also directed a number of other horror films including Monkey Shines and The Dark Half.  Romero moved to Toronto in 2004 where he shot many of his later films.

Freakish accident at Bloor and Jane killed motorcyclist

The police report on the fatal accident Tuesday afternoon at Bloor and Janes Sts. indicates that both the dump truck and the motorcycle in front were stopped at the light in the left turn lane to go north on Jane. On the light change, the dump truck moved forward and hit the motorcycle. It’s not stated, but  the fatal injury to the driver, aged about 70, seems likely to have been to his head. Such freakish accidents reveal the peril associated with exposure which occurs on both bicycles and motorcycles. Police are urging residents, business owners, motorists and witnesses to offer electronic camera equipment which may show more accurately what occurred. Earlier post and video

Audi ad China blowback for mom’s treatment of son’s bride

CNN and others are saying that an ad for used Audis being aired in China has received a lot of criticism for its alleged portrayal of women. The complaint from those upset by the ad is that it compares women to used cars. (There are days when The Bulldog feels like a used car). But any way you look it, this ad is better than the “Never follow” promotion of ten years ago which was an encouragement to drive your Audi like a lunatic. These days, themes for North American sales include “Intelligence is the new Rock and Roll.” Not sure what that means but okay. In the end, it is a funny notion (and not unknown) that a mother-in-law would be so pushy but no reason to buy a car. Please do not write to complain about this post.

Social, unsocial and unassorted media posts for Wednesday

It had to happen. Councillor Janet Davis will host a kind of Taste of the NDP on the east Danforth. Sure to be social. On Facebook, Suzanne Pratt was grumping that this MG was parked in a spot reserved for a “Pro” at Home Depot. Then Councillor Burnside taking a moment to tweet a compliment to Simon Stevenson of Leaside Landscaping. And finally “Katrina” was complaining on the Davisville Twitter search Wednesday about drivers ignoring the rush hour no turns at Yonge and Davisville.

Motorcyclist in 70s dead in rear-end bump at stop light

A motorcyclist estimated to have been in his 70s was killed when he was thrown off his machine as a truck rear-ended him at the  corner of  Bloor Street West and Jane St. Tuesday. The dump truck is seen immediately behind the motorcycle in video shot by Tony Fera for City News. It happened about 3 p.m.


Manitoba’s CP government wants legal pot delayed a year

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is trying to rally support among premiers meeting in Edmonton to delay the introduction of legalized marijuana by at least a year. Pallister said there are questions that must be answered before the “historic change” is brought into force. “I think that there are too many unaddressed issues that need to be paid attention to for us to hurry into something like this, [given] the magnitude of this,” he said. Pallister especially cited the need to make sure roadside testing is in place to keep drug-impaired drivers off the roads, and to educate the public about the perils of getting behind the wheel high. He also wants to see a uniform national age for the use of marijuana. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, also a Conservative said would not object to a delay.  Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said the group will have further discussions on legalized pot tomorrow, but said their provinces are working towards meeting the July 2018 deadline — CBC 

Bid to ditch dispute panel sends free-trade into black hole

Few Canadians are savvy enough to even guess at all the tricks US negotiators might use to get an edge in a trade deal. Ottawa might well do the same. But without rules to govern our actions when we disagree, free trade would seem to be spinning into a black hole. Still, the Trump administration has tabled an ambitious list of demands, one of which is to simply eliminate the dispute resolutions panels. Reuters

“Microsoft” phone crooks now claim you’re a porn dealer

Many saavy residents know enough to hang up on a perp who says’s he is calling from Microsoft. Many disconnect if there’s no immediate answer. But those who listen will be regaled with news that a porn site registered in their name is operating on the net, and hey, what are they going to do about it? City News checked it out.

Woman falls getting off bus, killed by vehicle following

An elderly woman has died when she lost her footing getting off of a bus on Eglinton Ave. E. at Midland Ave and was then struck by the vehicle following the bus. The circumstances as set out by police so far leave many unknowns. Why was she not seen?  The dead woman was 71 and has been identified as Kamadchipillaa Sivalodanathan, someone who walked with a cane and had a pacemaker. The woman’s brother told CP24 she was exiting the bus on Eglinton Avenue when she lost her footing and fell before a vehicle behind the bus struck her. Different accounts carry somewhat different stories. Some say the womanwas “clipped” by the bus before being stuck by the following vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.


Police are seeking this man seen throwing a puppy in a plastic bag into a garbage can at the Lawrence Square Shopping Centre at 700 Lawrence West. He then left and moments later, a citizen heard yelping coming from the can. A puppy about three months old was found and taken to a veterinarian. The suspect is described as 5’11”-6″, short dark hair, wearing a white T-shirt, grey shorts, black shoes with white socks. He was also carrying a black shoulder bag.


A man died under a machine of unknown type at a construction site on Eddystone Avenue near Jane Street and Finch Avenue early Tuesday. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, paramedics say.