Start me up! Rolling Stones will play Oro-Medonte June 29

The Rolling Stones North American tour is back on with word Thursday that the band will play the Oro-Medonte site on June 29. The re-scheduled tour comes as Mick Jagger released video Wednesday of him dancing after his recent heart valve surgery. He looks good. CBC

Mayor’s loud Raptor jacket a Jurassic Park fashion standout

Mayor Tory has sparked fashion comment with the noisy Raptors blazer he wore at Jurassic Park Wednesday night. The flashy jacket has garnered attention both favorable and disfavorable on Twitter. We say it’s definitely you, Mr. Mayor. The Bucks downed the Raptors 108 to 100 in Game One of the Eastern playoffs.

Air Canada in friendly negotiation to purchase Air Transat

Air Canada has is in exclusive negotiations to buy the company that owns Air Transat, the two companies say. The proposed deal would value Transat at $13 per share, a 22 percent premium from the $10.58 a share the company was valued at on Wednesday. At $13, Transat is being valued at roughly $520 million. CBC

Woman killed by CP freight on main line at Old Weston Rd.

A woman has been struck and killed by a CP Rail train on the main line reportedly near Old Weston Rd. and Davenport Rd. early Thursday. More to come.

Man, 30, known as “Jaytopsir” nabbed in child-luring sting

Police say they have charged a man who was attempting to lure a girl of 14 through social media. But the “victim”  was a police officer. A raid on Wednesday near Eglinton Ave and Avenue Road resulted in the arrest of Jared Battieste, 30, of Toronto on related charges. The handle “jaytopsir” was used. Charges

1. Making sexually explicit material available to a person under 16 years of age
2. Luring a child under 16 years

Quiet, friendly Charlie stolen on Danforth near Woodbine

Police are asking the public’s help in finding Charlie, a 10-year-old Siberian Husky mix, who was stolen Tuesday afternoon when he was tied outside of a store on Danforth at Amroth Ave. east of Woodbine Ave. The suspects are two men and a woman seen in poor images from a security camera. Charlie is described as a male, Siberian Husky, 100 lbs., with black and white short hair, and blue eyes. Charlie is very friendly and quiet. The three suspects are described as:

Suspect 1: White, male, with tanned skin, approximately 30 years old, 5’10″, light buggy eyes, long hair ½ in a ponytail, wearing narrow track pants, and missing some teeth.
Suspect 2: White, male, approximately 30 years old, heavy set, with a round face, pale skin, short, brown hair, and wearing heavy-rimmed glasses.
Suspect 3: White, female, approximately 30 years old, short build, brown hair in a ponytail, pulling metal shopping cart with floral print on the inside

Crown asks explosives possession case be put over 3 days

The case of explosives and a detonating device found in a Richmond Hill home seems increasingly curious as reported by Pam Seatle. But a day in court was put over three days Wednesday at the request of the Crown.

Think what cops are really saying about call to release thug

It doesn’t take much to imagine what they’re really saying at headquarters about the decision to let Stefanos Liakopoulos loose wearing a GPS ankle bracelet last January. In March, the thugish Mr. Liakopoulos cut off the bracelet and hasn’t been heard from since. The release late Wednesday carefully says “he was released by the courts with strict conditions, including being monitored by a GPS ankle device ”  He is 40 years, 5’3″, 201 lbs., bald, blue eyes with a u-shaped scar above his upper lip and has numerous tattoos on both arms. He may be driving a white Hyundai Sonata with Ontario license plate CCMS 043. He is violent and dangerous. The charges are:

1. Fail to Comply Recognizance
2. Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance
3. nine counts of Assault
4. two counts of Threaten Death
5. Forcible Confinement
6. Assault Cause Bodily Harm
7. Criminal Harassment

Rexall, Cody Fair and Tutto Pronto is ready when you are

The future of the big Rexall Drugstore in the Sunnybrook Plaza has long posed a question for residents. Where will it go when the plaza is knocked down for redevelopment? The answer (upper left) from City documents seems to be around the corner to 1820 Bayview Ave. beside the CIBC.  At right is Jack, a pupil at Maurice Cody School, seen in 2013 at the annual Spring Fair. Jack may have outgrown face paint but the fair is back Saturday, May 22. Take a look at all the stuff they’re doing. Down the left side is the imminent arrival of a pleasant restaurant called Tutto Pronto (ready when you are) at 1751 Bayview. They have a place on Avenue Rd. Below that, the sad news that 2 Bros.Cuisine has closed. We’re not sure what’s happening there. Lower left, some tulips for you from Longo’s and at right a reminder of Lianne Fisher’s address and discussion next Wednesday at Leaside United Church.

Three men wanted for killing May 1 on John Garland Blvd.

Three men are named in Canada-wide arrest warrants in the shooting death May 1 of Blain Grindley at 256 John Garland Blvd. They are:

Michael Smith, 29, of Brampton, is wanted on a Canada Wide Arrest Warrant for:
1) First-Degree Murder
He is described as 5’4″, 170 lbs., and black hair in braids.
Andrae Douse, 21, of Mississauga, is wanted on a Canada Wide Arrest Warrant for:
1) First-Degree Murder
He is described as 5’5″, 165 lbs.
Dayne Sitladeen, 27, of Mississauga, is wanted on a Canada Wide Arrest Warrant for:
1) First-Degree Murder
He is described as 5’8″, 146 lbs.

Four paralegals charged in traffic conviction-erasing racket

Four Toronto-area paralegals stand accused in an alleged corruption scheme that wrongly-eliminated convictions for traffic tickets. They are Ben Zappia, Ben Bennardo, Payam Javadi and Philip Alexiu. Each is accused of breach of trust, fraud over $5,000, uttering forged documents and conspiracy to commit an indictable offense. All will be back in court with City of Toronto clerk Frank Rizzello in court on May 27, who was charged in February in connection with the same allegations. Toronto Sun

Gascon apologizes for disappearing, blames a panic attack

Canadian Press has Justice Clement Gascon’s statement about his recent disappearance. The SCOC justice says his behaviour was “affected both by the recent announcement of a difficult and heart-rending career decision and by a change in medication, I conducted myself in an unprecedented and unaccustomed manner by going out without warning and remaining out of touch for several hours. I can neither explain nor justify what I understand to have been a panic attack, and I wish to apologize most profusely to all those who suffered as a result.” Gascon has recently announced he will resign from the Supreme Court this fall. Ottawa police sent a missing-person alert last week, saying the judge had been seen in the afternoon heading away from the courthouse and his family was concerned for his safety. A short time later, the police said Gascon had been found.