Deal! Ford leaves TTC alone and Tory supports Ontario Line

The Ontario government has dropped its plan to take over the TTC’s subway system and Mayor Tory has approved construction of the ambitious Ontario Line. In the future, new subways will be owned by Ontario but operated by the TTC. The mayor spoke Wednesday on the deal. He said the City supports the provincial government’s plan to build the Ontario Line, a longer version of the previously proposed downtown relief line and to extend the Bloor-Danforth line further north-east to meet Eglinton Avenue, and west to Exhibition Place. Tory thanked Premier Ford and Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney for sitting down to reach an agreed deal on subways. Building transit in Toronto will require a relentless focus by all three levels of government, not endless fighting, he added.

YRP arrest 31 people in trafficking of Quebec women in GTA

York Regional Police have arrested 31 people who now face some 300 charges related to widespread human trafficking and organized crime. The break came last October when women victims of the ring came forward to police. The investigation led officers to identify a number of suspects. This group was also involved in frauds, drug trafficking and weapons crimes. Police identified 12 victims and determined that more than 30 women who were involved in the sex trade were associated with this group of suspects.

Accused remain to be named

The majority of the women came from Quebec but had been moved to Ontario and across Canada for sex trade purposes. A .release from YRPS says that despite enduring violent assaults, sexual assaults, torture and other degrading circumstances, many victims remain too fearful to come forward and often deny the events completely. The accused remain to be named.

2 dead in rear-end crash with stopped truck in Mississauga

Two people, a man and woman, are dead after their vehicle slammed into the rear of a tractor-trailer that was waiting for the traffic light at Hurontario St. and Matheson Rd in Mississauga early Wednesday. It happened just after 5 a.m. and police say the force of the impact was sufficient to bend heavy metal parts of the truck.

Toronto Events celebrate Mandela and 9-99, Howe-Gretzky

Toronto has published its updated Festival and Events Calendar Wednesday with information on many events that will appeal to both specialized and eclectic tastes. It is found here

Where’s Cupcake, Kurds betrayed and family horror remand

FBI agents are scouring southern US states Tuesday trying to find kidnapped Kamille (Cupcake) McKinney,3. They have two suspects but fear the child has been handed off to others and now faces a dangerous, unknown fate. Then, the Kurdish men and women who helped the world destroy ISIS are themselves under attack by Turkish forces and their ego-driven president. Then, Menhaz Zaman, the man accused of wiping out his entire family in Markham last summer was in court on Tuesday. Lastly, a City News update on the re-make of the Gardiner Expressway which we alerted you to two weeks ago.

Now high school teachers (OSSTF) are talking about a strike

The union representing teachers at high schools across the province says it will be moving forward with strike votes after “months of delays and inaction by the Ontario government.” In a news release issued Tuesday, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) confirmed that strike votes will be held across Ontario in the coming weeks. “The government claims that it wants to resolve these negotiations quickly, but from the beginning they have done nothing to help expedite the process, and now they are simply refusing to discuss substantive issues at the bargaining table,” OSSTF President Harvey Bischof said in a written statement.

Warrant out for Derek DeSousa, 34, as hit and run driver

Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Derek DeSousa, 34, of Toronto. as the driver of a vehicle that struck two women and a toddler Sunday at Ellesmere Rd. and Pharmacy Ave. Mr. DeSousa is one of three people named by police immediately after the incident as a person of interest. They now say he was the driver. He is described as white with a beard and wears glasses. He was wearing a grey sweater, black pants, and a red hat.

Bayview pasta snap, DPS parents and it’s your mid-October

Upper left, photographer Bill Milne was taking high-class pictures Tuesday of pasta and pasta-making at Tutto Pronto, 1551 Bayview Ave. Below that is the large turnout by parents at the Davisville Public School Curriculum Night. Then a variety of sales and events this week and on into your mid-October weekend.

Hello everyone, and that includes you men and women too

Air Canada has changed its greeting for passengers from “ladies and gentlemen” to “everyone” in a stated attempt to be more inclusive. Aircrew remain distinctly identifiable in traditional terms as seen in the corporate photo above.

Harley Davidson stops production of electric bike

Harley-Davidson has stopped production and deliveries of its first electric motorcycle after discovering a glitch in the final quality checks. The motorcycle maker said it has discovered a “non-standard condition” with LiveWire, which it began shipping to its dealers late last month, prompting additional testing and analysis. While the company said its testing is progressing “well,” it did not offer a timeline as to when the production will resume.

2021 Hyundai Tucson at Nurburgring

New spy photos of the next-generation Hyundai Tucson are in and this time we can see the South Korean crossover testing around the Nurburgring. That’s obviously not the natural habitat of a compact high-riding family vehicle but these days automakers want to ensure their new products are capable of dealing with all kinds of driving situations, including dynamic cornering and high-speed braking.

Boy, 13, driving SUV in 5 a.m. collision with GO bus, tanker

A boy of 13 was driving an SUV belonging to his friend’s dad when it tangled with a GO bus and tanker trailer truck about 5 a.m. at the corner of Dufferin St at Finch Ave Tuesday. The owner’s son, also 13, took the keys from the man’s pocket in an early-morning escapade according to the father, who was interviewed by City News. The dad says his son was a passenger in the car and that surgeons have told him they are trying to save the lad’s leg. A release issued at mid-morning says the vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed when it struck the tanker and careered into the bus.

Man abandoning hit-run SUV near St. Clair and O’Connor

Police have recovered the Dodge SUV involved in Sunday’s hit-and-run incident in which an infant and two women were mowed down on the sidewalk at Ellesmere Road and Pharmacy Avenue. A man, seen above, abandoned the vehicle near O’Connor Drive and St. Clair East in East York. It was found about 6 p.m. on Monday. Three named, hunted in hit and run of toddler, two women

She says parent, child took Pokemon cards from park bench

The vivid reflection of ordinary people and their problems (big and small) was seen again Monday as a woman posted a now-deleted warning to a parent who she says took (or stole) a tin of valuable Pokemon cards and a slinky toy as they sat unattended on a bench at Trace Manes Park earlier in the day. There were no fewer than 45 comments in barely three hours. Many posts sympathized with the woman but others ridiculed her for posting the matter, and of attempting to communicate a warning to the alleged thief by Facebook. As noted, the thread has been deleted.