All welcome at planting of East York Wild Flower Adventure

Saturday is the main planting day for the combined-sponors program called the Seton Woods Forest Meadows Project taking place in East York’s Taylor Creek Park. This wholesome and educational project is teaching boys, girls, teens and adults the value of conservation. It is an exercise in community building and some excellent socializing. If you have a son or daughter who might like to make the community better, give the 132 Scouts a shout. Posters are interactive so take a look

Homeowner is sure this is a break-in trio hanging around

A York Region woman is certain that three people going door to door in her neighborhood are a break-in gang. Their method is to have the young woman (seen above) knock on the door to check if there’s anyone home. This is a well-established trick. In this case, it seems the woman is in voice contact with her accomplices, two men slowly moving along the street in an old Mercedes. The homeowner, Debra Cossaro Di Benedetto, delayed opening the door. But the woman hung around outside for as long as five minutes. That is an extraordinarily long time for anyone to wait at the door. Di Bennedetto finally asked through the door what the woman wanted. She said she was looking for “John” and quickly departed. Later, when Di Benedetto viewed her own video and that of neighbour, she saw that the two men had emerged from the old Mercedes and were about to go between the houses when they suddenly turned around and left. Now she feels sure that when she spoke to the woman at her door, the door-knocker sent a voice alarm to her accomplices that someone was home. That sent them all scurrying away.  York Region Police check concern of possible break-in gang

Ontario man remorseful for being cocaine jackass on jet

The man who caused an Air Canada Rouge jetliner from Jamaica to be diverted to Orlando last week has admitted he took cocaine before boarding the flight. Brandon Michael Courneyea, 34, of Kingston Ontario is charged with interfering with flight crew members and attendants. His lawyer says he is remorseful. He is seeking bail and his case continues in the US. Disturbed man taken off AC jetliner diverted to Orlando

Otheer News:


Urban Nature store open Tuesday at 900 Don Mills Road

Task of following as many as 1,000 death dreamers in UK

A former British spy and terrorism expert estimates there may be as many as 1,000 men in Britain capable of the same unspeakable behaviour as Salman Abedi, the 22-year-old death dreamer who blew himself up at the Manchester arena Monday and took 22 others with him. He injured as many as 60 and set equal parts of fear and anger in the hearts of decent people everywhere. The estimate is from Richard Barrett, as quoted from a BBC radio interview Tuesday. “We value our society, we talk about freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, and all this sort of thing, and we really do want to preserve those values against the attacks or terrorism, and if we’re following around 1,000 people or something I think we’re losing those values,” said Barrett. “I don’t think anyone’s expecting the security services or police to monitor the population here on the scale of perhaps what was done in East Germany.”  Barrett expressed his concern by the numbers, noting “returnees” from Iraq and Syria said to be 400 or so, plus the people who wanted to go to Iraq or Syria but were stopped. They could count up to 600, he said. “So already you’re up to 1,000 before you even start on the people who live here and maybe never expressed any or didn’t knowingly express any intention to go to Syria, so what do you do about that?”


Uber man on kidnap, confinement charges at Eg, Dunfield

Police call it kidnapping at Eglinton Ave. E. and Dunfield Avenue after a woman, 18, was picked up Monday by an Uber car she ordered. She says the driver began “inappropriate conversation” and made unwanted advances. She told him to stop and let her out and he refused. Police say he tried to take her to “a private location.” The release says only that the woman made an escape. Now Sukhbaj Singh, 24, of Belleville is under arrest facing charges of forcible confinement, kidnapping and assault.

2017 Maurice Cody Spring Fair celebrates Canada 150

This year’s Maiurice Cody spring fair is scheduled for Saturday, May 27th, 2017 between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m, rain or shine.  It promises games, jumping castle, rock climbing, target throwing, bake sale, henna art, raffles and much more!  The theme this year is “Canada 150”.

New York LGBTQ cops invite Toronto police — in uniform

Toronto police have been invited to participate in uniform at the New York City Pride March in June. The invitation is said to be designed to make a point about the Toronto Pride ban on TPS uniforms in the local parade.  The Gay Officers Action League in New York requested permission for Toronto officers to join uniformed members of the NYPD Marching band and colour guard in the June 25th Pride March in New York City — the same day as the Toronto Pride Parade.

Two gay men caned in Indonesia in front of festive crowd

Two gay men, aged 20 and 23, have received 83 strokes of the cane each after being found guilty of breaking sharia rules in conservative Aceh province, the only part of Indonesia that implements Islamic law. The spectacle is reminiscent of public executions of previous centuries, events held to warn possible transgressors and as group entertainment. Many were recording the punishment with their phones. The video reveals something like a holiday occasion as the two are led onto a stage set up outside a mosque in front of a crowd of thousands, who jeered and booed. The pair bowed their heads as they were whipped by officials who wore dark robes and masks with eye slits, and used thin rattan canes. One of the men grimaced occasionally and the other showed little emotion. Before the caning, Abdul Gani Isa, a member of the Acehnese clerics’ council, told the crowd the caning was “a lesson for the public”. “Lessons carried out with our sharia law are conducted in a very thoughtful way, are educational and do not violate human rights,” he said.

Art show and ad shoot near you in East York and Leaside

Geoff Kettel reminds readers that the Homes and Haunts exhibit sponsored by the East York Foundation is in its final days at the Walter Stewart Library, 179 Memorial Park Ave. You can see it until May 31.  And on Thursday, Untitled Films will be on Canada’s favorite street for shooting commercials, this time for the Bank of Nova Scotia. That street would be Bessborough Drive in Leaside.

Woman attacked at Finch and Doris in central Willowdale

Police are reporting an attack on a woman, 26, in central Willowdale late Monday night as she walked near the corner of Finch Ave. and Doris Ave. She was walking in what are called “late-evening hours” when a man approached her from behind and forced her to the ground. She was sexually assaulted.  She is said to have fought him off. The man is described as white, 28-34, 5’7″-5’8″, blonde hair, beard, medium build, wearing a white long-sleeve shirt with a wide olive/grey stripe.


Police are reporting further charges laid against Najeeb Saad, 42, in connection with the sexual exploitation of male teens. TPS release 

May addresses nation as dead number 22 in Manchester

Officials in the US say British authorities have identified the suspected Manchester bomber as 22-year-old British national Salman Abedi. No other information was given.  Police swept through Manchester overnight making arrests following the suicide bomb attack that killed 22 at the City’s main arena. They say a person acting alone detonated a device in the crowded lobby of the Manchester arena.  In a statement, the Greater Manchester Police said that they arrested a 23-year-old man in south Manchester in connection with the attack as hundreds of police swarmed through the City in the aftermath of the blast. The bomber was apparently alone at the time of the attack but was it planned by just one person? Police are trying to determine if there is a network. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, which injured 59 others. Earlier  CBC BBC Latest Updates