York cops use “Creep Catcher” ads to flush out sex predators

York Regional Police have revealed a long-term program called Project Raphael in which the service placed ads on the internet to attract men wishing to buy sex. As explained by Detective Sergeant Thai Truong at a news conference Friday morning those solicited were told they were communicating with a child, meaning someone under 18. If the man stopped communicating, no action was taken. Truong said that over a period of perhaps three years 104 men who continued to communicate with the “child” were charged. The solicitation of sex customers in this fashion is similar to the techniques of so-called Creep Catchers active in British Columbia. Crown prosecutor Susan Orlando said the age of those accused ranged from 18 to 71. Overall, 32 pleaded guilty. three others went to trial and resulted in convictions while one other suspect was acquitted. Cases against five other suspects were withdrawn and 64 cases remain before the courts.

Good times at the Radford’s Leaf Shack on Hanna Road

The party goes on at 75 Hanna Road (at Millwood Rd) as Doug Radford and his family host neighbours for the Leafs playoff games. Flashback to the 2013 series

Horror story of $10,000 trip missed over AC seat bump

The CBC reports that a Toronto woman,Vicki Russell, was bumped from an Air Canada flight taking her to a $10,000 Galapagos cruise after she had checked in and been given a boarding pass for her fully-paid fare. It makes compelling reading. But is it simply evidence again that the airline industry is so perilous that the business model can never be fixed? Airlines go broke, merge, create bargain-basement carriers and abuse their customers because the economics of flying are irrational. Overbooking isn’t a mean-spirited decision to hurt people, it’s a desperate act of survival. CBC

Woman wanted for robbery, man for indecency on TTC

Police have issued these releases in recent hours. They seek Sabrina Yussef, 26, for robbery and failing to comply with a recognizance. Also wanted, a man who is alleged to have committed an indecent act on a TTC bus at Eglinton Ave E and Leslie.

Does the Uni Frap delight, disgust or merely foster fear?

How should the First World think about Unicorn Food, and particularly what about the Unicorn Frappuccino? This is a Starbucks product introduced Monday for five days ending Sunday. CTV writer Jackie Dunham finds that the Uni Frap has been measured by the universal social media monitor to be both delightful and disgusting. It seems to meet the “too pretty to eat” definition of all Unicorn Food. The Unicorn Frap has a “sweet dusting of pink powder, blended into a crème Frappuccino with mango syrup and layered with a pleasantly sour blue drizzle.” It is said to change colours. A young barista, Braden Burson of Monument, Colorado, has told his many (he says) followers on Twitter that he has never been so stressed out by the difficult recipe and the wearying demand.

“Valley City” of Dundas hit by flooding from 75 mm of rain

The “Valley City” of Dundas has been flooded by the onslaught of rain estimated at between 60 and 75 mm which has spilled down the Niagara Escarpment overflowing the Sydenham and Spencer Creeks. Much of the downtown is under several inches of water, with the depth varying. The CBC says the rain clogged storm drains and triggered a mudslide and flooding on at least eight streets in the community. Calls about the flooding began coming in around 7:40 p.m. For a while the main road into Dundas from Hamilton, Hwy 102, was inundated and all traffic stopped. CBC

Rent control is joker-in-the-pack on Wynne’s housing fix

Premier Wynne added some shading Thursday to the news that Ontario will apply a 15 percent surcharge on home purchases made by foreign speculators. She said the tax would not apply to immigrants, nor it seems, to foreigners actually living in the homes.


Still, the decision to extend rent controls to all apartment buildings is a gamble which may be trickier to manage than the real estate tax. The tax is removable without a voter backlash — rent control is not. If builders and landlords decide the apartment building business isn’t worth it, overall housing stock will absolutely shrink. The government may experience legislator’s remorse about universal rent control.

York Region Police arrest more than 100 in child sex ring

An apparent huge child sex ring has been broken up with arrest of more than 100 men in York Region. The arrests occurred seemingly within recent hours and include accused many locations including “outside Ontario” police say. The locations of the arrests or where raids may have occurred are unavailable but police say they will have a news conference Friday. The charges include “purchasing prostituted children” according to a news release. CBC

Leaside Village: ATG to close, make way for Brewhouse

Against the Grain Urban Tavern in the Leaside Village will close April 28, The South Bayview Bulldog has learned. Sources also confirm that Amsterdam Brewery will renovate the Laird Drive location and open an Amsterdam BrewHouse later this year. This will compliment Amsterdam’s “Tap Room, Brewery & Store”, which opened in 2012 around the corner at 45 Esandar Drive, in the Leaside Business Park.

Biz briefs see Walmart cuts, Joe at work, West Jet cheapie

Walmart Canada will cut staff in Canada in what it calls a restructuring. One report said that 475 workers would be let go, but Walmart says it will be fewer. It gave no number. Walmart Canada employs about 91,000 associates. The company operates 410 stores in Canada, according to its website.


The Globe and Mail says the new president of Rogers, Joe Natale, will “obsess” over customer service. Hope so. Still, Joe can’t make arithmetic go away when it comes to cost. We’ll see.


West Jet Airlines says it will create a super-cheap airline to catch flyers prepared to squeeze into tiny seats to save a buck. This move will also steal business from other start-ups like Canada Jetlines Ltd. and Enerjet, both of which are trying to raise money for their budget operations.

Whole Foods tweets peek-a-boo of barn-wood grocery

Whole Foods is busy on Instagram in the hours before it opens the store at 1860 Bayview at Broadway Aves. The titillating Twelve thirty-six @1236 tweets: “Like the artisanal Tim Hortons up there — the people of Leaside like being reminded they’re in Leaside.” Yes, yes. That means having the look of an artisan, but we appreciate the thought. The new Whole Foods opens Wednesday, April 26 at 8.45 a.m.