Rogers store at Danforth/Playter scooped for cell phones

This was a cell phone scoop similar to the one that occurred in the Dawsco Plaza on Brentcliffe Rd. in June. The Rogers store on the Danforth is at #272.  Rogers store on Brentcliffe Rd. robbed of cell phones

Dellen Millard asks witness about time he smacked her butt

Dellen Millard cross examined Marlena Meneses at his own first-degree murder trial Tuesday and ventured into why Meneses has told court that she didn’t like him when she and his co-accused, Mark Smich, were pals. On Friday she cited “lewd comments” as among her reasons. Millard said to Meneses Tuesday, “I smacked your butt once?”  As reported by the CBC, Meneses corrected him, pointing out it was more than once. Millard maintained he remembered just one time, “You gave me a dirty look, so I knew you didn’t like it. It was unwanted contact. Sorry, Marlena.”  Millard also admitted to teasing Meneses, who at the time was 18 and a high-school dropout. He told court he asked questions to make her “feel dumb.” Then Millard asked the witness to spell, “hangar.” Crown Attorney Jill Cameron stood in apparent protest and Justice Michael Code is said to have bristled as he told Millard to move on.  Uncowed Millard said  “Despite the teasing, you learned a lot from me?” Meneses responded flatly, “Oh I learned a lot from all of this.” In earlier cross examination Meneses admitted to lying to police in the first interviews she had with them. In further questioning by Cameron she insisted she was telling the truth before the court.

Is she helping drugstore parking lot teen killer elude police?

The woman sought has surrendered to police.

Rose accused of “testing” women by touching their legs

The specifics of the accusations against Charlie Rose, the eminent journalist who Time called the most influential newsman, is that he touched women on the leg to, as they say, test their sexual inclination. It is also said that he called women who worked for him to describe sexual fantasies. At his home, where women employees sometimes worked, he was known to walk out of the shower naked. It does not appear that he is accused of forcing himself on anyone. This may or may not be instructive to men. Rose has apologized and acknowledged “misbehaviour” but has also said he believes some of the allegations are not accurate.

TTC chief Andy Byford quits to lead NYC Transit Authority

Andy Byford, CEO of the TTC, will resign from his position and leave in December to become the head of the New York City Transit Authority. Mr. Byford made the announcement at a news conference Tuesday morning, calling his time in Toronto the “absolute highlight” of his “28-year transit career.” “I believe we have achieved what we set out to do and we have done that as a team,” Byford said. “While there will always be room to improve still further, the basic tenets of the service have been substantially improved with subway delay minutes down 21 per cent year-over-year, delay incidents down seven per cent, track fires — a major cause of delay — down 42 per cent and short turns, long the bane of bus and streetcar riders’ lives, down nearly 90 per cent. The system is cleaner, information is clearer and customers have noticed the difference.”

Ikea again recalls tip-prone dresser as eighth child killed

Ikea is again recalling its tip-prone dressers after an eighth child was killed by one. The latest victim was a 2-year-old California boy who was crushed by a MALM dresser after being put down for a nap in his bedroom in May. In Washington, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday that Ikea has now received 186 reports of incidents with MALM style chests and dressers. More than 90 children have been injured from them, the CPSC said. As demonstrated above at a 2016 news conference, the temptation is for children to stand on the bottom drawer in order to reach something on top of the dresser. The subsequent fall of the dresser is frequently enough to kill the child. The dresser has also been recalled in Canada.

Meraki skaters show and daughter asks dad to please call

What a great picture of the Merkai skaters at their show Sunday night at Centennial Arena. Great fun for these girls and their proud parents. Then to the right, a forlorn request on Reddit from a daughter named Terry who asks that her dad, who was last known to live on Belsize Drive, please call her. Below that to the left, a new phone number for the Bayview Leaside BIA. They want to hear from you. To the right, a poster proclaiming some digital learning to be had at a meeting at East York Alternative Secondary School at 670 Cosburn Ave Wednesday beginning at 4 p.m. Centre left, the highly entertaining old black and white photo shows Yonge St. looking south from St. Clair in 1953. Who remembers Tamblyn’s Drug Store? This is from Liz McFarland @EAMcFarland  Lower left, Advent begins December 3 and Leaside United Church is planning. And finally, this meal photo tweeted by Tanya Jamal‏@jamal_tanya served up at the hilariously named Knuckle Sandwich at 969 Coxwell Ave. Other Knuckle Sandwich

Secret audio of teacher vs her bosses on gender pronouns

There will be some asking why this subject matters. Maybe it doesn’t, but for those who are interested this is a recording made secretly as Lindsay Shepherd, a Wilfrid Laurier University graduate student and teaching assistant, was told she was on the wrong side of the gender pronoun issue — or maybe that there was no other side — by exposing her class to contrary views. She was told she had violated the Canadian Human Rights Code and worse perhaps, created a toxic environment. Goodness.

Loblaws announces plan to make you pay (!) for PC points

The Globe and Mail reports Monday night that Loblaw is planning on testing a fee-based membership program. The company is calling it a “fee” and likening the charge to Amazon Prime and Costco Wholesale programs. Loblaw is said to have unveiled the pilot program called PC Insiders for its PC Plus loyalty members who also have a President’s Choice Financial MasterCard. The plan is to require a $9.99 monthly or $99 yearly fee to get a range of perks any time they use their MasterCard, including:

  • 20 per cent back in PC points on the essentials such as diapers, infant formula, and all PC Organics products in-store and online.
  • 20 per cent back in PC points on all Joe Fresh products in-store and online at
  • 20 times the PC points every day when customers shop online at
  • Free Click & Collect pick-up service at nearly 200 locations.
  • Free shipping on all and purchases.
  • $99 PC travel credit once a year when booking a trip on (annual subscriptions only).

The program is expected to expand next year beyond select PC Plus members who also have the MasterCard.  Globe & MailCBC.

Now news intellectual Charlie Rose accused of misbehaviour

Renowned news interviewer and co-host of CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose, has been suspended after accusations that he walked around naked in the presence of women who worked for the program. His acclaimed interview program on PBS is also suspended. He has said he is sorry for certain behaviour but also insists that not everything that is being said is accurate. Next, the Nebraska Public Service Commission has approved the Keystone XL Pipeline. Then, the Queen and Prince Phillip are marking their 70th wedding anniversary. And finally, there’s an app for criminal conduct on the TTC.

“Intoxicated” mom with kids 3 years, 2 months in collision

Police say a mother of two is facing a charge of impaired driving after her car smacked into two others in Agincourt Saturday night. She was on Kennedy Road near Pently Crescent south of Sheppard around 9 p.m. when she stuck a Mercedes and then a BMW. As reported by City News the impairment was obvious. “When (police) arrived on scene, they found a woman (whose) ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired,” PC David Hopkinson told 680 News. “She wasn’t just impaired though, she was intoxicated. Her level of consumption of alcohol was fairly high.” A three-year-old and a two-month old infant were not injured.

Students can opt out of strike-twisted semester with refund

Minister Deb Matthews said Monday that students who decide to withdraw from the semester because of the five-week strike of teachers may receive a full tuition refund. All full-time students will also be eligible to receive up to $500 for unexpected costs such as child care fees, rent and re-booked transit tickets. Ontario Student Assistance Program aid or OSAP will also be extended into December to accommodate extended semesters, the minister’s statement said. On Sunday, the Legislature passed an act that ended the college labour dispute


Police have announced the arrest of Tristan Anthony Miller, 26, of Toronto on charges of two counts of assault with a weapon (liquid in a spray bottle) and two counts of administer noxious substance  A man was wanted for spraying people with an unknown liquid on the subway on Friday.


Nebraska’s Public Service Commission has approved the passage of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline through the state in a 3 to 2 vote, but not along its preferred route for the $10 billion project. The panel has voted for the proposed mainline route, which follows the company’s preferred route for the north of the state before veering further east to more closely align with TransCanada’s existing pipeline in the state. In a written decision, the panel said it was in the public’s interest to put the new pipeline nearer to the current one to maximize monitoring resources, to impact less of the habitat of endangered species, and other route benefits –CP