Toronto still cool to “free-floating” cars on streets, City lots

Globe and Mail writer Denise Balkissoon summarizes the spotty business of free-floating cars and the issues that worry City Council about them. Globe and Mail 

Area curling club faces demolition after 60 years of activity

Mayor Tory is seen throwing a rock at the very last Heritage Bonspiel at The Scarboro Golf and Country Club on the weekend. Curlers across the City will be saddened to hear that club directors have voted to sell off the curling building to permit Metrolinx to build an overpass at the busy level crossing outside the club. Still with curling, members of the Leaside Curling Club are looking ahead to their Novice Bonspiel March 24. To the right, sleepy time Cats filled the bus home Sunday after a five-point weekend of play that boosted the club to fourth in the Provincial Women’s Hockey League. Here’s the PWHL playoff schedule which stretches through March. Centre left a reminder of the St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church Environment weekend just around the corner.  Then centre right, this is the work of the Ontario College of  Art and Design students at the inter-school competition on Woodbine Beach known as the Winter Stations International Design Competition. Can you hear me now?  Lower left, MP Rob Oliphant laughs it up with members of the Leaside Centennial Lions Club at their third anniversary dinner. Centre right, here’s Maeve Pestonji  of St. Anselm Catholic School as she accepts the Agnes Macphail Public Speaking Award from Lorna Krawchuk with Michael Smith at left. Maeve’s topic was very current, addressing the impact of #MeToo on society. At the bottom, good luck to the Meraki Intermediate team members who are competing this weekend in Skate Canada’s Synchro Championship.

Flooding closes Bayview Ave. extension at Nesbitt Drive

Traffic was re-routed away from the Bayview extension northbound into Rosedale by way of Nesbitt Drive Tuesday morning because of flooding. Sue Barrett has posted to Facebook with some pictures. Continuing rain is forecast today and Wednesday. Both directions are now open. Facebook 

Meet the man who prosecutes Putin’s dirty war against US

He is known as Putin’s Chef, in more ways than one. Russian Oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin caters the Russian President’s dinners and he also directs hundreds of employees working as Internet trolls and as shadowy “soldiers” in foreign adventures. One such excursion went horribly wrong in Syria two weeks ago where it is said US helicopters killed as many as a hundred of these unfortunate men as they attacked US ground forces.

BC fires “spitball” at Alberta in Canada’s oil and wine war

The BC government will challenge neighboring Alberta under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) for banning outright the sale of BC wine in Alberta. Many say it is a relative spitball as the battle goes, holding a potential $5 million dollar fine compared to the billions at stake over BC’s opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline to the sea. That project has already been approved by the federal government and holds enormous financial promise for all of Canada, not just Alberta.


One issue is the minority nature of the BC government. NDP Premier Horgan holds his office only with the support of the Green Party, which has hardly another purpose in life except to block such pipelines. The standings at present in the BC Legislature are Liberal Party 41, NDP 41, Green Party ​3, Independent 1 and Vacant 1. How long can this last?  War! Alberta tells BC to take its wine, electricity and stick it

Brampton neighbourhood shooting: “This man is deceased”

A man in his 30s is dead at or near Vodden St. at Cumberland Dr. in Brampton where he either lived or had family. He was gunned down in a volley of shots Monday afternoon. Relatives were in the street as police arrived. He was later identified as Oliver Augustus Willis, 37. No motive or explanation is available. News release

Men under stress or mostly melodrama at cop union rally?

Chief Saunders was confronted at a Family Day rally by members of the police union Monday with one wife making the point that her husband was at risk every time he went to work. No laughing matter but that’s been true of police work for 200 years. Then, an astonishing three-day riot on a cruise ship all caused by 23 members of a one combative family. Below that, Hedley is be-headed (more or less) for fooling around with audience members. This is exactly what Elvis did. Will they take down his statues? Finally, a place known to all-age (mostly under-age) punk music fans on Bloor West will close because there’s no money to be made unless you sell booze. And they can’t.

Residents at 1750 Bayview say LRT work life-threatening

A CBC story says owners of condominiums at 1750 Bayview on the southwest corner with Eglinton are complaining that the construction of the Leaside station has created unsafe conditions there. It is a sentiment that was heard through much of last year not just at the corner of Bayview and Eglinton but all along the construction route. In this instance, Norma Fisher, president of the condo board, cites the way the driveway to the underground garage has been constricted, limiting visibility. The building is largely surrounded by construction walls to separate it from excavation and other work. CBC Condemned to live in Midtown as Crosstown LRT is built

Family Day skating and learning fun at Leaside Gardens

Family Day skating at the Leaside Memorial Community Gardens Monday was well attended. The free ice time was courtesy of Patrick Rocca and Tuft’s Valumart.

Face of three news stories heroic, fed up and tragically sad

Left, Braeden Murray, the young supermarket worker in Georgetown is brushing off the accolades for his key role in the rescue of Carole Berry, 73, after she fell getting out of her car and lay in a parking lot for three days before being found. “It’s what anyone would have done,” says Murray which may be true but it was Braeden who did it. Centre, Al Hoffman is a conservative Republican in Florida who is fed up with his party’s failure to enact gun control in the US. He’s told CNN that he won’t be contributing any more money to the party until it does something about automatic rifles. On the right, the heartbreaking death of Emma Splan, 6, in Norwalk, Connecticut, appears to have been caused by complications from the flu. Emma had had a flu shot. As many as 80 kids have died from flu-related causes in the US this season.

Free skating at Memorial Community Gardens Monday

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Heavy rain Monday through Wednesday with flooding likely

The Weather Network is forecasting as much as 50 mm of rain locally through Wednesday with an inevitable risk of flooding.