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New traffic rules for next phase of Bayview/Eglinton LRT

The next phase of station construction at Bayview and Eglinton Aves. will see excavation of the centre of Eglinton on the south side. The work will continue 16 hours a day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is expected to take 15 months. Many new traffic rules will apply including no left turns from northbound Bayview onto Eglinton. Right turns onto Eglinton from northbound Bayview, previously forbidden, will be permitted on a green light (but not red). Right turns from Eglinton going southbound onto Bayview will be forbidden and there will be no pedestrian crossing of any kind, it seems, on the south side of the intersection, crossing Bayview.

Cut and cover excavation looms at Bayview and Eglinton

The cut-and-cover phase of construction of the Leaside LRT Station at Bayview and Eglinton Aves. is about to begin. It is a period that will try drivers and pedestrians alike as the entire intersection is dug up, covered with planks and maintained that way for two years or more. Single lane travel will be the order of the day. They were explaining this at the Metrolinx Leaside Station Open House in the William Lea Room Tuesday night. The large footprint for the track level station and concourse above it stretches from past the crosswalks on Egljnton to the curbs on both sides. It will go down a dizzying 30 metres to the tracks. There is a lot of earth to be moved. Metrolinx was showing a diagram (above) of the first stage of traffic diversions complete with two no-right-turns and three no-left-turns. This configuration will last four to six months and will be replaced with a different set of restrictions. In total, Metrolinx expects four different such sets of restrictions.


Taking it one day at a time, the current pedestrian detours are tricky.  Northbound pedestrians on the east side of Bayview have already misunderstood the arrow which is intended to send them over to the west side. The crossing looks chancy (see photo) so some charge through the signs to the north side of Eglinton where they can cross Bayview with a greater sense of security. Be careful all.

Wild and crazy Bayview and Eglinton at new heights

Work has begun in earnest on the main station for the Leaside stop of the Crosstown LRT at Eglinton Ave. and Bayview Ave. The video on the left is the action at a trench digging across Eglinton near Mann Ave which reduced traffic on Tuesday to one lane on the north side of the street. On the right, the chaotic scene down at Bayview and Eg where pedestrians were asking sewer workers if it was safe to cross the street. “Sure lady, go ahead”. Wild and crazy, you bet. There is more to come here because this stop will require excavation out into Eglinton and a covering of planks for a while.

Wild and crazy bucket truck fun outside Tim Hortons

There was lots fun of Friday midday on the southwest corner of Bayview and Eglinton Aves. as multiple bucket trucks from Hydro One performed unknown adjustments. On the ground however, there was a happy police presence for those heading to Tim Hortons. Coffee and doughnuts lunchers were practically under police escort as they approached. This to keep them out from under the constantly moving buckets. Once inside, coffee and doughnuts. Wild and crazy.

Bayview and Eglinton traffic “horrible” Thursday morning

One driver tweeted this picture and added there were no police, no TTC nor construction employees to make sure this type of crazy pile up was avoided.

bayview-eglinton-oct-13thTraffic is a complete mess with construction.  No pain, no gain, right?  We dream of the day when the Eglinton LRT is operational.

Wild and crazy corner about to begin a new adventure

The corner of Bayview Ave.and Eglinton East is about to begin another convulsive adventure in building the much-loved (by politicians) LRT. Medians on Bayview are being demolished Tuesday to permit traffic to be switched back and forth from one side of the street to the other. A new maze of traffic lights to somehow or other control confused drivers is being installed. Thus it will not be long before work begins on the excavations into the street which are required to construct the Leaside Station facilities. As is known, this site is also going to be the scene of a high-rise condominium on Bayview Ave. built by Countrywide Homes. It will probably test the nine-storey bylaw again, just as RioCan is doing at the Sunnybrook Plaza site. Wild and crazy.


UPDATED: Eglinton shut down from Donlea to Hanna NEXT weekend

Metrolinx construction will close part of Eglinton Avenue East on Saturday, August 27th, 2016 at 4am:

Traffic details:

  • eeb3_road_deck_repair_overnight_aug.5_map

    Traffic Details

    Eastbound through traffic will be re-routed north on Donlea Drive and south on Hanna Road back to Eglinton Avenue East.

  • Westbound through traffic will be re-routed north on Hanna Road and west on Donlea Drive back to Eglinton Avenue East.
  • Paid Duty Officers will be located at the intersections of Donlea Drive and Eglinton Avenue East and Hanna Road and Eglinton Avenue East to assist with traffic direction.

TTC Buses will be re-routed for the Eglinton Avenue East closure. Some TTC stops may be temporarily relocated. TTC signs will be posted for transit users.

  • eeb3_road_deck_repair_overnight_aug.5_ttc_diversion_map_update_2

    TTC re-routing map

    54/354 Lawrence will be diverted north of Eglinton Avenue East on Laird Drive, Glenvale Boulevard, and Bayview Avenue.

  • 51 Leslie, 56 Leaside, and 100 Flemingdon Park will be diverted north of Eglinton Avenue East on Laird Drive, Broadway Avenue, and Bayview Avenue.
  • Routes 34/334 Eglinton will be diverted south of Eglinton Avenue East on Laird Drive, Millwood Road, Sutherland Drive, and Bayview Avenue.
  • Paid duty officers will be on site at the intersections of Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East, and Laird Drive and Eglinton Avenue East to assist with traffic direction.

Metrolinx Notice, Metrolinx TTC Detour Info, PREVIOUS: LRT work sends buses to Glenvale, Broadway on Aug 21, 22

2-storey “boarding house” in Metro lot at Eglinton-Bayview

The corner of Eglinton Ave. E and Bayview Ave. is a source of constant surprise these days. The two-storey construction building that has risen in the Metro parking lot almost looks like Metrolinx gone into the boarding house business .

7.45 at Bayview and Eglinton! What the heck is this?

bayview 745
Drivers heading northbound on Bayview Tuesday night were met with rubber-traffic-cone chaos at Eglinton. It was re-paving of all things (see video) for reasons unknown but probably necessary. Later, large parts of the corner will be excavated to create the Leaside station which will sit on this corner. Wild and crazy for sure.

McDonald’s is gone, now to see what comes next?

Reader Gary Slippoy has recorded the last phase of the McDonald’s demolition. Depictions of the new “Leaside” (not Bayview) LRT station are few and it is known that Metrolinx wants to go up, up, up at this corner. We shall see.

McDonald’s all but flattened at Eglinton and Bayview

gary mcdonalds pic apr 26Reader Gary Slippoy has a sent along this picture of the demolition at Eglinton and Bayview as of Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

Final hours of 1980s McDonald’s at Eglinton and Bayview

MCDONALDS slippoy photo2

mcdonald from south
The wrecker is busy daily and it won’t long before the job is done. The final hours of McDonald’s at Eglinton and Bayview is seen in a photo from above taken by reader Gary Slippoy and below looking north from the driveway of the four-plex to the south (South Bayview Bulldog)