Cumbrae’s set to open new store on Friday, September 22

Cumbrae’s butcher shop is set to open Friday, September 22, according to a post on Instagram and elsewhere Thursday. The large new store is at 1589-1591 next to Badali’s Fruit on Bayview Ave.

Feds in last-minute bid to deport brothers born to spies

The Federal Government has appealed the case of Alexander Vavilov, 23, and his brother Timothy, 27, to the Supreme Court of Canada in an effort to have the two deported. They are the sons of Russian spies, born here in the 1990s, as their parents reputedly lived the lives of “sleeper” agents, waiting to be ordered into action on behalf of the Kremlin. It is, as Maclean’s says, utterly stranger-than-fiction. The last-minute action by Ottawa and its purposes in seeking the expulsions is explained by Melanie Ing of City News, which is owned by Rogers Communications, owners of Maclean’s. Thursday, the court had yet to accept the case but it seems hard to imagine that SCOC will refuse to decide a matter of such intimate meaning to Canadian citizenship.

Eglinton shut from Hanna to Sutherland in manhunt case

Eglinton Ave. remains closed at 8 p.m. Thursday as the Special Investigations Unit does its work in relation to the men who were stopped, and in one case, arrested by Toronto Police. The other seems to have gotten away. The SIU was there because a woman passenger in the car suffered a back injury.

Gangs with machetes in streets of storm-ravaged Dominica

A hurricane-aftermath horror story is playing out in Dominica where Canadians are telling their families of their fear and deprivation. Following Hurricane Maria blowing through on Monday they without power, water, food. They fear the streets, which are now populated by men roaming around with machetes. Much communication is by text but even this is under threat as cell phone batteries wind down. Nadia Araujo, says her sister Denise, a student at All Saints Medical School, is has no water and no light. “We’re scavenging for food and water. It’s insane out here. We’re waiting to see what will happen. Hopefully we’ll be rescued,” read the text sent by Denise Wednesday  CBC

Too hot, Canuck self-abasement and rich, happy Norway

The extraordinarily warm weather this September has inspired an urgent request to landlords to turn off the heat. It’s on because there is a bylaw saying that by this date, it must be on. All well and good but the climate doesn’t care. Then, to the UN where the prime minister doesn’t seem to feel Canadians have had their fill of self-abasement. The UN no doubt loved it. On the other hand, even hard-hearted Canadians may twinge to hear that those happy Norwegians (happiest in the world, they say) have squirreled away a trillion US dollars in their Sovereign Wealth Fund. Okay. Will it cheer you to spend a moment with Rihanna as she introduces her new makeup?

Child dies in hot car on day temps reached into high 20s

A child has died in a hot car near Burnhamthorpe and Mill Road near the Mississauga and Etobicoke line, police  say. A window of the burgundy Hyundai sedan was smashed and a black car seat are evidence at the scene. The child of toddler-age was pronounced dead. Police say a caregiver who was responsible for a boy has been charged and will appear in court Friday at 1.30. .She is scheduled to be at 2201 Finch Ave. W. at 10 a.m. on Friday. Toronto police told CBC Toronto on Friday that Zeljna Kosovac, 50, was in charge of caring for the boy.



A teen has been stabbed and three people are in custody Thursday following an incident outside Central Toronto Academy at Bickford Park near area of Ossington Avenue and Harbord Street. His injuries are not critical.  A second boy received minor injuries and a third taken to hospital for observation.


Schools locked down as fugitive flees over Leaside fences

South Bayview was the scene a widespread search for a fugitive who escaped from police after a vehicle jumped a curb in a collision as cops tried to stop it. Schools, including Leaside High School and nurseries as far south as the ABC Academy at Bayview and Balliol St. were locked down to prevent anyone getting in. The first reports came from the scene of the encounter with police at Rumsey and Eglinton as seen above.  A resident of Parklea said that the police came to the door in an attempt to sweep houses and backyards looking for the suspect. One woman posted to Leaside Community to say she had seen a man leaping over her fence as he went from garden to garden. Const. David Hopkinson told CP24 that police attempted to stop the vehicle because officers suspected the people inside might have been armed. When the traffic stop was initiated, a collision occurred. Police were able to arrest one suspect at the scene but a second fled from officers. Residents in North and South Leaside have reported that schools and daycares in the area were on “Hold & Secure”. Residents have reported that the suspect was taken into custody but police say they are still seeking one man.

St. Cuthbert’s, Smokedown and Holy Cross at Legislature

St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church green will host the annual Blessing of the Animals at 1399 Bayview Ave. Saturday, September 30 at 11 a.m. Thursday (tonight) the Amsterdam Breweries at 45 Esandar Drive will rock to the Leaside Smokedown event in support of New Circles. And the fine-looking group at lower right are from Holy Name Catholic School at 690 Carlaw Ave. as they visit the Legislature at Queen’s Park with MPP Peter Tabuns present.

New traffic rules for next phase of Bayview/Eglinton LRT

The next phase of station construction at Bayview and Eglinton Aves. will see excavation of the centre of Eglinton on the south side. The work will continue 16 hours a day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is expected to take 15 months. Many new traffic rules will apply including no left turns from northbound Bayview onto Eglinton. Right turns onto Eglinton from northbound Bayview, previously forbidden, will be permitted on a green light (but not red). Right turns from Eglinton going southbound onto Bayview will be forbidden and there will be no pedestrian crossing of any kind, it seems, on the south side of the intersection, crossing Bayview.

OPP probe of bikers nets ten out of dozens who broke law

OPP have laid 48 charges against ten people in connection with motorcycle club excursions in which riders performed dangerous stunts, erratic riding and occupied the road to the exclusion of other traffic. A number of incidents starting last year and continuing through the summer of 2017 caused the investigation.  Police say that dozens of riders on “sport bikes” actively participated in coordinated stunts that intentionally snarled traffic and put the lives of participants and the safety of others road users and pedestrians in jeopardy.


The stunts were captured by participants on video and self-posted publicly to various social media channels. Public response to a request for information is credited with identifying some participants at an incident on August 6.  There are 35 Criminal Code charges including Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Conspiracy to Commit the Indictable Offence of Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Mischief, Conspiracy to Commit the Indictable Offence of Mischief and Flight While Pursued by a Peace Officer. Six charges were laid for offences contrary to the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.


Police re-visit case of man shot at Danforth “hookah lounge”

Toronto police have located the murder weapon and identified the car used in the drive-by shooting of Abdullah Farah, 20, outside the notorious (now-closed)  Cloud Nine Café at 1530 Danforth.  Farah was standing on a busy sidewalk in the early morning hours of April 17, 2016 when he was killed in a drive-by shooting. Detective Leslie Dunkley will be providing an update on the case at a news conference at Toronto police headquarters at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. Detectives say they are hoping the new information will yield further details helping them to identify the killer. Scene of violence, Danforth “hookah lounge” shut down


Other police matters reported in recent hours include the murder of a woman in Scarborough, with charges laid, and the attack on a man who called an escort agency, also with arrests.

Woman crossing with walker killed at Broadview/Mortimer

A woman crossing the street with wheeled walker was struck and killed by a vehicle at Broadview and Mortimer Aves. Wednesday night. Paramedics at the scene reported she was absent of vital signs.